37 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 11th of January, 2019

  1. I found it easy to start and then quite tricky at the end – especially SE corner. Still not sure of a couple.

  2. Pretty easy today, and fun! Many variants of the central theme word’s various definitions here. Solving 16A/17D helps to crystallise solutions to others (e.g. 27A has a possible cross-letter conflict at letter 4 due to an accepted variant spelling).

    Only real problem I had was with 25D clue. Was this meant to be a double definition?

    FOI 8A; LOI 25D

    Faves: the two beaut mostly-reversal answers – down clues in bottom half. Not identifying otherwise.

    Happy solving.

  3. Celia – 25D – yes – sort of a DD – as I think it requires you to read answer as 1 word for one and 2 words for the other – hence the “?” at end.

  4. Fun theme which I only fully got when it was over. Some nice succinct clues along the way as well. Had a couple to go, like Ray, in the south east, but they jumped out while I was making the second cup of coffee. 27 A last in! 6D was a newie for me.

  5. Yes, despite being in the industry I’d never heard of 6D!

    Done in 35 minutes. FOI 3D, LOI 27A.

  6. Favourite was 9D.
    I didn’t understand your reference to an alternative spelling in 27A Celia.
    26A LOI and not what I first thought so it took me a while to get out of the mental rut and consider the alternatives.

  7. Most of this surprisingly easy, but not so in SE corner. Haven’t yet twigged the 16/17, possibly help when i do.

  8. TimC: the alternative spelling Celia refers to is for 22D, which gives a wrong crosser for 27A. I fell into the same trap.

    ArthurC: 16/17 is a piece of corporate speak – if you are not in the business world it may have passed you by!

  9. Why do people keep talking about 16/17 when the clues in question are 16/20?

    There’s quite a nice mis-direction in the clue for 17D.

  10. Mostly done and a few to go. Just got the theme so 16A/20D filled in! Enjoyed seeing all the variations on the key word!
    Stuck on 18D and 21A. Subtle help required please…!

  11. RobinH, keep thinking about those variations for 21A. Garbo could help you with 18D.

  12. Clever theming today, although I think that 11A and 19A both stretched the definition. Would liked to have seen Coutney Walsh as one of the answers!

  13. Help please with the word play for 2D.

    RobinH To understand how 21A fits with the theme it helps to recognise that this week DA needs us to be multilingual! And on 18D Jack seems to be a little mixed up :-)

  14. Mike, 2D relates to one of two cartoon birds from years ago.

    I don’t think I am mixed up with 18D. The Garbo to whom I refer has the first name Greta. Perhaps Knightley would be a more recent clue.

  15. I’m all out now- once I realised that the theme applies to both senses of the word in 16/20D. Jack’s tip is good. 18D defn is first word

  16. All done and many thanks to Jack and Mike! Your hint was the right era for me and helped greatly, Jack!

    As for 21A, Mike, I did not know that meaning of the answer. There is always something new, isn’t there?!

  17. Thank you Jack – twice. I hadn’t forgotten that cartoon as I had never heard of it, but I had forgotten that Zsa-Zsa didn’t play that part . Sorry!

  18. Finally guessed the 16/17 saying, had never heard of it before. So, all finished.

  19. Enjoyable outing today, very clever work by DA. Not happy with the US spelling implied in the wordplay for 17D, though.

  20. I wanted to put Prolog in for the language but couldn’t make it fit so just had to search for the answer which is also a computer language.
    How are Navaho first Americans? The Clovis weren’t even first, according to analysis of recent finds.
    Anyway I enjoyed 9D and appreciate the help on here for 18D and 22d.
    Thanks Trippers

  21. I can’t work out the parsing for 18d. Any more clues for that? I’m sure I’ve got the right answer.

  22. Phil,
    18d – tragic heroine
    Turning up – All reverse
    8-4 a square
    3-1 shortened womaniser.

  23. Thanks for an interesting and informative discussion, as usual – I’m never as quick as anyone here, but it’s a real treat to read the analysis afterwards, and to see the particular challenges people faced. I hadn’t realised the theme was quite as broad, and really only had its most obvious sense in mind as I solved this. Some really excellent clues, with 11A and 6D causing me much consternation at the end, until the pennies finally dropped.

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