DA Confusion for the 21st of December, 2018

Get your confusions sorted out before Christmas comes. Or maybe leave them until Christmas comes so you have something to talk about over the meal?

43 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 21st of December, 2018

  1. All out, not all understood (5A, 8D, are two such). FOI 9A, LOI 24A.
    Fave clue a tossup between 18D and 23D, the latter containing a killer red herring! Happy solving everyone.

  2. The digital Ed has been up for hours, Andy W. I use Chrome browser and it was late to the party, Edge had digital replica up super early, but I don’t like the way it handles printing. I can’t dial an intermediate enlargement between 100% & 150%. Had to resort to that though. Does anyone out there know why Chrome has this delay on getting the digital replica? No amount of clearing history helped! Send me your email to not.email.using.person [at]gmail.com and I’ll send you a PDF ex Chrome (no one else but, kapish?!)

  3. Finally arrived (probably as soon as I posted), all done now. Thanks Celua, not needed though.
    Liked 11A & 21A.
    Good solving.

  4. Celia
    8D, definition is first word, the fourth word of the rest is the key.
    Not too sure about 5A yet.

  5. Thought it was going to be easy with the top half completed quickly, but then the SE corner slowed me down.
    Thought that 16A was going to be “permanent”. Not to be, and it ended up as my favourite for the day, closely followed by 23D (what a tortuous definition).
    Yes, 5A is double definition. I wasn’t aware of the definition in 8D (first word of the clue). Another double definition.

  6. 23D stumped me for a while, but when only one word could fit the penny finally dropped.
    Happy Xmas everyone.

  7. Nice one today. I don’t get 8d. Can see why it’s often due these days but why stagecoach?

    Quite a few good clues, 1a, 24a 15d among my favourites.

  8. Geoff M, Look 8D up on Google, adding “stagecoach” to your search! Happy Christmas!

  9. I again struggled to get started this morning, took several minutes to get my FOI which was 13A.

    Got most of the west half soon after, but hit further mental roadblocks! Eventually got to LOI 7D/17D (of whom I did not know) after about 45 minutes.

  10. Doing poorly, as usual, only ten at the top. Celia’s hint about 8D nothing in Thesaurus. I assumed 12A might be synonym for grabbed, stolen,but can’t find reference that throws up a Gazan month. Not looking hopeful at this stage.

  11. Got 7/17D by blatant cheating. No way in the world would I have got it otherwise. Have to ask: had anyone ever heard of this character (apart from DA, that is)?

  12. All done. I had to build a couple today as I hadn’t heard of them. 8d was the last.

  13. Arthur C, don’t overthink 12A, just look at it. Not Gazan month but month on Gaza. 23D made me laugh.

  14. Yes, Arthur, I’ve read him. Clever clue (as, obviously, is 23D, which I don’t have yet). Perhaps I am wrong with 25A because I’m stuck on 15D as well. Otherwise all out and understood. Season’s greetings to all!

  15. Dave R 15D is an anagram with letters from two and a bit words in the clue. Final word is definition.
    A famous group were 25A.
    23D definition is Jobholder … its capital letter is important!
    Merry Christmas!

  16. All except 26A – I can fill in an answer but I like to know how it’s derived before I consider it solved – help?

  17. Mr Mc66,
    one word is ‘unpacked’ (the packing taken out) before a beer. The definition is last.

  18. DamianMc66 re 26A
    The beer is the last five letters, please leave me some on the 25th!
    You have to unpack an article for the first two letters.

  19. I’m stuck on 10A. And not sure of wordplay for 1A or 16A. I too liked 18D, 23D and 7/17; also 27A – cute

  20. sb
    10A combat gives 1-3, footwear 5-10, that legion leaders 4 and 11; def is last two words
    1A def is 1st word. Think of human characteristic, then replace quiet with got
    16A not absolutely sure myself but think of the answer as the clue; def is last 2 words

  21. alaric, if you’re still not sure about 16a, split the answer into 1-5 and 6-9

  22. Is there anyone there who cAn help with 13d? I am very stuck in south west corner.

  23. Anagram of force pet and x (essense of toxic). Last word is definition. A verb.

  24. Thanks alaric for 10A. Duh! I think my brain must have been having a little holiday on that one.
    And 1A – ha – I had “human possibly” as 1-2 – didn’t think to look further for a possible human.
    And thanks Mary for the finishing touch on 16A
    Season’s Greetings to anyone still there!
    Til next time

  25. Even Mary at 5.18 hasn’t wised me up to parsing 16a. Can someone please spell it out?

  26. I found it all to be very straightforward this week except for 16A, in spite of all the help above! I must be missing something.
    Where is the anagram indicator for 6-9? And how is the word made by letters 1-5 clued please?

  27. Robin H re 16A there is no specific wordplay as such for 1-5.
    The clue is effectively asking you to find a word for “salon procedures” that would also function as a clue with the answer SURE.
    The answer has a word that functions as an anagrind at 1-5, with the letters of SURE occupying the rest. In a cryptic clue you’re not always fed the required letters in a wordplay, in this one for instance you need to find the “salon procedures” that could be treated as a cryptic clue to derive “SURE”. Other clues are provided by your cross letters. I suspect you haven’t been doing cryptic very long. Each clue is a puzzle to be solved, and they won’t all be an easy anagram or a linear charade. How did you go on 29D, that was a doozie, with a beaut cryptic red herring definition to kick it off? The more you do the less any seeming absence of wordplay will bother you. Happy Christmas!

  28. Got it, thank you Sanity Clause! Very well explained.

    I’ve actually enjoyed solving DA’s crosswords and others for several years but still occasionally get a blind spot I’m afraid!

    By the way,  I think you mean 23D. Yes I got that pretty easily thank you. It’s a classic isn’t it! People used to post such clues in DA Gold on this website but that seems to have dropped out of favour.

  29. 23D, yes.

    And as Chico Marx says, “everybody knows there ain’t no Sanity Clause”.

    Merry Christmas

  30. Finished finally with two slip-ups.
    Thanks to all for your insights during the year, they have certainly honed my interpretation of DA’s clues.
    Happy Christmas to all

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