DA Confusion for the 2nd of November, 2018

Get your confusions sorted out for this week’s November DA.

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  1. All done, had some trouble, needed to google a couple of answers for confirmation.
    No standout clues for me.
    FOI 25a/17d, LOI 14d.

  2. I did like the flycatcher, the work-in-progress and the countries abroad.
    Didn’t know 6A but gettable. Last one in 8D and not convinced yet.

    Is there a mistake in 6D? Letters 2-4 don’t look to be the way the clue was written, unless I’m on the wrong track. I can see an alternative with snake follow dog from the south, but not snake swallow dog from the south.

  3. Struggling as usual, filled in NW corner, had never heard of 10A, but having 1D helped there.

  4. Gayle, the rugged and the snake swallow [n.b. not swallows] the dog from the south in 28A/6D.

  5. Surprised myself by finishing in 30 minutes, despite struggling after the first two went in. FOI 4D, LOI 22A.

    Gayle: Agree about 6D – ‘from the south’ should have been an angrind, or perhaps the problem was just a misprint of ‘swallow’ instead of ‘follow’.

  6. The rugged snake swallows the dog from the south. The snake on its own doesn’t.

  7. All out, all understood, except the “tip” of 15D for 1-4, and the “I fold papers” of 13D for 2-7. Not getting too fussed about these, though. Happy solving everyone!

    p s. Loved 15A and 3D. 14D difficult without googling a list! Cheers!

  8. Celia, I take the tip to be the local waste disposal facility. And in 13d, I is 2, fold is 3-5 and papers 6,7.

    Does the “detailing” in 7d involve an “L”? I haven’t heard of this usage.

  9. Geoff M, yes, the “L” is detailed, check “keen” in dictionary as a verb. Usually see the word associated with funerals, often ending “-ing”.

    Thanks for the “tip” that’s what I thought but found a bit suss, would have got 13D okay but had wrong letter at 2.

  10. Thank you, Celia.

    Quite a satisfying puzzle today. My first one in was 4d, followed closely by 26d/27a. Don’t get the wordplay in 1d or 12a, but hoping they might hit me soon.

    In the meantime, back to DA’s latest book, so I know which bits of my brain lit up this morning …

  11. Geoff M
    1D a homophone of “bolt” think fast food!

    12A second part of a stock expression akin to “the whole box and dice”.
    a six-letter colloquialism for another colloquialism “a ton”, is “docked”, and preceded by 3-letters “trucker’s room”.

  12. Thanks Celia and Geoff M. I get the dog from the south now in the wider environment I had been thinking along the lines of Andrew T.

    Just bought that book myself Geoff M. Will take it with me on a road trip to my birthplace in a couple of weeks, and see how much I can remember!

    I thought the tip was a bit suss too, Celia, but I suppose if you put it in a sentence describing an adolescent’s room, it’s okay colloquially.

  13. Enjoyable. Still missing 16A, 22A, 8D, and 24D/19A; and wordplay for 6A eludes me.

  14. 6A involves getting rid of the two Roman cardinals.
    I still haven’t got the wordplay for 9A but will no doubt kick myself when the penny drops.

  15. Mike, 9A. The spot is/was in front of fancy as a verb, only it’s a lot stronger than fancy.

  16. Re 9A thanks Gayle. I need to discipline myself to check all forms of speech – not just adjectives!

  17. Thanks Mike. duh!!!
    Still lost with 16A, 22A, 8D and 24/19. Hints welcome.

  18. sb yes think cards and zodiac and im still stuck on the same ones as you!

  19. In 22a, letters 2-6 are a homophone. In 8d “turning up” is an anagrind. In 24d/19a, the last word of the clue is the definition.

  20. 24/19 Last word defn. Often heard on The Bill. Hippy: think anatomy.

  21. All out save 22A (despite Geoff M’s help).
    Thanks Keith w w for 16A wordplay; and thanks Geoff M for 8D help (I was looking for an anagram but it had eluded me :() and with those out, 24/19 jumped out at me. Thanks anyway xmgjim.
    Till next week.

  22. Hi Nigel,
    There was a blog conversation some weeks ago about who or what DanWorld is. Essentially, a spoiler; whether he/she/it has access to solutions published the night before; hacking etc..

    But to attribute the clues and answers to another crossword compiler is shameful..my memory tells me that one blogger here reproached DA for imagined plagiarism, then realised the error and retracted and apologised….

    More frequent posters can elaborate further. It is a shame.

  23. I got it all out before melting at Sculpture by the Sea and then getting stuck in peak hour traffic. But I am still puzzling over 9a. Is nat a synonym for spot?

