DA Confusion for the 28th of June, 2019

DA has already forewarned us: there’ll be many confusions.

Sort them out here.

59 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 28th of June, 2019

  1. Yes, took me longer than usual too. Did SE, SW, NE, then NW finally.

    FOI 5d (but was wrong!), LOI 1A. Good started I thought were 22D, 24D, 27A, 12A, 8D, 18A.

    Like Brind I haven’t fully parsed all of them; 1A, 1d, 20A for instance.

  2. Andrew T – 1A uses “brief 1-down”. Tricky. Take as written.
    1D – think obscure meaning of “land”.
    20A – yeah – my last one – “Try to evade knave” swaps first letter.

  3. Sorry – lost a bit ie:
    20A – yeah – my last one – “Try to evade knave as new” swaps first letter.

  4. Fourteen days to the big nine-oh, finding this one extremely difficult, only three easy ones so far. Will look a little further, but not hopeful.

  5. BTW – just checked and as I count I can only find 12 themed clues.

    Anyone see differently / help me find the 13th? 29A could be – but to me isn’t.

  6. Found it pretty straightforward today (I seem to struggle with ones everyone else finds easy and vice versa!) although a lot of the clues were parsed after being entered. Still a couple of wordplays I can’t quite work out.

    Ray, I agree re 29A. I have 13 themed clues.

  7. Arthur, congratulations on almost being at the big nine oh – just remember that the majority of people don’t even get cryptics at all so that fact that you have a go and get some means that you are ahead of the pack!

  8. I won’t pretend this is going well! Fishing for a hint on the wordplay for 3D. I’m pretty sure I have the solution but I can only get letters 123 and 789 from the clue. The doctor is a tv time traveler and the grog is a kind of beer? Where do letters 456 spring from?

  9. I don’t count 29A as one, but still come up with 13 … except don’t fully understand where 2nd last letter of 28 comes from – from “hungry”?

    Will post my list of 13 in the other comment space!

    What job does Oxygenate do if 29A IS themed?

  10. Smactuary much re 28A Yeah, nah, probably. Was unsure about, ’tis all ?

  11. Well, I don’t get 29a at all, themed or unthemed!

    I still have half a dozen to go. My first one in 27a.

  12. Just to clarify, I agreed with Ray re 29a *not* being themed!

    Has DA used that ‘hungry’ construction in 28a before? Not a fan personally.

  13. Geoff M re 29A …
    29A “head” is 1,5,6.
    Rest is straightforward.
    Defn last two words.
    NOT themed, though 4-6 would indicate it was!

  14. Perhaps it’s to early to give the game awy but I’m totally stuck on parsing 29A which is the only way I can get to 13 themed answers: I agree with the list Celia (welcome back!) posted elsewhere, Tried everything like one-on~one and Star Wars reference….

    Hope DA will have a .”kind to Arthur” day in 2 weeks. I wouldn’t mind a reference or two or twenty to Ginge Rogers or Ealing Comedies or the rise of Menzies either.

    The way I made progress today was with 5D ( as above incorrectly) and 8D, and then working on 4A.

  15. Mike, I’ve just posted a hint 1:23 pm giving the location of “head” in the 29A grid. Rest is straightforward! 29A is NOT a themed answer btw …see list of those in today’s DA Reports space.

  16. Thank you for your help with 29a, Celia. Makes sense now.

    I have finished — took a couple of hours — but there are several I can’t parse. 1a, 20a, 25a, 30a, 1d, 9d. Perhaps they’ll hit me soon.

    No particular favourites today. Interesting theme.

  17. 29a – definition “African city”. Wordplay – “Oxygenate head” means that a synonym for “head” takes in something that contains oxygen and is placed next to (“before visiting”) a classic cryptic synonym for “one”.

    My one question was in regards to 24D – Are the first three letters supposed to equate to “relaxed” ? I’m not sure that they ‘re exactly synonymous.

  18. FOI 8D. LOI 1A and it was a favourite due to the 1 down misdirection. Other favourites were 29A and 31A. Getting 7D/16D early made things a bit easier.

    29A is not part of the themed clues. If it is then the theme has a positional error. I have 13 themed clues which doesn’t include 29A. I agree with Celia’s list of themed clue numbers in DA reports. Welcome back Celia.

  19. Yes – thanks all . 13 themed without 29A – as per Celia’s list. I simply could not count to 13!

    And as Tim C says, it would have been in wrong position.


