DA Confusion for the 24th of August, 2018

The parliament is confusing enough — don’t let a cryptic add to the confusion. Solve it here.

46 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 24th of August, 2018

  1. Got 10 a early after 1a and 3d gave me the crosser, so 19a just had to be, although i still haven’t parsed it.
    Thought the theme otherwise might be beyond my ken, but all familiar … except maybe one in the SE corner in which I have 2 intersecting clues unsolved. .. the glamazon and the groovy single.

  2. Done. Like Gayle found tricky. And my issue is I have 10 undefined clues – so guess I have something wrong!!!

  3. And Gayle for 22D I read as “thin one lost” = 1,2,7. “leaderless nation” = 3,4,5,6.

  4. @ Ray Yes I thought 21A might be one, but by my count it would be my ninth. (You’re not counting 29/11 as two are you ?) I still can’t get 21 a even with 3 crossers and an online gadget.
    Thanks for the tips for 22D. Will ponder on way to work.

  5. oops, sorry folks for the early spoiler ( and sorry again, no pun intended)
    better go before I get myself into more trouble

  6. All out, and didn’t have too much trouble, though I still can’t parse 19a (or 22d, so thanks Ray: I’d been stuck thinking the leaderless nation must be 5,6,7). I’ll give it another crack in the morning. Happy solving!

  7. After carefully perusing – and reperusing, I have three answers, can’t see any more coming. Have to take a grumbling appendix to hospital later this morning, not sure when, or if, i’ll be back.

  8. A quick non-clue comment. The grid looks weird today – not diagonally symmetrical. Isn’t that the crossword grid norm? I’m sure DA wrote about that in one of his books (I haven’t got it to hand to check).

  9. 23d is indeed one of the themed clues. ‘Understanding’ gives letters 1,5,6 surrounding (boxing) ‘pose’ for letters 2,3,4

  10. Jonathon,
    very good pick-up on the grid. It didn’t occur to me.
    Usually grids are 180 degrees symmetrical but this is far from it. I wonder why so ?

  11. I’m just picturing mechanics across Australia doing this puzzle during their lunch break, as a diversion from the Canberra circus.

    I don’t get the wordplay in 15d. Does anyone?

  12. Geoff,
    in 15d, ‘booth’s close’ is 1,
    ‘with’ is 2,3,4,
    and apparently ‘heater’ is slang for 5,6,7,8,9.
    I’d only heard of ‘heat’ in that sense.

  13. Thank you, Neanderthal. I haven’t heard of “heater” nor “heat” in that sense!

  14. Melanie (& Carol?), the last word in the clue for 19a is the definition. If I help any more this early I’ll be struck off …

  15. Thanks Geoff
    Your response popped up after I posted
    I’ll rack my brains ….and google too

  16. 19a is certainly something that has traditionally been more in the male domain, yes. Multiple 10As are used in most 19As.

    Def is ‘driver’.

  17. got the theme and working my way through. haven’t worked out 21A yet. and a couple of others but getting there

  18. As usual with themed puzzles I’m lost. Have just two answers. Are there any relatively ‘easy’ starts eg anagrams?

  19. All out now.GeoffD- try 24A Defn is first word, the rest is the word play. Also 10A is part of the theme and nothing to do with e-books

  20. Thanks Ray and Mary-jane for pointing me in the right direction. Still a way to go but I have quite a few answers now.

  21. All out, although don’t get wordplay for 18D. Thanks Ray for wordplay for 19A.
    TimC, 4D is themed; first word of clue is 1-4.
    Liked 24A

  22. While not a Mensa member I have been forwarded a couple of their cryptic crossword puzzles from a friend who is a member. You are given the length of answers and the list of their across and down clues. The challenge is to construct the grid which is 13 by 13 and 90 degrees symmetrical.
    One is given a soft option and apply for the grid.
    I must confess I didn’t notice the diagonal asymmetry. Parts e.g. corners seem symmetrical but centre certainly is not.
    I haven’t had much time to spend on this week’s DA and I have only cracked 3 clues so far.

  23. This is so difficult
    I have 19, 10 and 4 but it’s such a man boy topic!
    Not complaining, it’s fun to have the challenge

  24. All out – at last! Big struggle, but got there with help from above. Many thanks

    I too have counted 10, not 9.

  25. Love your work, David, but the clue reference to ‘historic English win…’ is incorrect. Blenheim was a British win. There were several Scottish regiments involved, as well as Welsh and Irish contingents.
    Just sayin’.

  26. Mycool, a belated thanks. I see it now.
    Melanie, it’s not my thing either, not at all; but still, there were only 2 unfamiliar words.
    And yes, I counted 10 too.
    Only 6 sleeps till the next challenge. Yay.
    Arthur, hope all’s well.
    Celia, hope to see you next week.

  27. Jim, see as the Battle was in Germany there were other members of the Alliaance too, but we know of it through the English name for it ?
    I got the theme from 17d because the thr beginnings was obvious.
    I was then trying to get Fangio into 19a because he is an outstanding driver containing Golf !
    My favourite was 26a for the amusing style.

  28. Would love someone to parse 21a. I think those counting 10 themed are including 20d – which would only be themed if pin is added. I read 20d as words 1- 4 as definition and words 2-5 as the word play…any other thoughts?

  29. CroydonMal, my Friday Herald is in the yellow bin by now, but I seem to recall it had something to do with removing the last letter from “atop”. A bit obscure.

  30. I have 10 A’s well.

    My parsing of 21a was.
    Groovy = rad
    Single = i
    Virtual above = ato for “atop”
    Guitar backing = r

    Gives radiator as theme

    Happy to be corrected.

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