DA Confusion for the 9th of November, 2018

Have your confusions sorted out while I try deciphering Cantonese and Mandarin through Hong Kong and Taiwan.

36 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 9th of November, 2018

  1. Early start = early finish.
    Fairly straight forward puzzle today.
    Liked 12a and 8/9d.
    Good luck.

  2. Ditto, though admit to googling a couple of sticky ones. Had never heard of 24A, nor encountered 8D/9D expression before.

    And who’s leaking our Friday DA to DanWord?!

  3. Nice to join the Winners Circle today (albeit 5 hours later than the usual geniuses).

    I’m wondering where everyone is.


  4. I struggled today, it did not help that I somehow misread 8D/9D as 3,7,3,3,5,5 !

    FOI 6D, LOI 16A.

  5. Found three easy ones after only half an hour, then went t sleep. Must look again. Lots of cricket coming later, much more important! Did i hear someone cry ‘Heresy’?

  6. Some difficult ones today. I wish people hadn’t talked about Dan Word last week and this, as I must confess I succumbed to temptation today — for 8d/9d and 24a, neither of which I was familiar with. I’m not sure I can show my face here again, having cheated …

    Still struggling with the wordplay in a few, but I’ll come back fresh after I read the rest of the paper.

  7. Andrew
    Great minds think alike! (Or are misled alike!)
    I also read 8/9 as 3,7,3,3,5,5 at first.
    The only possible penultimate 5 letter word was ‘extra’. No sense there as I had 8D.

    Twigged eventually, as did you.
    Well, we got there.

  8. 8D/9D was a new one for me as well. Favourite was 12A, and we had the usual too broad a definition in 5D.

  9. Surprised 8/9D unfamiliar to some people. Only just saw it myself, but its been around for many decades. Certainly helps with some of my missing answers.

  10. All filled in, a few not understood. I don’t understand 28A, I think he fits 24A actually.

  11. Ray, i maybe have the wrong answer, i filled in a name that fitted exactly with the down answers, an actor but also one who wars against religion, hence my comment about 24A. But my letters 2-6 include NGOFAR (not in that order).

  12. Arthur C. – I think you have the correct answer. The “paper” meaning was unknown to me ie:
    “a newspaper, magazine, or other means of communicating information, thoughts, or opinions”.
    See if you can find something like this in your dictionary for your letters 2 to 6.

  13. > But my letters 2-6 include NGOFAR (not in that order).

    ArthurC, that is correct for letters 2-7.

  14. … but, I should have said, ‘paper’ is a clue for 2-6 only. ‘less’ gives 7-10, ‘staff’ 11-13. And ‘essentially admin” letter 1.

  15. I had never heard of 8/9D either.
    Also 19D, but geography is my worst subject! Had to Google countries starting with …

    My last in was 23A, but I don’t understand the working.

  16. Geoff M, re 23A, I think “heart” is the definition and “heart-wise” the instruction!

  17. Well, well, well – 10 years here and I can still get completely thrown by the Aussie turn of phrase! I got everything except 8/9d, and it then took me ages to work out what it must be.

  18. Robin H re 24A …
    Ooh, er, it’s a Latin phrase that roughly means “justification for war” (literally “case war”) hence definition here “dispute genesis”. “most of money” is 1-3, the balance an anagram signalled by anagrind “anarchic” operating on the word following. Good luck!

  19. Oh thank you, Celia, I’ve got it. Sadly I was stuck on BULLIon for the ‘money’!
    I see that Seinfeld had fun with the phrase in one episode!

  20. 8D, 9D I am not really seeing how the clue relates to the answer. Am I missing something?!

  21. RobinH,
    I think you’ll find that ‘runs’ are where the stated animals are found grazing. So it’s a bit of a cryptic definition.

  22. Thanks guys (inclusive case)
    I still have a couple to get but I think 8D/9D originated before Squatter, the game. People actually gambled for farms bigger than British Counties, didn’t they ?

  23. Hi Celia, my ex latin teacher wife confirmed my thoughts, the spelling of the first word is a little out,
    most of money is 1,2 and 4.

  24. Celia I should have known better after seeing the solution for 24A, I owe you an apology, I was thinking latin for “for the sake of” which is the second word appended after honorary academic awards, I did not discuss your lead thoroughly enough with my wife who agrees with you. As you correctly pointed out the latin for case has “s” as its 3rd letter. I am off to eat humble pie, I should never have doubted you.

  25. IanS, I’d googled that one – had never heard the expression before and never studied Latin in school- so had simply regurgitated what I’d remembered from looking it up. Couldn’t fathom how you’d fit “S” into 22D letter 2, though!

  26. Hi Celia, I was talking about the first word of 24A being the second word in the description appended to an Honorary Academic award eg PhD Honoris Causa so I was confusing causa with casus.

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