DA Confusion for the 26th of April, 2019

It’s a 40th-birthday DA this Friday. I’ll be in Hong Kong working out how to say anything in Cantonese. Don’t be as confused as me on my 40th birthday: ask a question here to work out what’s going on in DA’s 15×15.

PS: My head is featured on an LR cryptic. Turning 40 is wild.

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55 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 26th of April, 2019

  1. Done and all understood – except for one. Do not get wordplay for 9A. Assistance appreciated – thanks.

  2. Hi Ray,
    9a, def = 1st word, think of a 7 letter word for pardon with a quartet removed.
    Tough today, got the theme with 15d.

  3. What a struggle. I had to resort to an internet search engine to finish .

    A few of the themed solutions were unknown to me.

  4. FOI 2D, LOI 23D. First themed one in was 5D/10A, which misled me as to the nature of the theme, and 29A seemed to confirm that!

    Easiest ones I thought were 13A, 21D, 28A (once I remembered the damned synonym!) 25D.

    Had to consult Dr Google for spelling of 17D/27A.

  5. I too was initially on the lookout for sportspeople, Andrew T!

    Not too difficult once I got into it. I’d heard of most, not all, of the themed names. My first one in was 13a. Struggling with the wordplay in just two — 4d (does “Spice Girl” relate to letters 3-6, and if so, how?), and 21d.

  6. All out & understood bar 14A any hints? I believe it’s themed. And iffy on 6D, what is the “really? that is contracted?

  7. Celia, in 14a letters 1-4 are the relative, letter 5 is “quiet, finally”.

    In 6d, letters 5-7 are a synonym for “really” missing its final letter.

  8. Geoff M,
    4D … the real first name of one member of the original lineup!
    21D … follow on clue, what’s at the tail of the previous (19D)?

  9. Celia – 14A hard without giving away. Is themed. “Relative” 1,2,3,4. The rest 5.

  10. 6D – I read “really?” as in “really big” – for example – so a 4 letter word less last for 5,6,7

  11. Geoff M – yes, in 4D letters 3-6 are a Spice Girl – her real name!

    Can anyone help with 1D?

  12. Have but eight so far, and a couple ‘whispered’ in. I took a punt that the 5D10A was a well-known sportsperson? But if so,how does it fit clue? No real idea, apart from last four of 10A, award, and the incorporated novel. Anyway, it looks right.

  13. Alice, 1D definition first three words but one is not really needed! Wordplay a linear charade 4+4.

  14. Thanks, Celia & Alice. I was trying to mix up the letters of “girl”. My knowledge of the Spice Girls is sadly lacking.

    Alice, in 1d, take “joining” literally, in relation to “fun” and “Gus”.

  15. Just spotted the theme, thanks Geoff M. Very close to home, for reason I can’t post here.

  16. Thanks Celia and Geoff M. Back when I studied “fun with Gus” at uni it was at a far more granular level, and not so much their “Magic Dragon”-y-ness!

    Is 19D one of the themed clues?

  17. Geoff M & Ray, thanks for assist earlier, and face palming 14A, I heard him interviewed on RN a few days ago about his new book on Australia Day.

  18. FOI 2D. LOI 18A/11A (who I hadn’t heard of). Favourite is 1D because of the quirky definition.

  19. I forgot my FOO & LOO, 2D & 14A. 14A for PM, gets my vote as Australia’s Barack Obama!

    My faves all the themed clues!!!

  20. An easyish challenge today with some lovely clues. I too liked the deconstructed definition for 1D. My first themed clue was 15D, which had me looking around for the likes of Heysen and Nolan until I got the next one. A couple of them might have been obscure to some of our younger patrons here.

    24A and 6D did have a little whiff of the slightly forced words that a composer is stuck with when trying to fit a decent number of themed ones in.

  21. I’m 26A possibly earlier than yours, AG, and it’s a common expression, not forced. 6D however …

  22. Can someone please explain 12A/22D? I get “wicked” but can’t see the how the rest of it fits the clue.

  23. Barbara, remove two letters meaning a sport from “runner”. Insert a synonym for “wicked” and a reversed word for a famous prize.

  24. I liked this one. Got it out then confirmed 28A, 1D (nice wordplay!) and 23D with Google.
    Continuing my education with DA

  25. If I’ve understood his column in today’s Spectrum correctly, DA’s cryptic will be in Wednesday’s paper next week.

  26. DA’s midweek AGNSW special …

    Yep. Everything laid bare. Expected more 3D works than the two included though. Sailed in with major clue title in my head, not realising it would actually be in the puzzle. Disappointed AS not on the case.

  27. Pretty easy once I got 3d — although I confess I did need 3d’s Wikipedia page. First one in 30a but there were plenty if very easy ones. I don’t get the wordplay in 7d.

    Now we have to wait nine days for our next DA fix!

  28. Geoff M
    After losing its head 7D’s “vital game” occupies 1,2,6,7, and nurses the baby!

  29. Thank you, Celia, but I’m still lost. I took “game” as an anagrind, so letters 1,2,6,7 would be the letters of “vital” minus the “v”. Is there a game of five letters ending in letters 1,2,6,7? Still scratching my head …

  30. Geoff M …
    In any sport competition, what is the most vital game? It’s not hard. Its 2nd to 4th letters are in order in the answer at 1,2,6,7.

  31. Was fortunate to visit AGNSW on Sunday morning so was all clued up for this one! I assumed 3D, 4A and 25D et al were going to be in there somewhere.

    Done in record time for a DA I think.

    FOI 3D, LOI 16A.

  32. Must have been my fastest as well. FOI 2D, LOI 4D, favourite 25A which I haven’t heard for a while but needs to be used more.
    et al could also include 9A at a pinch.

  33. Done quickly (for me) thanks to being a huge fan of 3d, except that I am stumped on 4d. I’m assuming the first letter of 4a belongs to the work, not the peak and that 4d is a homophone. Therefore I am either wrong in my assumptions or just thick (or both).

  34. Thank you Celia. My assumptions were correct, therefore I am just thick. One out of two ain’t bad.

  35. BTW for those like me who normally do the iPad version, the printed version has 8 yellow highlighted squares running diagonally from the top left, which spell a word that’s – kinda – related to the theme.

  36. Baffled today. Clearly a lot hinges on 3D but haven’t a clue.
    Which are the easy starters? What is the significance of the yellow squares?

  37. Easy starters: 12A (anag), 26A (container reversed), 29A (anag), 17D -> 14D -> 30A. Good luck!

    The yellow squares are a bonus when finished, they have nothing to do with being able to complete the grid.

  38. Andrew T, I assumed that the yellow squares relate to 25d, 27a, 1d, being an exact illustration of the answer.

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