DA Confusion for the 7th of September, 2018

I’m on Jeju Island (in Korean, Jeju is 제주) and everything is a little confusing.

The DA need not be confusing. Make it understandable here.

33 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 7th of September, 2018

  1. Done and understood. Nothing really outstanding today I thought – just a “fair” DA cryptic, with a lot of the normal traits.

  2. Likewise Ray, my picks for best are 1a, 5a, 24a, 26a and 16d.
    A typical DA, a lot of clues made up of many parts.
    Good luck.

  3. The long ‘uns helped, although the parsing of 3/4 came later, with a wry smile. The surface was a bit rubbery though. Like AndyW, I enjoyed 1A and 5A, my first ones in, followed by 13A, 10D and 22/6

  4. Took me a while to get started, FOI 24A. Had to work gradually from SE up to NW, LOI 11A.

  5. As they say in the North of England, “Well I’ll go t’foot of our stairs”, that wasn’t too difficult. 2D and 5A were enjoyable.

  6. Took a long while to find first answer, 21D after reading all the clues. later, a few appeared, so0 NW corner filled. Much work to do, But, as usual, pool table is calling.

  7. All out, all understood, I think (need to check a defn). Faves were 9A (great misdirection), 3D/4D (the “ahah! haha!” moment took its time coming), and 5A.
    Don’t understand 16D’s “Captain Grumpy” but know its 1-2 as a standard cryptic component for sailor (cf. salt, tar).

  8. All out, and I, too, liked 9A. Only thing I am unsure of is parsing of 25A.

  9. Celia, the captaining he did was in cricket. It’s his initials which make up letters 1 & 2.

  10. Celia – it’s nice to be able to help YOU !! 1-2 not only a sailor – also the initials of a cricket captain with that nickname. Cheers.

  11. Melanie, it means roughly the same as two of the (longer) answers today.

    Celia, “Captain Grumpy” is a nickname for a well known Australian sportsman whose initials are 1-2 in 16D.

  12. Dave R, re 25A, 1,2 is “essential knot” and 3-6 is a truncated word for avoid which is twisted (reversed).

  13. Oh dear, Julie W., you and Tim C have found a chink in my armour, a hatred of sport because of bullying sports teachers in my preteen & teen years. Sob (DD)!

  14. Dave R – re 25a – 1st word is def . next two words give 1&2. Letters 3,4,5,6, are a 5 letter word for ‘avoid’ that’s endless and twisted.

  15. Thanks, Tim C. I had the first bit, but hadn’t thought of that synonym.

  16. Thanks Dave R and Julie W; like Celia ‘sport’ isn’t my strong suit (knew of AB from crosswords, but had not heard of nickname).
    Agree with Ray and Andy W – this week was either easier than usual or I’m getting better (strongly suspect the former).

  17. 2D: Def is last word of clue. ‘A’ gives the first letter of the answer, ‘cross’ (meaning hybrid) gives letters 2-5 , and ‘christ at base’ the last letter.

  18. Thanks, AndrewT. The “hybrid” meaning was the part that didn’t click.

  19. I had an alternative parsing for AB in 16D. I got the name of a famous fictional sea captain and took ‘HA’ out of it, thus rendering it grumpy.

  20. All done. 4d was the last. A couple of “doh” ones and a couple of convoluted ones but quite reasonable.

  21. Could someone please give a subtle hint for 3,4d? Just not seeing it.

  22. It’s a riddle, CrossssorC, but think about the function of a “rubber”. You may possibly be using one right now for 3D/4D.

  23. CrossssorC … 3D/4D continued … it’s a Double Definition, sort of … separated by “or”. When you get it, you’ll enjoy the joke!

  24. Not too difficult today once I got started. My favs were 26A, 2D and 3,4D. And 9A too.

  25. All finished started late yesterday, takes me a while to get into the zone.
    Could anyone explain the parsing for 12A, I get the defn is the first 2 words and flyer gives 6-9 and near gives 5 but can’t figure how “to lie” gives 1-4 or is it “to lie near” gives 1-5 ?
    any comments gratefully received.

  26. IanS, re 12A, letters 1-5 “to lie close to”, a near synonym of “cuddle”. I think the word is in the song “By the light of the silvery moon” along with “croon” and “tune”. Cheers! Oh “near” does not equate to letter 5.

  27. Clarke, I thought the same as you did about the parsing of 16D. I didn’t know the Captain Grumpy nickname for a cricketer. I was feeling very chuffed with myself when I finally got what I thought was the parsing. I think our idea about the obsessed sea captain missing his laugh was more clever!

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