DA Confusion for the 29th of March, 2019

Get your confusions sorted out as I’m on my way to Duns, Scotland from Belfast, Ireland.

True trivia: Duns Scotus was a Catholic theologian from the town of Duns. His Catholicism wasn’t so popular in later centuries among the Presbyterian faithful, so his thought was considered stupid, from which we have the word for an idiot, dunce.

49 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 29th of March, 2019

  1. One of the quickest DA I have completed.
    FOI 9a, LOI 15a.
    I got 2/5d and 3/13d early on, which made the rest easier with lots of cross letters.
    I enjoyed this today.

  2. Thanks AS for the interesting etymology of ‘dunce’ in your intro.

    Agree AndyW. Not too difficult and some fun clues. But mine fell in almost the opposite order. 15A was first in. Enjoyed the surface reading of that. NE corner last in. Took me a while to figure out which end was the def in 10A. Misled by the letter count and the grammar.
    Def in 26A may be a bit understated, or overstated, however you look at it, and another bit which could sound …. well, iffy.
    Liked 1, 14, 15, 29 across, 7, 16, 17 and 22 down.

  3. Took me a while to get into it today, and a few sticky ones to finish. My first in was 6a. 3d/13d really means “for ages” not “ages ago”. Still a handful with which I’m struggling to get the wordplay, but I’m hoping the penny will drop soon. My favourites this week 16d, 17d, 8d, 26a. Couldn’t work out 7d for a while, until I realised I had an errant bunny!

  4. As per usual for me, when you lot get it quick I get stuck.

    I’ve got the eastern side completed but almost nothing on the west but 11A (I’m familiar with a different spelling), 14A and 3,13D.

  5. Just checking in, all done, almost all understood. First four in, in order, 30A, 29A, 28A, 3D/13D, and LOI 7D.

    25A wordplay not understood except definition and “9-across dump” … oh, wait, penny just dropped! “thread 9-across”.

    Faves the two double bangers and 26A (got 2D/5D early on so 26A followed naturally). Que?

    Busy day for me. Not linking to subsequent posts so I’m not distracted. Happy solving!

  6. Long slow process, still seven short. Still no ide3a on 9A, 1A &D. 12&25A, hence 22D.

  7. All finished but I’m in uncharted territory consulting you all this soon – normally a weekend (or later!) finisher – so I hope it’s not too early to ask for some wordplay clear-ups?
    1A – I get 1-5, I think, but 6-9?
    4D – I get 1-8, but 9?
    18D – I get 1 and 6-8, but 2-5? (maybe it comes from the word ‘3,4,5,2’, but how is the 2-shift indicated?)
    27D – I’m positive about 26A (I agree with you Gayle. I reckon his wife better qualifies for the title!) and very confident about 29A (vintage Eric Burdon anyone?), so only one ‘word’ (acronym?) fits. Can’t get it at all from the clue.
    Taken to the dictionary for some nice education today btw – 11A (I knew its ‘cousin’, 6D, much better!) 18D, 22D, 24D

  8. Pretty straightforward as others have said, although I found “thread” as an anagrind a bit dodgy in 25A, and shouldn’t there be ‘sounds like’ indicator for the second word of 26A?

  9. Thanks Jack. That makes sense.

    Robin H. East London means Cockney who drop their aitches. An H on the front is a ‘fireplace’.

  10. Thanks Tim C and I’m familiar with the clue type, quite a favourite of DA of course, but I’m not getting the roughly 115-cm bit!

  11. Johnno2, 1a is a bit of a headspin. Think of the answer as the clue. Do as it says, and you have “give a little”.

    In 18d the fossil fuels rising are 8,7,6 & 5,4,1 (as Robin H pointed out), and 2,3 are “focus of energy”.

    I can’t answer your questions on 4d and 27d, and look forward to some help from someone smarter than I.

  12. In 4D, I see one trig term containing the plural of another trig term. 27D is a four-letter word for titanic, last letter removed, then reversed to give a shortened term for a frank(furt).

    No one has answered my query re 22D.

  13. johnno2. For 4D, the trig terms are 1,2,8, and 3-7. 27D, the definition is “Frank”. It’s not an acronym. Wordplay is a synonym for Titanic reversed and the last letter missing (stern removed).

  14. Thanks Geoff M for explaining the measurement. Got there finally and thanks to Tim C also. I was focused on the fireplace…!

  15. Adrian W. I found 29A not the best of clues, but my take was that arouse is the definition and 1-3 is a pilot (in a spiritual sense) and 4,5 is sky…. sort of. Could also be seen as a double definition. Happy to hear from others if their take is different.

  16. “Sky pilot” is a (mostly US) slang term for a minister of religion. So the whole is how you might rouse one, the definition is the first word.

  17. Got it out finally but don’t understand 24-down. Feel like a real ‘duns scotus’.! Googling hasn’t helped. What’s the significance of the number? TIA lovelies x

  18. Ah! I put the wrong letters in spaces 2 and 4. Your clue has helped me solve it correctly. Thanks Margaret!

  19. Good morning. Anyone still there? I’m stuck on 10A, and 6D; and not sure of wordplay for 12A or 21D.

  20. 10a is an Australian equivalent of a “sweet”. Usually seen around this time of year.

    6d type of guitar; I’d never heard of it. “ Blow the whistle” + “from” middle.

    12a – sort of green. Party supporting a loud majority (shorten vocal).

    21d – paint. Bottom is 1-3. Gold 4,5 and brush removing bolt, as in rush away.

  21. If anyone is still around, I am quite stuck on 15A, despite having all the crosses.

  22. Carol, you need the second letter of “chef” and the start of “wrap”. These are letters 2 & 3. A four-letter pastry surrounds (“cakes”) them. “Foil” is the definition — as a verb.

  23. Thank you, all!
    1A – Mungo McCallum in The Saturday Paper uses this type of ‘indicator(usually anagrind)-in-the-answer’ clue quite often, to the extent I call them ‘Mungos’ and present them to my U3A cryptic crossword classmates.
    4D – Ah, I see; one is singular and abbreviated (1,2,7), the other plural and not (2,3,4,5,6)
    18D – Worth a “D’oh!”
    27D – Only “SUV” came up in crosswordsolver.org. Not Aussie then, obviously! Dare I say “I fair sucked”?
    …and for 29A, am I allowed to post links? Eric Burdon and The Animals circa 1968 (first record I ever bought):

  24. I can’t speak for other, but as a long time fan of Eric Burdon, it’s fine with me :)

  25. I didn’t know you could embed things, either. I’ll see if I can find a photo of my cat …

  26. At one point pondering 7D I did think of suggesting that DA visit a certain fireplace, but got there in the end. I liked 26A. I thought some clues were a little less than clean – 1A, 15A and 29A – but there was enough there. 10A was a bit of a trap, with an incorrect option for the second word starting and ending with the same letters as the second word in the answer. On the whole, I found this one pretty tough, but worthwhile.

  27. My take on 29A: “sky-pilot?” indicates someone who has this role both metaphorically and literally, i.e., a minister up (in the air). With this interpretation the clue becomes a more clear-cut double-definition.

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