DA Confusion for the 25th of January, 2019

This week, you’ll have all long weekend to beat your head against a DA wall. Or you can just ask a question or two here!

38 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 25th of January, 2019

  1. AndyW
    Another word for pop out , going south, in the middle of noted Athenian.

  2. Thirty degrees @ 0600! Two answers only, at this stage. Underattack from DA and the weather. Unfair!

  3. Agree the theme is a good one. Learned a new word in 20A, but it had to be. Loved the dear tots and the saucery. Have a gap in the NW corner, but it’s the long weekend. Looking forward to that later.

  4. I remembered a UK band which fits my across letters, at 8D (I only had letters 1,3,5). Could be similar to ‘message principal’. But I can’t really relate it to clue. So, have i the wrong band?

  5. Arthur C: you have the right band. Think about ‘so long’ and ‘misheard’.
    Thanks, Fiona: 17D makes sense now.
    Can’t work out the wordplay for 3D though I’m sure I have the correct answer.
    Loved the theme!

  6. All done. A tad hot overnight in Melbourne. As is usual got stuck on one for a while, this time it was 23a.

    “End of” is first letter and rest is spike. Had to look at dictionary to confirm.

  7. And 2d, letters 2-7 isn’t really a spur but a spiked wheel at the end of one. No matter.

    Do you live somewhere hot, Arthur C?

  8. Great puzzle today — very entertaining. 18a was my favourite. 6a/27a was my first one in. Hadn’t heard of 17d nor 23a, but got there in the end.

  9. FOI 2D/28A which made things easier. LOI 8D. I’m not convinced about the abbreviation in 4D.

  10. Morning all!

    All out, all understood, except 13A’s “counter”. FOI 7D LOI 23A

    A nice topical theme today … wonder if Shouty McShoutface ever tackles the cryptic? Nah, too one-dimensional. Even less, perhaps, can you be fractionally dimensional?

    Circled 8D & 12A for faves, but must add 20D & 23A. And the theme clue 2D 28A.

    Happy solving!

  11. Good morning trippers

    I suppose someone will eventually ask for help with 2D/28A, and with my pregnant brain failing me at the moment I’m happy to be that someone!

  12. Pea, is your brain having a baby brain?

    Can’t help too much with 2d/28a this early, but the gallery is the four-letter English one prone to appearing in cryptics.

  13. Thank you Ann (0729). Have three quarters done, but SE is a desert at the moment. Too hot for deep thought today.

  14. FOI 2D/28A, which was a HUGE help and also is my favourite. Good on you DA. LOI 23A, which made me laugh.

  15. Thanks GeoffM, re 13A I’d stripped 19D instead of skimmed! And d’oh didn’t notice the reversal. Stoopid!

  16. Pea,
    Think of something controversial, currently in the news. Timely is a good clue. I did like this one.

  17. Is DA making a political statement with 2D/28A? It certainly provides an easy vehicle for clues

  18. Given the required lead times for crosswords, I think DA has been very prescient, and clever! This issue arises every year.

  19. We seem to have drifted away from assisting people using Ray’s clear definition. So could I ask in 23ac if recess is letters 2-5 and tots is 1,6-8 ? Thanks

  20. Geoff and Margaret, thank you! Silly me (and yes Geoff, obviously I meant pregnancy brain…)

  21. Just getting started, with a couple of non-themed clues. As usual I was daunted by the prospect of a themed puzzle, but Celia’s “shouty” comment and the references to a topical theme might have given me a hint. Something to work with anyway.
    Arthur, enjoyed your Green Guide letter yesterday.

  22. Can’t get 2d 28a after so much trying
    I know the gallery…is it anagram of 1st two words plus a and the gallery?

  23. AndyW, letters 4-7 in 17d are clued by a five-letter synonym of ‘pop’ with a letter removed.

  24. I’m sorry, Fiona, but I cannot see the notable Athenian in 17D. The hints for 4-7 were great though! Can you tell us a little bit more?! Thanks.

  25. Finished late last night using numerous short bursts to solve plus helpful lead from Margaret. Re 15D is DA being a little bawdy in his definition of sap ?
    FOI 7D LOI 3D

  26. Anyone have a blank copy of this one (and the quick)?
    Missed out was at the beach!

  27. CheeseDreams …

    https://www. dropbox. com/s/b119m7l0b9akfvc/SMH%2021773%20DA%20%28FRIDAY%29.pdf?dl=0

    Don’t have time for Quick ditto, sorry! Two spaces inserted in above link, delete them for access

  28. FOI 6A/27A, LOI 18A – had trouble with 15D, thinking it might be something to do with RUST. Some of the parsing was quite arcane. A challenging and satisfying cryptic in the end. Good comments here. I encountered similar obstacles, just later!

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