54 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 4th of January, 2019

  1. Hail – stupid question from a newbie.

    If I wanted to get a digital subscription to the SMH (or Age) purely for the Cryptics, is the $3.50/week Starter Digital all I need, or do I need to get a higher “plan”?

    How long do you have access to a crossword for before you can no longer access it under a digital subscription?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Well I’ve always wondered if DA was posted at 12.00am & how some complete while I’m asleep. Now I know and I’m done. Good night. (Not that I’m competitive!) I make no comment on the ease or otherwise.

  3. Helen, it went live just after midnight EST or 1 am AEDT.

    All done, but iffy on 20D. All others understood. FOI 5D, LOI 16A (after in error inserting an author’s name that fitted the wordplay).

    Unusual today, did anyone notice, each clue has a unique number, no initial squares kick off both A & D answers, they’re either one or the other, but not both?

    Faves: 3, 6, 7 & 9D, 14A.

    Happy solving!

  4. Fraser Tustian,

    As long as you have a digital sub, you can access the digital replica (where the crosswords reside) from any issue of the paper on file. You need select “today’s paper” after logging in, then select the issue if not the current one.


  5. All done, nothing too hard today, FOI 22A, LOI 1A (Just don’t like Spoonerisms), liked 3D, 8D and 2D.
    Good luck.

    PS Celia 20D, I thought is straightforward, think of the #metoo movement.

  6. Celia, 20D, definition = first word, letter 1 = initally suggestion and letters 2-6 = the dregs it’s said (homophone).

  7. Fraser,
    I have a $15 per month Age subscription (ie cheapest) that I access on an iPad. I have indefinite access to all crosswords both completed and not yet completed published since my subscription started. Susan

  8. Thanks, AndyW, but at 3 a.m. didn’t dig deep enough into that, got the homophone bit but hadn’t correctly identified the definition, so had a word differing by two letters.

  9. Lots of ticks and tickles today. Liked the malcontents, crap, 180 sheep, perversely extravagant, the silent clue and the Sophocles clue.
    Just one still to parse … 19A. Can’t find the agent or the rump it’s dropped off.

  10. Fraser, if you have a digital subscription you can join the club of people who complete their puzzles by moonlight then post, around 2 am, that it was harder than usual and took them ten minutes! I drop in to my newsagent at 6 am after my dawn constitutional, read the paper over a lazy breakfast, and usually don’t arrive at my DA until mid-morning. Each to his own …

  11. Gayle 7:06
    Definition is the first word.
    Answer is a 3 letter word for belly after a 6 letter word for agent with rump (last letter) dropped off.

  12. Thanks David . Had the answer and the belly, but I was looking for an agent dropping off a rump, rather than the other way round. Grammar a bit iffy. Hence the question mark?

  13. Thanks, all. Will sign up for the basic sub this morning, then.

  14. Susan, do you print the crossword from your iPad? Despite asking in this forum before and receiving kind assistance, I am still not able to do so. I emailed the SMH crossword forum but have not received an answer. I cannot get the sizing right trying to print from the replica paper. With thanks

  15. After careful analsis of all clues, three definite answers, two possibles, and with 40 degrees coming, that might be it for today. Congrats to the geniuses who fill these in so quickly. I have 10, 18A and 8D, with 13A,4D as probables. Already too hot to pursue, I think.

  16. Helen Davies, have you tried printing to PDF file first, where you can scale and adjust everything to your desired output format, then printing the PDF file?

  17. No Celia I haven’t tried that. I have been relying on my daughter to work this out and even she, despite being computer literate, has been having difficulty. However, I will ask her to try this. Celia, you are a very kind person. I regularly note your generosity to others in this forum.

  18. All done. Some cute ones today.

    I get the crossword on The Age app on my iPad. You get today’s cryptic and quick crosswords and you retain the ones you have captured, both finished and unfinished in different folders. Sometimes I do lose a few. Best to backup regularly.

    The app also has a todays paper section to see full versions of the printed paper.

  19. Nice one today. I liked 1a, 25a and 26a. The wordplay in 6d is still to hit me. Must try that beer.

  20. Helen Davies, here’s an example of what I get, you’ll need to restore the bracketed parts


  21. Geoff M, 6D, wordplay is during 4-5, holiday 6-9, atmosphere 10-13, (breaking into) song 1,2,3,14,15. I’m with you regarding mid morning. I found it a bit harder this week. Getting the long ones in helped.

  22. Thank you, Tim. Actually the penny dropped within thirty seconds of my posting … always seems to happen!

  23. Helen: when the iPad Xword app fails for whatever reason I go to the Today’s Paper version. I blow up the Xword until it fills the screen then do a screenshot. I use iMessage to sent that to my desktop computer and print it from there.

  24. Thank you Celia, Andrew and others. My daughter and I I’ll get together over the weekend and take your advice. Will let you know how we go next week.

  25. Yes this is a very helpful forum, and much appreciated. I’ll be back to cryptic at usual hour – brain was so hyped up couldn’t sleep til 4.00am. I’ll be comatose later.

