47 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 8th of March, 2019

  1. Slow start today, but all done now. 9a and 10a were first in then NE corner and basically completed in a clockwise direction.
    3d LOI. Liked the Spooner today.
    Good luck solving.

  2. FOI (first one in*) 2A
    LOI (last one in*) 7D
    * someone always asks …

    Faves … 12A, 25A (I know my pop culture!), 3D (OMG that’s ancient history!!!), 5D, 6D (beaut clue!), 14D (ditto), 26D (LOL).

    Don’t understand parsing of 18D, nor why 7D “in the morning”.

  3. I know that bit, AndyW, why the morning? To me it’s for any time.

    Another query over 4D, not sure I have correct answer, any hints?

  4. Celia
    4d, I had definition as first word, I’m at work and left my grid at home, not too sure of rest of clue. Sorry.

  5. Celia, I’m probably wrong but 4D I was thinking homonym related to birds; first word is the definition. As ever, I’m happy to be corrected.

  6. I’d like an explanation for 25A. I have the answer from the wordplay but I don’t know the character.

  7. Attica, re 25A, Marvellous pop culture hero bitten by a genetically-modified multi-legged creature! Recent animated film won BAFTA & Oscar!

  8. FOI 1A, LOI 3D. It felt easier today, but still took about the same time as usual!

    Celia: 18D: ‘chill’ gives letters 7-5, ‘fish’ 4-1, ‘switches’ indicates to reverse them.

  9. I will confess, I was thinking of another (older) bite victim with a different first name and am now feeling very foolish. Of course, it’s your one, and there have only been about a million movie versions in the last 15 years. Thanks Celia. I can now relax and get on with some work.

  10. Attica, what was the first name you had (your older bite victim)? I’m curious!

  11. An enjoyable, fulfilling experience today. First one in 6a. Last 28a. Why is “pat” “conveniently”? All I can think of is “down pat”.

  12. Celia, it was Jonathan but on closer thought he wasn’t bitten so much as taken prisoner. My answer made no sense of the “coat” unlike the correct answer. Double embarrassment.

  13. Geoff M: Shakespeare has Hamlet saying ‘Now might I do it pat’ when he finds Claudius alone
    – the brilliant Tom Stoppard goes to the trouble of putting a tortoise named Pat in his play ‘Jumpers’, just so that he can use the line ‘Now might I do it, Pat’!

  14. All out and understood here in under an hour without any recourse to online aids. That means an easy one in my book. Like AndyW, I loved the spoonerism, and some other surface readings, such as 29A and 13D, were really neat.

    An observation on 12A: music lovers of a certain age might recognise that the intermediate anagrist is Jon Anderson’s partner here:
    … which might have made for a neater, if more obscure, clue. I wonder if the guy himself has noticed the anagram?

  15. All out except 3D. Some chain from before I arrived in the country (2005)? Can’t get it from the wordplay. Hints welcome, thanks.

  16. Ian F, yes, well before 2005. Petrol. I’m sure you’ll find it with Wikipedia!

  17. I hope not, just remember that album from some temp work I did at 2JJ in 1975!

    There was a band called Alberto y Los Trios Paranoias. Their “Italians From Outer Space” album had a track titled “Happy To Be On an Island (As Far As Possible From Demi’s Roussos)”. Cheers!

  18. AG, Corrected …
    I hope not, just remember that album from some temp work I did at 2JJ in 1975!

    There was a band called Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias. Their “Italians From Outer Space” album had a track titled “Happy To Be On an Island (As Far As Possible From Demis Roussos)”. Cheers!

  19. All done, go stuck on the sherry for a while.

    FOI – 10a
    LOI – 13d

  20. Celia, Attica: 4D AndyW is right – first word is the definition.
    First letter is agent – ‘bloke’. The remaining 3 letters sound like a synonym of ‘taps’

  21. Stuck on 28a and 16d. Would really appreciate a subtle hint to point me in the right direction please.

    Also can’t figure out the wordplay for 6d.


  22. Jason L
    16D: “rigs” anagram indicator for “then to” into 1-6;
    “turn” (as in “go off”) 7-9
    Defn: “in a row” [not the greatest defn.]

    28A defn “dog” [again a rotten defn]
    “Countered an” 1-2
    “old firearm” 3-5

    6D “not initially supporting” a 3-letter word with first removed 1-2
    Balance is reversal “promotion”
    “beer” 9,8,7
    “meat” 6,5,4,3


  23. 28A. 1st word is definition
    16D Definitiin is last three words
    Im also not sure of wordplay for 6D (for the first word anyway)

    Also, I don’t have 24D, despite being confident of the two cross letters. Any clues?

  24. LJ, for 24d, first word of clue is definition. Duck is letter 1, rabbit is 4, 3, 2 (“to scale” is reversal indicator). Think of “rabbit” as a verb, usually followed by “on”.

  25. Oops. I had 29A misspelled. Doh!
    So much for being confident of both cross letters.
    Thanks Jason

  26. All done but can someone please explain 26D? I cannot see how the clue relates to the answer! Thanks!

  27. RobinH re 26D …
    “Dieter” is a name, not a person on a diet. What nationality could Dieter possibly be? So what is “day” in Dieter’s language?


  28. Thanks Celia! Of course. I had a nagging feeling it was a fellow but was too taken in by the deception!

  29. Very pleased with myself for getting this all out this morning. Got a lot (7 or 8) on the Fri breakfast skim through, and thought ‘too easy’. Then hit a complete block. Fri evening and Sat morning efforts chipped away and finally nailed the last one 15A which held me up due to wrong spelling for 5D, my mistake.

  30. SB
    5D defn is 1st 5 words; split “art forms” in two to find an instruction; “by twice” gives letters 7-8.
    8D defn 1st word; poison is 3-7.
    23D a reverse charade, defn last three words.
    Gentle enough, or too gentle?

  31. Perfect. Thanks Celia. Too easy! face-palm I think it’s called.
    Till next week.

  32. It was a good puzzle, though I also felt it was a little easier this week, on balance. I’m not anywhere near as quick as others posting here, but I like to come here afterwards to see what others thought, which clues they liked, and which they found more difficult – as well as to tidy up any left-over questions I might have to fully complete parsing. This is no criticism of DA, but I actually found Saturday’s DS harder (21,810), though that can come down to how well different solvers deal with different styles. That said, DA is a regular enjoyment for me now, as are your collective thoughts. Thanks!

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