DA Confusion for the 24th of May, 2019

Have your crazy confusions sorted out for this week’s DA. Not sure what you should do with your sane confusions.

26 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 24th of May, 2019

  1. I’m not surprised that there are no comments here. That was a killer crossword.

  2. Killer in what sense, Peter? I am usually struggling desperately, but this morning down to last six, perhaps my age helps. Can’t fathom the hired entertainer in 20D at this stage. Nor 5, 6, 8, 9 & 14.

  3. Done in roughly average time for me, after a really slow start – yet again!

    FOI 18D, LOI 3D – shamefully as in retrospect that was one of the easier clues I though.

    Good starters include 11A, 24A, 25A, 20D, 4D IMO.

    ArthurC: 20D is a type of entertainer rather than a specific name. 8D is a specific playwright. Both are non-anglo.

    5 and 14 are semi-related.

  4. Arthur, I just found the whole thing rather difficult; it took me over an hour to finish. I also didn’t particularly like some of the clues.

  5. Where has everyone gone? Off to NZ to recover?
    Like AndrewT I had a slow start, but got there in the end. Not too sure of wordplay for several – 5A, 18A (clobber?), 21A (1st word), 7D, 9D ((casualty for clubs in calm?), and 17D

  6. 5A, definition is last word
    18A, to clobber someone is to 3,4,5 them
    21A, first word is a homophone for a 5-letter word meaning channel
    7D, break up the word stave into st and ave
    9D,substitute c for er in 6-letter word for calm
    17D, upturn 3-letter word for hit; then add clipped word for pain

  7. Hey Jack

    The first 4 letters of 6D was a capital, briefly, before political events moved on.

  8. Jack, re 17A: see the old Scots idiom “for “. Google it with an E on the end, which is the more common spelling.

    Does anyone else think 13A generates a redundant S in the wordplay? If not, could someone parse it for me?

    Good honest DA this week, for mine.

  9. Oops, looks like the software can’t handle the angle brackets I used above. Read “for [4,5]”.

  10. All out. This one was harder and still not happy with some of the wordplay.
    FOI 1a. LOI 18a.

  11. FOI 4D. LOI 9D (it took ages for the “casualty for clubs” penny to drop). Favourites 17A and 7D (great compact clue).

    Jack and Ian F, I read 6D as a double definition (with the old capital being a pretty obscure one -google “6D capital city”). I know “as” can give letter 5, but it’s a bit of a stretch, even for DA.

    Slow start and a challenge today, but 7D I got there.

  12. Tim C, I believe the second half is “as old capital” thereby turning the city into an adjective. I originally went with your double definition theory, but it is a very obscure one.

  13. Yes Jack, I don’t find either a very satisfying explanation. The capital city is very obscure and I don’t think I’ve ever turned a capital city into an adjective by adding letter 5. Apparently it’s valid (at least with London, according to Chambers).

  14. Enjoyable time decoding DA’s “clues” – often just hints – today despite the slow start I shared with others.

    On 13A I agree with AG that there is a misleading ‘s’ in the clue. I also thought “clubs for casualty” would have been better in 9D.

    Hope Celia is OK

  15. For what it’s worth, adding ‘-y’ where you wouldn’t normally see it on proper nouns seems to be a slight trend. For example, the football club ‘Spurs’ and their tendency to fall short is jokingly referred to these days as Spursy. DA prides himself on being in tune with the times.

  16. About this capital city, isn’t it just a little DA joke to refer to the city as an adjective with the -y ?
    I don’t think it’s meant to be an actual usable word.

  17. Hi fellow solvers,

    For those needing some extra help with parsing clues, did you know the DA explanations that used to be on the Australian Crossword Club site can now be found here:


    The other SMH/Age cryptics also have explanations and a chance to add your own comments. Spread the word and get more people involved with cryptics.

    The Stickler

  18. Hi Trippers!

    I need a bit of crossword advice, but it’s off-topic, so I posted it in “Reports” (I hope that was the right way to go about it). Any help you can share would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

  19. Thanks Stickler, a useful resource, though clue explanations are there to see straight off, which can spoil crosswords one has not yet completed! I enjoyed this DA, but I felt it got really hard at the end, and the parsing, which I pretty much all understand, was very convoluted in some cases!

  20. Still having trouble finding time to get to the puzzle.
    7d only came when I started singing a song with the final word in it !

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