  26. Any hints for 1a please
    I’ve got all the crossers but word play eludes me

  27. Think of where you might have a back message. Usually messages are corny or political.

  28. I’ve started waiting until past midnight, downloading the crossword on my iPad, doing a once through then sleeping on it. I seem to get a lot more out in the morning when I do the next pass. Not sure if my subconscious is squirrelling away in the background but it has reduced the time it takes me to do the crossword.

  29. All finished but help, please, on a couple of wordplays!
    15D how does the ‘perversely extravagant’ work?

    8D not quite clear on this one either. I have the answer.

    11A I have the player but how do we get 7-9? Unless it’s to do with using a radio?!

  30. RobinH,

    11ac is quick = 1-4,6 …ace is letter 5 , on = 7-9 homophone.
    Great clue.
    Thanks for OTT. I was thinking teapot was Tea and pot = 2-4.
    8dn is typical DA with his liberal use of ?
    issue = child

  31. Pierre,
    I agree with the “embodying issue” being the first word but I’m still a little unsure with the second word within the clue construct. Unless DA is referencing the comma between the two words. I can’t find a question mark as the second word.

  32. HELP please with 4d – Ive got all the cross letters and its still a stumper. Likewise the wordplay for 15d ( I get the def , and answer). Thanks!

  33. Julie W

    re 4D defn preferably
    a linear charade:
    notion 1-4 + fifty-fifty 5-6 + yes initially 7

    15D wordplay “returning TO empty NooK” gives 8-5, breaks FREE gives 1-4.

  34. Thanks Celia , but I’m still on Friday’s DA -what puzzle is this you are helping me with ???

  35. Julie W

    4D here “taking stock” has nothing to do with bookkeeping! It involves a type of theft!

    15D defn “becomes”
    teapot 2-4
    failing 5-7
    perversely a reversal indicator for extravagant at 9,8,1
    “about” container indicator.

    Sorry about mixup above. Happy solving!

  36. Was Thursday’s on same clipboard, mea culpa!

    If you still can’t get 4D just yell!

  37. Got it straight away with your clue! – no need to yell, or beg on the quiet, thanks. Re 15d, now I understand what the others were on about with their OTT comments!

  38. Hi all. I’m a newcomer to the forum and my wife and I don’t usually start the DA until Friday night – too late for me to contribute help to others. But we often consult the forum to find out how some clues break up. Interestingly, when I looked at the solution in Saturday’s Herald I found that we had a different answer for 20D which also fits the clue. Our answer was “please”. Definition is “it’s said”. Perv initially = ‘P’, suggesting the dregs = lees. Thanks to all those who provide hints without giving the answers away.

  39. Graham, “it’s said” could refer to anything, so can’t really function as a definition. It’s a homophone indicator for the “lees”, and the initial is taken from the following word, with the definition “perv”. I also had “please” but couldn’t reconcile that with the apparent defn.

  40. Re Graham J – Your def is a bit rubbery/vague , but hey , D.A.’s def are often VERY rubbery as well. So I would pay it on that count!

  41. GrahamJ & Julie W … rubbery or not it pays to read and/or query the thread for other opinions … see Andy W 4 January 5:02 & 5:06, in response to my concerns re this clue. But if near enough is good enough, that’s fine then!

  42. Thanks, Pierre, in 11A ‘on being called’ seems to act as a homophone and its indicator. Btw I had the same as you for 1-6…!

    I’m with you, Margaret, (4 Jan 6:28pm) on 8D. I liked your suggestion.

    Rubbery, yes, but I had your solution GrahamJ until a few minutes ago. And that was after studying all posts to date!

    Thanks all, good fun!

  43. Would someone do me the honour of parsing 26A for me?
    I am sure it’s straightforward but I just can’t see it.

  44. Archangel,
    My take is take dismay and replace English sailors with extremely lustful, I.e. replace “rn”with “ll”.


  45. @Helen Davies
    Hi Helen, I go to today’s paper, download it, find the puzzles, adjust to suit and take a screenshot. Then I go to photos and print them from there. Hope that helps. Happy New Year.

  46. @Celia
    Hi Celia and Happy New Year.
    Nothing to do with DA but could you please tell me why the answer to 20D in Wed 9th cryptic is Jordan? Thanks
    Erica ??

  47. Erica, Jordan is one of the euphemisms for potty, also the river is the Dead Sea feeder. But why ask if you knew the answer?

    Also, you can print the crossword from Today’s Paper without needing to screenshot …
    1. Log into SMH or The Age
    2. open Today’s Paper
    3. Select Puzzles from the drop menu
    4.,double click on desired puzzle. It will open in a pop-up window
    5. Click on the printer icon
    6. You should now be able to choose to print to PDF or a printer if attached, and to choose paper size, orientation, and enlarge or reduce, also I print the puzzle at draft quality to save ink. A far nicer result!
    Cheers, Erica, HNY2U2

  48. @Celia
    Thanks Celia!
    I asked because although I knew it had to be the answer I didn’t know why. I’ve never heard Jordan was a euphemism for potty!
    As to the printing, thanks for that, I’ll certainly try that.
    ?? Erica

  49. SMH crosswords page:
    Brilliant, Celia, thanks! I never knew you could do that. This is a great tip!

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