63 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 1st of March, 2019

  1. None needed Celia. A fairly straighforward DA this week. FOI 11/10a and LOI 17d.
    Good luck.

  2. Very quiet here today. ‘samatta?

    All out but don’t fully understand parsing of 9D & 26D …

    9D last three letters (they’re there, but out of order)

    26D presume definition 1st two words, but the rest?

  3. I’m struggling with the same two, Celia. I might be so bold as to suggest Mr Astle got 9d wrong with the final three letters. And re 26d, all I can think of is that a sonnet might be a natural drawer????

    First one in today 14d. Still less than half done — haven’t even looked at all the clues yet.

  4. If you’re a fan of Italian movies, Geoff M, 16A should be a shoo-in!

    Quite a few here are more straightforward than they seem.

    Happy solving!

  5. All done. Don’t think I have any favourites today. Don’t understand the wordplay in 18d or 26d.

  6. GeoffM
    18D 4-letter word for “booze”, replace one letter with the “Waterloo unit”
    26D the first three letters of the “natural drawer” may be an “issue”, but not the one you were thinking of! So obvious now, it’s worth a face palmed d’oh.

    Fiona, two letters are out of order in 9D.

  7. Celia (8.11am), and if I am not fan of Italian movies? Any hints on 16a?

  8. Hemingway is the first four letters., his nickname. The “stars” are not celestial. La Dolce Vita is the film I’m thinking of! One character gave his name to a profession! Singular here, but usually plural.

  9. Yes, Celia, 26d definitely worth a face palmed d’oh!

    And thanks for the tip with 18d, quite a clever clue. It can be my favourite this week.

  10. Agree that the wordplay is dyslexic in 9D.
    26D, I don’t think issue is a good definition for the first part of ‘natural drawer’.
    Otherwise all done apart from the wordplay for a couple.

  11. 26D fairly obvious, I thought. Bring in, logical. Natural drawer no issue (thinkTime) I thought the 9D clue was fair enough – ‘cut up’. Still six to go.

  12. Finally finished. A bit marathonic (must check dictionary on that) but finally all filled in, even though as few not fully understood.

  13. Joy, first one in, last one in. Acronymification, as seen among the “regulars” in many fora!

  14. Thanks Celia, back at 9.28. Just got back to it. I had articulated the wrong part of the clue in 1a which left me stumped on 2d, but got it now. I don’t know about the d’oh in 26d. I have the crossers and can’t work out which of the five possibilities fits the clue.
    But I better get working on the eastern side now.

  15. I have somewhere in Asia for 15 down (thanks to some crossers). But I have no idea of the wordplay. Any help?

  16. 15d Type of Jacket with Odd letter of Ball removed. Fine + hook type inside block.

  17. Only one left is 29a. I assume it is an artist whose first name is 1a. And I have the crossers. But I still can’t get it. Also haven’t twigged to what vowel to put int 26d. And I am not sure of the wordplay for the first five letters of 5d.

  18. SandyM, for 5d, think of “wobbly” as a noun. The fifth letter derives from the fifth and sixth words of the clue.

  19. Oh, and 29a is a late twentieth-century German artist. I hadn’t heard of him either.

  20. Sandy, look back at my exchange with Celia re 26d. I can’t give any more help at this stage or I’ll be struck off! You’ll kick yourself when you get it.

  21. SandyM, 29A definition is last word (after the hyphen). Artist is a 20th C 1A with a unique abstract style. You need to delete one letter and add another to satisfy the definition.

    Find the very attractive natural drawer of 26D and you have the vowel. Or work it out from defn 1st two words think money.

    5D 1-4 comes from a spiritless wobbly. Kids chuck wobblies all the time. A wobbly has 7 letters, remove the spirited last three!
    Letter 5 is from “man’s inner”

  22. Oops, I said the artist you need for 29a is late 20th century. Should’ve been early 20th century.

  23. Thanks all. I have 29a now. And answer to 26d. But I still have no idea about the natural drawer.

  24. Nice FAQ DA. Would be grateful if someone could explain the last three letters of 13A to me.

  25. Struggled with 5d till I realised that 16a was singular.
    Just left with the 26d vowel!

  26. DavidT, the natural drawer has 6 letters. If you work out what it is, you have the vowel. Or you could run the vowels through the other two letters of the answer to find a word that means “bring in”. If none make sense consider you have an error in 25A or 28A. Have you read through the posts here, there are many hints for this clue?

  27. Thanks all, I had 5D letters 1 and 4 as ‘spiritless’ until I read all of the help above! 2-3 were ‘man’s inner’.

    All completed but I’m just stuck on 7-9 of 27A. I’m thinking that 1-4 are the ‘can’ and 5-6 are ‘roughly’?

  28. Thanks Celia.
    Yeah I got it from the definition but I haven’t twigged to what natural drawer means.

  29. I think they are all understood now. I had to look up the last 3 letters of 27a as I hadn’t heard of it before.

    I agree 26d is a doh when you get it. An attractive clue with a big finish, if I have it right.

  30. SandyM I think the issue in 26D is made of paper.

    For my part still don;t understand the word play for the last three letters of 27A (or maybe last 4).

    How does David sleep at night?

  31. Mike, look up the last 3 letters and the fourth word. I had to confirm as I’d never heard of it either.

  32. Ta Margaret One earn something every day – and happily discard the learning.

  33. I had a sleepless night thinking about 9d. (Not really — don’t worry.) Perhaps our Mr Astle didn’t stuff up. If the clue had been “Separate dessert — a calabash slice”, then yes, the clue would be faulty. But the “cut up” implies that a bit of mixing is required. Yes? Whatever, it’s still not one of his finest clues …

  34. GeoffM , to me “cut”=selection; “up”=reverse. So your second-thoughts post is possibly perhaps the most likely, maybe.

  35. In 1A “Letter writer articulated gloom (4) ” how do you determine which is the definition when the indicator sits exactly between? The answer is PAUL.
    Some weeks ago we had “Jerk twisted breadbasket” (3) and the same question can be asked. That answer was GUT.

  36. Jo, yes, occasionally such clues can be taken either way.

    Celia, perhaps “slice”=selection and “cut”=mix?

    Who knows? I’ve probably wasted too much brainpower on this for one morning!

  37. JO, cross letters! Also further information for 1A here came from clue for 29A.

  38. Well done everybody. I have been blocked on 25A and 26D, can anyone give even easier clues please? ( I think I know 26D, but why?) Got the rest out pretty well. Haven’t worked out the parsing for 12A, although I have the answer. Westward means R to L, I presume.

  39. Phil,for 12a, first two words are definition, words 3-5 give letters 2 & 3, word 7 is letters 6, 5, 4, 1.

    25a required familiarity with a two-letter game, letters 4, 5.

    And there’s lots of help above re 26d!

  40. Phil
    25a – answer is gambling game, often associated with old ladies. 1-3 = discard 4-5 = strategy board game.

    26 d – answer = “bring in”
    clueing “natural drawer” something natural that attracts; the world is a natural one of these.
    “no issue” subtract from this a type of “issue”. Remove the first three letters of “natural drawer”.

  41. Thanks Margaret
    That’s very well explained. I had got the old ladies game by the time I read your explanation, but 26D still eluded me till now.

  42. Thanks Geoff!
    I only saw Margaret’s reply reading from the bottom up. Oops.

  43. Phil,
    Glad the clues helped, 26d was a good puzzle but it was steeped in double meanings IMHO.

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