48 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 28th of December, 2018

  1. Easiest DA ever (except 11A which I’d never met before). Struck the theme early with one of the local reps, was a breeze from then on. Will be hard in places for those unfamiliar with the genre. Good luck to you! And Happy New Year, everyone, yee-hah!

  2. Done. Hadn’t heard of a few of the themed answers. Happy, and safe, New Year all. Have fun people.

  3. Again struggled a bit to get started, FOI 27A. But done and dusted in 32 minutes, LOI 28A.

    While not a fan of the theme, I had heard of all of them except 14A.

  4. Have completed all except 9A, 1D. Any hints that don’t give it away completely?

  5. Have completed all except 9A, 1D. Any hints that don’t give it away completely?

  6. Ann, re 9A/1D …
    9A is “bearing” in sense of “mien”
    1D is “toilets” in a nautical sense.
    Defn “ninnies”.
    Are you sure of your cross-letters?

  7. I’m surprised this puzzle wasn’t three weeks later.

    First one in (and very easy) 21a. Hadn’t heard of 11a. Must make sure I use it at my next dinner party …

  8. Anyone else find the spelling of 4D amiss, or am I missing something? Favourite was 22D

  9. Geoff M, Tim C re 4D, I think “s” is a half-hearted “z”, pronunciation-wise. Any other interpretations?

  10. I was thinking along those lines, Celia. I guess a “z” becomes an “s” if you’re whispering …

  11. The only other thought I had was that s is an abbreviation for “semi” but it’s not listed in Chambers, but I don’t find it or the other wordplays mentioned above very convincing.
    Maybe DA has taken out US citizenship (or should that be citisenship? ;) )

  12. re 4D, think of a six letter word for “sleeping”, especially sleeping rough, but it’s “half-hearted”

  13. Not too difficult, although the theme is not really my strong suit. As an ESL teacher, 11a comes up for me every week, but I don’t know if it’s really a commonly-known word.

  14. Steve and Di, that seems the most logical answer for 4D, and bypasses “z” entirely!

  15. Done and dusted in less than an hour, very good going for me. Re 11A, Geoff M at 8.44am, I don’t know about dinner parties but I definitely want to remember it for my next Scrabble game. 13D was my way into the genre. Favourite: 9AC/1D, but then I did get the collected albums of Thomas Dolby for Christmas.

  16. All out but the word plays for 5A, 15D and 16A elude me, so suggestions are welcome. Knew all the themed ones and have enough knowledge in the relevant area to have been familiar with 11A. 22D, I think, is a bit far-fetched: “sort of pie” indeed!

  17. All done but don’t completely understand wordplay for 15D or 28A. Had to google all but 2 of themed answers.

  18. Given up! Can’t stand the theme, so can’t bear to google them! Better luck next year, I hope. Happy festivities to everyone.

  19. sb, 15d. verse 1,8,9, called 2-5,extra extreme 6,7. (I would have said extremes)
    28a, ultimately the extension cord 1,2,3, smart 4-7.

  20. Dave R – hi. 5A’s a new pack member, whelped by backing “mean” (as in graceless) with a “football club” (standard abbreviation) and the regular letters of “rugby”. And 16A’s a beer ingredient, fermented by adding “head on mixture” to a qwerty “key” (next to the space bar). Cheers, Akela!

  21. Thanks, Steve and Di (9:48) and others for 4D. Makes sense now. I got in a mental rut with another word for sleeps. Apart from that one it went quickly.

  22. I had drams for 4D (dreams with e) – totally off-track.

    Last in 18-10A. Never heard of them (note careful pronoun avoidance).

    Can anyone explain first word of 7D?

  23. Oh! Another one I’ve never heard of. Thank you.
    The only one left for me now is 14D, despite having all the crosses. I shall keep gnawing on it for a while before asking for hints.

  24. Carol, those 3-letter passes pop up ad nauseum in cryptics.
    14D definition is the verb, “nettle”. Word play is a reversed inclusion. Hope that helps!

  25. Gosh, if this is the easiest DA ever, it’s clearly time for me to give it away! After an hour I have three answers: 9A/1D (thanks to Celia’s hint), 7D and 27A. No clue as to the theme or which clues relate to it.

  26. GeoffD it’s a musical genre, the participants, three Australian (one indigenous despite hyphenated name), four US, and one Canadian. Gender split even, three no longer with us. Four household names, others less well known but still award winners. Genre hint closes my opening post for the day! Good luck! A hint, the very famous and increasingly venerable 25A is the Backwoods Barbie! Happy solving!

  27. Geoff D, 21a is pretty straightforward. “Rallies” is an anagrind. 27a is another one that’s pretty easy.

  28. Carol, I had “drams” to start with as well. Frustrating as I hadn’t heard of the across intersect and the letter could’ve worked with the letters that were left. I had heard of 4d “sleeps” but only got it when I played around with the letters left.

  29. Thanks Celia and Geoff M. I now have 21A , 25A and 13D. Something to work on, although the latter two indicate that the genre is far from one of my favourites! Will push on from here.

  30. I’ve got 11A, but the construction eludes me beyond the “church” component. Any help?

  31. NeilW,
    in 11A, the CHurch is evident but letters 1,4,5 are three out of four letters of ‘power’. The missing letter is Y.

  32. A belated thoughtful on 4D
    I took the solution to be a homophone of word for sleeping lightly = measures
    Happy New Year everyone

  33. Ian S, explain your solution to 4D further, please. Please identify the homophone indicator, and how “half-heartedly” fits the clue.

  34. Thanks Neanderthal. I too couldn’t see where 1,4 &5 came from.
    Ian S and SkepticalB: Re 4D. See Steve & Di at 9:48 yesterday

  35. You are right LJ half heartedly is code for “S”
    I apologise to ScepticalB there is no homophone indicator, the solution for the definition ‘measures’
    is a homophone for a word sleeping lightly (half heatedly/fitfully ?).
    I accept that I took a leap to the solution without parsing the clue.
    I’ll have to watch my step in future.

  36. When people say “solved in 32 minutes” but “hadn’t heard of half the themed answers” then how can you say you “solved” it? Surely “solving it” only means “solved without the use of external help such as the google”?
    Just my little personal gripe, asi refuse to even use the datrippers until I have given up on solving it myself.

  37. DamianMc66. I, generally, only come here when I have finished as well. If I don’t know the answer then I construct it from the rest of the clue and then I will Google if the construction has been correct to confirm. Sometimes, if it is an anagram, then the letters may not always be in the correct order but I do what I consider logical. I usually don’t do the Google until I consider I have got the quiz out then I confirm whatever I might be ambivalent about.

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