DA Confusion for the 10th of May, 2019

Get your confusions out now that the cold has settled in through Melbourne.

35 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 10th of May, 2019

  1. Done, have answers for 20a and 23d, not too sure of the wordplay.
    FOI 25d, 6a, 11a, 29a
    LOI 26a/1a
    Good luck solving.

  2. AndyW, can you please give me a him for 26A 1D. The answer I keep coming up with seems nonsensical and I can’t parse I anyway.

    20A there’s one in the sky and one in your home.

  3. 1D, 10A, 2D in straight away, about eight others while Jupiter Pluvius is doing very well outside!

  4. Celia Re: 26a….1a doesnt end with an E (thats where I got caught at least).

  5. About average time today, as usual struggled to get started. FOI 10A, LOI 26A/1A.

    Good starters included 7D, 18A, 30A, 6D, 1D.

  6. Nice one today, average difficulty. My first one in was 18a. Hadn’t heard of 10a nor 1d. Haven’t yet worked out the wordplay for 13a nor 19a, but it will probably hit me as soon as I post this …

  7. All done. FOI 10a. LOI 3d.

    Found it a bit trickier today.

    26 a, 1a – think of a different type of court.

  8. Geoff M,
    Not really entirely happy with either of these clues, but my take is
    13a, resorts, jerk not married.
    19a, think of van as an advance indicator.

  9. 13A: take a 5 letter word for ‘to jerk’ and remove the letter in it that signifies ‘married’.

    19A: ‘shot’ clues letters 3-5, ‘while’ clues letters 1-2; ‘In the van’ means place it at the front.

  10. Thanks, SonofBruze & Margaret, got it eventually. Hate those clues that are mostly but not quite totally anagrams.

    Fave clue 15D … “carousal skipping nap” indeed!!!

    FOO 1D, LOO 26A,1A.

    btw if you missed DA’s Omega on Monday, try to find, it rocked you!

  11. Nice one today, on the tough side – I resorted to the word finder twice.

    15D is indeed a lovely &lit. Others I enjoyed were 16/24D and 26/1A.

    Not entirely happy with the sense of ‘lap’ (if I understand it correctly) in 9D and the mismatched declension of the definition in 8D.

  12. FOI 10A. LOI 19A because it took a while to get the wordplay until I realised that van was an abbreviation. Favourite 16D24D. I also hadn’t heard of 20D.

  13. In “DA for the 10th of May, 2019” I’ve left a link to DA’s beaut Omega from Monday’s paper should anyone wish to give it a burl. A fun puzzle that will rock you!

  14. I’m quite stuck with 26/1A and 16/24D… I feel like there are partial anagrams in both, but I’m not sure about them. Can anyone provide a little assistance?

  15. Sonia
    26A 1A anagram for all but last three letters (those clued by “distant”). Sport reference over all.
    16D 24D anagram for hyphenated words (16D) only – get those, rest will follow.

  16. Ah, wonderful! Thanks Celis (Celia?), got them both out now, which helped a lot with other clues.

  17. Hi Celia,
    Only just got back here now (7 30 pm).
    I’ve never heard it called that, it was always The Saucepan for me.

  18. I have two still to go 4a and 7d.

    I was thinking for 7d that the first word was the definition but can’t figure out the rest

  19. 4a: par = 2-4, weight = 5,6, drain = 1, 7-8. Answer space between …
    7d; move = 1,2, close to railroad = 3.

  20. Got it done pretty quickly except one, about 2 hours – but completely lost the plot of Killing Eve in the process.
    I just can’t get 3D, hints please so I can kick myself.

  21. AndyW
    I’ve always known it as the saucepan as well.

    All out but 6d – would anyone like to gently push me in the right direction?

  22. Phil, definition first two words. A truncated patterned cloth (4,5,6,7) inside synonym for last word in clue. (Don’t think it’s a very good synonym though.)

  23. Carol, 6d is rather loosely a word. The sound of cheers. Use the “sides” of the final two words.

  24. Thank you Geoff M. I thought it might be that. I note that in British English, it means an upper class person!

  25. Judy, oddly CaRiNg is 1,8,9, the rest is the “shrivelled” fruit (here “shrivelled” is a truncation indicator).

  26. No-one commented on the DA Duchamp Xword last Wednesday . I’m from Melb, but went to the Duchamp exhibition in Sydney last weekend . Have any of you looked at the DA comment on ‘Portrait of Chess Players 1911 ‘ ?? Is it supposed to be solvable/ have a clever meaning? Hard to imagine that there is not a ‘solution’ in it . Comments PLEASE ! (Celia, you must have gone.)

  27. Julie go to archives on top RHS of this Fridays comments click archives for May and select 1 May 2019 DA swapped days to fit in with his Sydney commitments. You can see the comments on last weeks DA which was based on Duchamp. Cheers !

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