DA Confusion for the 7th of June, 2019

Get your confusions sorted out with this week’s DA right here.

50 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 7th of June, 2019

  1. All done and understood.
    FOI 1a, 6a… LOI 24a, 27a

    A typical DA I think, with lots of complex wordplays.
    I liked 10a, 21a and 14d.

    Good luck.

  2. All out and understood bar 2D.

    Agree with AndyW – some complicated wordplays.

  3. Hi Ray,
    2d def = director, take most of money from Lucas (nice mis direction), i.e. letters 3-5. Thenadd for last 3 letters “met”

  4. Another slow start for me, and a struggle the whole way through. Didn’t know 2D or 15D.

    FOI 1A, LOI 2D. Good starters IMO included 6A, 22D, 5D.

  5. I’m a ‘flatsie (i,e. nothing at the top), only solved nine, seeing no way ahead so might just abandon this one.

  6. Easy 1A gave false sense of confidence. Finally 2 of us wrestled the beggar to the floor.
    Fave 26A. Can’t parse a few. More chai please

  7. I have the answer for 12, 13 and so know the definition (first 2 words), but need help with parsing.

  8. Is there anybody about? – we seem to be thin on the ground today. I found this one a struggle, and have several answers I can’t parse – some partially, some not at all. Is 10a a sort of Aussie rhyming slang?! I’m with you, Julian, in needing help with 12,13a, also 17a.

  9. Mary for
    10a last three words give the definition
    Kitty gives 1-4
    Parties gives 5-9

    17a first word is definition
    Fancy is an Anagrind of Swans + vacuous ‘title’

  10. Also would appreciate help parsing 7d and 12,13a and 24a – have answers for 12,13a and 24a

  11. Smactuary,
    10a: I’d worked that out – it’s the last three words I don’t understand!
    Thanks for 17a. I’d just assumed I didn’t know enough about footie – should have waited a bit longer for my 15a!

  12. 24a: not a word 1,2, even in truth 4,5, beneficial 3,6,7,8,9 (as two words). The others I can’t help with, I’m equally at a loss.

  13. Julian (12/13A): Def is first two words of clue. “game show’s” clues letters 1, 7, 8. “Did first” is letter 6, “smash victim” is letters 3,4,5, “U” letter 2. “Turn” means letters 2-6 needs to be reversed to match the clues.

    Mary (17A): def is “Pitched”. “Fancy” is the anagrind, the grist is “Swans title” with the “i” removed by “Vacuous”.

    – 7D: def is 17A. “Maroon 5” clues letter 1. “hopelessly recorded” the rest of the answer; ‘recorded’ here means “sounds like”.
    – 24A: “not a word” clues letters 1,2. “Even in truth” letters 4,5; “stops” (goes inside) “Beneficial” letters 3, 6,7,8,9.

  14. Thanks Mary.
    Re: 10a when playing the 5-8 are either identified as ‘bigs’ or ‘smalls’

  15. Thanks, Andrew T. D’oh for all of it! Thanks, Smactuary, for the info about 10a – I clearly don’t know enough about sport in general. But I did know 2d and 15d without having to look them up, so it’s swings and roundabouts. 11a was new to me- thanks DA for continuing to extend my education.

  16. A bit of a struggle for me today. FOI 1A (like others this made me think it was going to be easy!!). LOI 12A/13A (I got the solution fairly quickly but struggled with the wordplay. Thanks for that above AndrewT). Favourite 21A.

    11A and 15D were new for me.

  17. As usual, I am having trouble with one that no one else is – help with 1D would be appreciated. I got 22D, but still can’t seem to get 1D.

    Still no Celia….

  18. Hi Carol

    Re 1D, Celebrates is the definition and is a gesture which has largely replaced the handshake on the sporting field. Airborne = 1-4, but I’m stumped vis-a-vis 5-9.

  19. Thanks Ian, that’s what I thought, but like you I could not see the working for 5-9.

  20. Re1D: A skein of 22D flying high generally form the Roman numeral equivalent or letters 5-9.!
    I thought 12,13A was a terrible clue – ham-fisted, and lacking what mathematians call ‘elegance’.

  21. Hi Matt – it’s one of those clues where ‘bases’ refers to the position of a letter in the preceding words.

  22. Hello Matt. Bases can mean the last letters of words. You’ll smile when you get it. Nice definition.

  23. Brond, thank you, that must be it. Face palm, as the kids say!

    And yes, 12, 13 was pretty clunky alright. But they can’t all be gems I guess.

  24. Anyone else manage to come up with DATE SLICE for 16d? Anagram of delicate + s. Made the rest of the SE corner a bit tricky haha.
    Agree with Ian F. re 27a

  25. I also found this tougher going than any for a while. Thanks to them trippers I know have/understand all but 11A (which I still don’t have)
    And hope Celia is ok.

  26. Good to see someone is still here. I also need help with 11a, as well as 15a, 14d, 15d, 16d, 25a and 27a. Like most I was fooled into thinking it wa easy by 1a and then found out differently. Any help still there?

  27. 15 A. Noah’s minor is 2-4; sign is 5-8. Def= last word
    27A Sin = 1-4 & 9, painter is a 5 letter word: 5-8 (but loveless, so needs an O) . 1st word is definition, but as noted above it isn’t really.
    25A. Last word is definition. Withdrew is an indicator that it’s hidden in reverse.

  28. 16D. Last word is Def. Served up is then direction to solve. Last letter from 3rd and 4th word. Sadly gives 8-5. A fruit gives 4-1.

  29. 14D is a name, def’ is first two words – think lead singer of female trio
    15D (I’d never heard of, but editing is an anagrind of next 3 words plus one letter for 5th. & def is last two words
    Still have no idea of 11A

  30. All but 11a done now. No one here so I will go to the solution in today’s paper now.

  31. SandyM, I’d never heard of that one either. But better that than “Oh, I really should have got that.”

  32. After seeing the answer I still don’t get 12A/13A despite AndrewTs on 7 Jun 2019 at 2:45 pm

    How is “avo” a “smash victim” please? Smashed eggs I could understand -) – or a version that just used “ova”.

    Happy long weekend

  33. I don’t know if anyone does the crosswords and puzzles in the Sun-Herald, but Fairfax really messed up today. Instead of the Chess and Bridge section, along with some other puzzles, they printed an old Saturday puzzle page (the numbers on the crosswords give it away). I know it’s a long weekend and that can be confusing, but how can that happen? Does no-one check these pages? Couldn’t find an apology or the Chess and Bridge pages online, so just another mistake glossed over.

  34. Re 1D I also struggled, thought it was super cryptic, and then also eventually decided the Roman numeral flying formation must be the explanation (same as the commentator above)

  35. If many/most of you haven’t heard of it/him/her/them/? then I CERTAINLY haven’t! Answer for 11A, please, please! (missed the printed answers – are they on line (non subscription) anywhere?)

  36. LOI = 11A I finally found by Googling.
    It is an Italian phrase. Defn = first 2 words.
    Even then, took a minute to see how all of it is parsed. Parsing a bit unsatisfactory, but did learn something.

  37. We give up ! Cannot find 11 anywhere. If anyone is there ,please bring this pain to and end . TIA

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