  24. SandyM

    re 9A you need a 5 letter word for “fancy” (a verb) then remove its leading 2-letter “spot” to get “output of mine”. Synonyms of “fancy” here include love, worship, dote on. Away you go!

  25. Sandy M, that was my line of thinking too. But I could find no reason to equate “nat” with “dot”. In the end I realised that it’s not a great clue. Think of “fancy” as a verb, then come up with a synonym. But it’s not a very good synonym — it’s much stronger. Then think of asking a television station for a “spot” in a program. Remove this from the front of your not-very-good synonym and voila!

  26. Thanks smgjim, I discovered him by accident and thought he must be a spoiler of one sort or another. He is now persona non grata for me and I hope for all others. I prefer the challenges that DA sets. Thanks for your help.

  27. Dan Word is one of many crossword solving sites. They aren’t doing anything wrong, it’s just damn annoying that sometimes they have the cryptics inordinately early. If you decide to google just one clue you find a cluster for the lot.

    I don’t mind blogs where clues are parsed, but final-answers-only sites such as Dan Word do nothing to educate you in solving cryptics that looking up the solution the next day wouldn’t do.

  28. Thanks GeoffM for 13D which has knocked out my answer for 24D/19A.
    I was on the right track with the anatomy reference but a further clue would help, please…!

  29. RobinH, re 24D/19A
    It’s a double definition, “Gets hippy/bombs?” A common colloquial expression used when plans go awry! I always think of those large inflatable penguins that you knock over but weights in their lower half force them upright again. Or the journalist who referred to movie man Bill Collins as “a marvellous [19A] man”. Looking in your fruit bowl might help!

  30. Thank you, Celia! Got it.
    Rather ashamed of my ‘hits rock bottom ‘ now but on the right track…

  31. All out, but still unsure of wordplay for 10A (I see that once again I’m alone with this problem!).

  32. All out, but still unsure of wordplay for 10A (I see that once again I’m alone with this problem!).

  33. Ian F “quoted” is a homophone indicator for “overlooks” (“didn’t see”) occupying 1-3, the “light” is 4,10,11 and the “permit” 5-10. Cheers!

  34. Thanks to Celia I now have 10A which indicated I had the wrong ‘bolt’! NAOMI was removed and, whilst she suited 9A, it meant 1A and 11A were hindered!

  35. I’m still missing 21A and I’m not sure about my answer for 20D. Hints appreciated!

    Also wordplay for 11A and 2D would be great.

  36. Robin H:

    21a “spot” gives you 1-3, “ship” 4-8, final six words are definition.

    20d first word is definition. “Spirit” missing its final letter (nothing to do with alcohol) is 3,2,1. “Your” quaintly (archaically) is 4-6.

  37. Robin H in 2D “abroad” is an anagram indicator, you need to include the castle walls with the countries!

  38. 11a … first word is definition. “Pilot” is 1,2,6. “Work-in-progress” is 4,5.

  39. Thanks GeoffM for help with 21A and 20D. All done and understood. Thanks Celia for 2D’s anagrind. All makes sense now. I had the castle walls and the answer but hadn’t seen the anagram.!

    I have yet to see the work-in-progress. I have the two letters tha represent it. Tips?


  40. RobinH, don’t quite understand your question but does “manuscript” answer it?

  41. Thanks Celia
    I wasn’t clever enough to work out second word had to cheat and look at Spectrum now can see sense film connection.

  42. I didn’t have any anagram in 8d. I have anon to be read as “AN on” followed by Y for yes, giving the first word as ANY. Regular code is CD which gives the second word as RECORD. I guess ANY RECORD could be a suitable answer to the clue as a whole. Is my thinking correct?

  43. David S re 8D … in a word, no!

    CD->RECORD very inventive on your part, but how is your answer defined?

    Try again with capitals in ANON YES regular CoDe. Correct answer differs from yours at 4 & 9 only.

    Not sure I fully understand the clue either, though. Definition & wordplay seem interwoven. I see the definition as “turning up anon” but “turning up” as the anagram indicator.


  44. Thanks ALF for clearing that up. That makes much more sense! As for your query, exclamation marks at the end of clues often indicate an &lit style of clue, where the entire clue acts as both wordplay and definition. This is one of those cases. Cheers!

  45. Oh my goodness me, spent all week puzzling over 9a and 11a before I realised I had spelt 1d as per the general who died happy. Talk about The Hours…

  46. As a resident of Melbourne, could someone please explain to me the relevance to 3d of “landing in SW Sydney”? (My answer to the clue is “Campsite”)

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