DA Confusion for the 14th of December, 2018

Get your confusions sorted out before the Christmas shopping gets in the way.

54 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 14th of December, 2018

  1. The quickest DA I have ever completed. Got 1a/27a immediately and the rest flowed easily.

  2. One of the slowest for me at almost 30 minutes. Had not heard of 15A.

    Strictly speaking 1D is not an instrument, it’s a way of playing it.

  3. I’m probably old enough to have heard of 15A but I hadn’t. It must be an Australian thing. All out but still pondering some wordplays.

  4. Very slow start for me but they started to come after a while, 32 minutes all up. FOI 21D, LOI 10A.

    15A features in one of the great lines from Kingswood Country!

  5. Piece of cake! It will probably take me longer to do the “quick” than the “cryptic” (it often does).

    Several likeable clues this week, including 12a, 9a, 6d. Still to work out the wordplay for a couple.

  6. THe advantage of age! With 179 years between us, we remembered 15A. Not much else solved as yet though.

  7. 12A and 13D were my faves, First out 1D, then 23/8D, 5A, 12A, 15A (I’m old), 18A … then shoulda come earlier last out late to twig 14D. Happy solving everyone!

  8. Finally got 1/27A. Sholud flow now. But, 9A? How does it fit clue (if I have the right city?)

  9. Got it out within an hour – good going for me but cant for the life of me work out word play for 24/26a – any hints ?? – happy to wait till later but would like to know!!And havent justified all 9a. Otherwise all made sense this week!!

  10. Tjb, no spoilers I hope. But for 9A, really, you’re stuck? And for 24A/26A the yard is a measure, now play with the ferret! Hope those hints help.

  11. Dave R, rough hints only …
    9A you’re stuck too?
    2D the tip is 1-4 balance follows easily
    10A cracked is a state of mind, sank amidships an inclusion indicator.

  12. First completion for a very long time and usually when I consult this site I find “easy peasy” “all done” etc. So feeling quite pleased.

  13. Thx so much celia – luv ur 9- response – lights gone on now! I will continue to work on your thoughts for 24/26!!

  14. Well, if my 9A is right (uncertain), I’m just stuck with SW corner.Assumed 24/26A was the obvious answer, but totally uncertain now, can’t make any sense of 27D, 23/8D. Will leave till later, happy to have got the rest.

  15. Hi Arthur – 27D’s a straight homophone; 23-8D’s the usual cryptic meaning of family and left, with one of them seamed into a word for clothing and defined as a tragedy. How far your eyes may pierce I cannot tell.

  16. I’ve tried really hard to work out the wordplay for 24a/26a, but despite Celia’s hint above, I’ve failed. More help — at the appropriate juncture — would be appreciated.

  17. All done but I’m not sure about 22D. I have an answer but do not yet see the wordplay. Any suggestions please?

    My favourite today was 6D once the penny dropped!

    Never heard of 15A but gettable from the clue.

  18. RobinH 22D “picked up” is a homophone indicator for definition “match”. The word for “trim” sounds like your answer that fits the definition.

  19. All out, and I see where 26a comes from – but what part of the clue gives 24a?

  20. Gave up after 10 minutes a moment ago
    Got 15A, 6D and figured 1D just HAD to be
    “Cold Chisel”. Alas not- because I then got 18A
    A pity – I think Cold Chisel would have been a fantastic answer.
    Off into the rain now.

  21. Mary. Others have given hints for 24A earlier. More explicitly, take 28A from ‘ferrets,. Loved it! (along with 27A)

  22. Mary, Re 24A part of 24A/26A …
    The ferret does double duty, of sorts, defining 24A (not vegetable nor mineral, is it?), then adapted by the cluing for 26A.

  23. Thanks Celia for your wisdom on wordplay for 9A, 10A and 24/26. The only clue I still don’t get (assuming my answer is correct) is 18A. Oh, yes, and also last3 letters of 25A. Head? Hm.

  24. SB, “head” is a nautical term (I think???) for lavatory. A favourite of crossword compilers. After a 24A you may need a trip to the head! Or maybe more?

  25. Started late and struggling with this one. My first in was 15A (I’m also old !). Have a few others but not many. I’m assuming 1/27A is an anagram but with only one cross letter I just can’t see it.
    Any easyish starting points?

  26. GeoffD, for 1A/27A think of aniseed flavored sandwich cubes. 14D is an anagram. There are several charade clues e.g. 5A . 18A is an insertion with deletion, 17A is effectively changing the first letter of a word.

    I find it helpful not hammering away down what could be blind alleys, leave such clues to later, let your subconscious mind sort them out. Cheers. Oh DA pops up in 25A!

  27. Thanks Celia. I’ll try your suggestions. Thanks for the hint for 1/27A.
    25A was one of the few I’d already worked out thanks to the hints above re the “head”.

  28. Sorry, despite the clues above I still don’t get the wordplay for 9A, nor 20A after the first two letters.

  29. DN

    9A “A” letter 1
    “way to flee jammed” 2-4, (“jammed” is a 5-letter word where the “way” is the 1st two letters: these are removed )
    “beach” 5-8
    Defn. “City to the east”

    20A “premier” is letters 7-9
    “agreement” 3-6, 10-12
    “stops” inclusion indicator.


  30. Hi all. Late to the party as usual. I have worked out everything (with some help from here, thanks). But still can’t get 13d. Any hints before I look at today’s paper?

  31. One more thing if anyone looks in this late. Re 18a, I am assuming letters 2&3 are ‘happen’ and 4&5 are ‘to’ and there crammed into a word for absolute with an article removed. But I have no idea what that word would be. Am I right in my assumptions. And if I am as the answers are now in print, could someone tell me what that word would be?

  32. SandyM, re 18A … no.
    “happen” is letters 1-4, 9.
    “article from absolute” is 5-8, a five-letter word with the fourth, an “article” removed.
    Merry Christmas!

  33. Thanks Trippers ! I finally got to this last night and today. After stuffing around with “Iron Maiden” , I got there.
    I was trying to put “Tell” into 11d – is he Austrian ?

  34. JupiterIsBig 1D is more prosaic, with the metal at 1-4 and the instrument 5-10.

    In 11D, no, not Tell, the Austrian shooter is a brand name at 1-5, defn is “instrument” (and it’s most likely of German origin). Working the wordplay for 6+ will be a big hint for 1-5

  35. Found a lot of these clues to be a bit NQR, almost as if it were the theme! Bit disappointing but can’t win them all I guess.

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