DA Confusion for the 19th of October, 2018

Here’s where the confusions get sorted out for this week’s DA.

39 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 19th of October, 2018

  1. All done.
    FOI 6a/10a, LOI 25a.
    Liked 18a. Had to double check 22d/3d on Google.
    Good luck.

  2. Top half went in first. The tomboy was familiar so that helped. Took a while to get the right pointer.
    Favourite clue was 23A. Despite that I’ve fallen short of the linked 24A.

  3. Thanks AndyW for the tip. So definition for 24A is last word? Gotta say that clue if full of misdirections. Got me.

  4. Nice one today. My favourites 7d, 1a and 12a. Still working out the wordplay for 11d and 17d.

  5. With respect to 8d, would I be right in saying that chemistry is not DA’s strong suit?

  6. After scanning clues over and over and over, not a single idea comes to mind. Even scanning list of Oz PMs didn’t ring any bells.Not promising at all.

  7. Re 8d. Science is not my strong point, but in DA’s defence I will say that if you enter the answer to 8d into Wikipedia then search for “organic compound”, it does find a match …

  8. Arthur, the PM you want is the one who was very happy when we won the America’s Cup.

  9. About average today, 32 minutes. FOI 4D (as it should be, given that my family comes from there!) LOI 17D. Liked 18A (ah, misspent youth!), 23A,

    ArthurC: easier ones to start with I think are 5D, 14A, and 22/3 if you know any pre-teen girls.

  10. Thanks, Geoff M, i had finally got that one, actually getting a few in. I think my brain was frozen by last Friday’s general anaesthetic. Certainly seems to have destroyed my pool game, can’t hit anything since.

  11. Oh, as a lifelong snooker fan, I had to love 18A. Sadly, they only play pool here.

  12. Geoff M, I agree 8d can be of this type, but most of them aren’t. I consider this one a bit dodgy.

  13. Doesn’t the shake in 1d come in a pair?

    And while I’m at it (i.e. contributing nothing), is anyone else annoyed when 10a is used as a noun? Yes, I know everyone does it now, and language evolves, etc.

  14. Took a while to get started, but it all fell into place pretty quickly once I got rolling. Still not totally sure of wordplay for 17d… My best guess is that “barely” is only applied at one end?

    ArthurC, you might have a good line on 18A! A bit of snooker knowledge will go a long way there!

  15. Luke, it took me a while to figure out the wordplay in 17d, and I’m not sure I have it right. “Barely moving” relates to letters 2, 3, 7, 8 — “moving” less its final letter. A fairly messy, unsatisfying clue, methinks.

  16. Still lost on 17d even with geoff’s advice above – also can someone confirm that last word in 23a is the clue?

  17. ‘moving’ is a 5 letter adjective , with its last letter deleted, and the rest as Geoff M says.
    ‘Barely’ is confusing here as it doesn’t mean bare, with its covers/outer letters removed, but almost/with its last letter removed.
    ‘lapping’/drinking is an indicator to swallow/contain the time period at 4,5,6
    and finally, but in the beginning really, is the minute at letter 1.
    Agree, awkward clue, and my explanation is probably just as awkward.

  18. Having set my sights on being an INORGANIC chemist at school, I should thing 8D is mic-clued. It should have started “Anion”

  19. Thanks Gayle. That clarifies 17D for me

    Didn’t help that I had 26A incorrect as a musical “Da da!” thinking of what one might say with a stylish finish (and a bow)

  20. All done, but can someone explain where the first 3 letters of 25a come from?

  21. All done.
    Mary, my view of the first three letters for 25a were new (young) pointer dogs uncovered, but happy to have a better answer.

  22. Thanks, Geoff & Margaret, devious indeed – (hence the ‘possibly’ which I hadn’t taken into account)

  23. I must confess, I was thinking of white pointers rather than dogs. I believe their young are the same, so either way …

  24. Geoff, I did wonder about aquatic. Same, same but different.

    The reason I love cryptic crosswords is because you bring everything you know to the table.

  25. All out at last. Thanks for the tips. Lots of questions though.

    Definitions not understood for 24a, 26a, 11d.

    Wordplays not understood for 5d, 22d.

  26. Happy to have done it. I liked 6A/10A, and this is one nounisation (ouch!) of a verb l don’t mind.
    Can someone explain 7D particularly letters 2-5.

  27. Hi Phil
    7d 2-5. ‘a pop’ means per go/ turn/shot. The phrase is similar to ‘a head’.

  28. Hi Jason L
    24a: I struggled with this one, but I assume the definition is ‘report’ like the sound of a gun or engine.
    26a: Do in as to kill/ finish someone off.
    11d: a DA trick, ‘A sap joined’ . Have to join the letters (and capitalise them, punctuation’s fair game in cryptics) to get ASAP.

  29. @Jason L
    5d: ‘uppity’ is reversal indicator in a down clue, so the boy goes upwards, ‘skirting’ (around/containing) 2 letter abbreviation for ‘fair’.
    22d: Casino spot = Letters 1-3, (the markings on a card). ‘choosing’ is letters 4,5, 13,14,15,16,17
    ‘accommodates’ is containment indicator. ‘wishes’ is letters 6-12. (2 words)

  30. Thanks Gayle.

    I reached a similar conclusion on 24a – just thought I might have missed something.

    I had the last letter of 26a wrong so it makes much more sense now.

    Missed the reversal indicator on 5d – must remember that one.

    Never heard the markings on a card called that.

    As soon as I read 11d out loud to my wife she heard the 4 letter acronym that I’d missed.


  31. As a chemistry teacher I agree with several here. 8d is not organic, nor is it a compound. Anion is a good descriptor but technically it is a polyatomic ion. Sigh. Good luck putting that in a clue Mr Astle!

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