    Geoff M, Whew … some hints then …
    1A sneaky “1-down briefly” does not refer to clue or answer 1D, but gives letters 2-5. First time I’ve encountered a trick like that!
    20A what is another name for knave, its abbreviation? take the “try” that starts with this, swap it out for “new”.
    25A themed clue on the yellow brick road
    30A themed, don’t quite understand parse here, but effectively removes 4 letters from 2nd word
    1D themed, “land” is 1, 8, 9. Unusual usage here.
    9D wordplay gives first & last letters remaining six from theme!!

  21. Celia
    Re 30a: approved gives a 6 letter word from which two smalls are removed

  22. Agree that 1A was sneaky but also genius.
    30A Remove two ‘smalls’ from a 6 letter approved.

  23. Tim C, d’oh face palm re 30A! Thanks, I get it now … or sink the liner, perhaps? I wasn’t taking that second-last step, to a synonym of approved.

  24. Thank you Mary Jane (1222), I worked some of the answers out, guessed at some, and frankly cheated to get the rest. Sad admission.

  25. Thanks Celia and Tim C. Yes I struggled with a good many today. I hope it’s not dementia. Must do better next week.

    1a’s reference to 1d (or, more precisely, lack thereof) is sneaky. I had a chuckle.

    Nice to have you back, Celia. We missed you.

  26. AG 22A, definition is Nation. Close to Arab gives 1. City is 3,4. Confident to overhaul (reverse) is 7,6,5,2. Fringes is an inclusion indicator.

  27. Thanks, Geoff M. Tied up with Sydney Film Festival and effects of Social Media overload, withdrew for a while. Cheers …

  28. Thanks to everyone above for help parsing answers. Pretty chuffed that I completed this myself for once while other half is away (DA is usually a joint challenge for us), but still needed your collective help to understand it all.

  29. There’s a 6-week lead time on these crosswords (presumably so the Crosswords Editor can review the clues and answers … um, to avoid clangers like Monday last’s 1A, the clue for which bore no relationship to the only possible answer), so arranging for a special crossword for Arthur C. is a little too late, methinks.

  30. Welcome back Celia
    Would mind posting the link to DA Posts is it through his home page of his website?
    I’m not having any luck googling on my mobile
    Have a great XC ArthurC

  31. IsnS …
    Don’t quite understand what you want, but …
    Column every Saturday in Spectrum (SMH/Age)
    frequent Twitter @dontattempt
    Website too, I suppose?
    He has nothing to do with day-to-day of DA Trippers btw.
    I am not available for further responses today.

  32. Celia, the claim has been made before that DA has a column in the Spectrum on Saturdays. Not in the Melb edition he doesn’t. I just went through it again and nothing with his name (or even initials).

  33. Would never have parsed 1A (or hungry in 28A).
    Not sure I like 14A & not sure I understand 11A.
    Good to see you back Celia.

  34. I’m a bit embarrassed, but can’t seem to parse 31a.
    If “eli” is one of the thirteen men, how does “fn” represent dynasty?

  35. 31A is not a themed clue, Elliott …

    Extreme force 1-2
    Dynasty 3-6

    Happy solving

  36. Finished at last, I am still puzzled by Celia’s spoiler, June 28 2:05pm, for parsing 20A,
    I get the substitution of the first letter to get the answer for the definition “push”, but I find
    Txxxx as a synonym for knave a pretty long bow. When one looks up the definition for this word it seems to be related to a part of the male anatomy and slang for this part can be used as a pejorative,I thought to indicate selfish or stupid.
    Am I way out in left field ?

  37. Ian S, re 20A, the knave is a face card you’d find four of in a deck. Find a five-letter synonym for “try”,(think courtroom), “evade” its single letter “knave” (remove it), replace with an abbreviation for “new”, and voila, you have a gentle “push”.

  38. Thanks Celia I always find your hints on the money! I found your list of themed clues very helpful.
    In 20A I was looking for synonyms for “Jack” rather than “try”, I often fall for DA’s misdirections.

  39. Having only finished the puzzle last night, it was a pleasure to read through people’s thoughts here today.

    Some of the clues were very devious indeed, and there was a bit of a misdirection festival going on, which was very clever. I particularly liked 20A, and 30A. 1D was novel, and saw DA venturing into very strange territory.

    Welcome back, Celia, and Happy 90th to you, Arthur – I hope my brain is in as excellent condition as yours if and when I reach that remarkable milestone!

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