DA Confusion for the 17th of August, 2018

Get your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

40 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 17th of August, 2018

  1. Done. Thought a pretty good DA today.
    24A was my pick as clever construction.

  2. I googled “grating old joke” and, a few clicks later, had the answer to ten of today’s clues!

  3. Have only half a dozen so far, but first in was the old joke. At 89, that fits me perfectly!

  4. Actually DF, all 26 of the clues are there.
    Why would DA do this ? Is radio taking too much of his time these days ?

  5. Good puzzle today. 24a & 16d my favourites. I don’t understand the wordplay in 23d or 9d, but no doubt it’ll hit me soon …

  6. Dom, Why do you think that website belongs to DA?

    This is the third week that I’ve had tomorrow’s Spectrum delivered with Friday’s paper. No point looking at the answers. It takes all the fun/challenge away.

  7. Geoff M – 9D – “felon” = 1,2,3. “covering up” = 6,5,4. “felon bumping off male” = 7,8,9,10,11

  8. Hijacking???

    I suspect access to Spectrum which is already being delivered around melb & syd

    Times past age and smh published da on different days a great spoiler especially for travellers in a Qantas lounge

    Possibly an effect of the takeover???


  9. I get Friday-Monday delivered, Geoffl, and have not evet had Spectrum included in my Friday delivery. Maybe some agencies include Spectrum in Friday deliveries to lighten their Saturday load and free up space? The thought did enter my mind that maybe Friday’s DA had been syndicated OS by Nine without DA’s knowledge. Are there RSLs in Britain?

  10. DF & Dom …mm…tempting but what am I going to do for the rest of the day? And “all were last seen in British cryptic crossword”!

  11. Thanks, Ray. Actually 23d hit me within thirty seconds of my previous post, but your help with 9d was most useful.

  12. Tim C,

    I didn’t think that was a DA site. I thought he had ‘borrowed’ the clues from there – shame on me for thinking that.

    My sincerest apologies David.

  13. Hello Celia

    What I meant by “delivered” was delivery to newsagencies. I believe Spectrum is printed on Thursdays or even Wednesdays.

    Last Friday night when we came home from Jazz, they had already been delivered to the shop and someone was inside collating all the add-ins like Spectrum

    Easy for one of those to fall off the back of a truck

    Given that Fairfax and NewsLimited now use the same printeries, there’s another possible source.

    Quite agree “no fun anymore” – a great pity. Solving DA has been part of my life and that of my late brother. We cremated him with his last solved DA and a can of beer.


  14. Dom & Tim C, Danword is a solutions site. Would be nice for them to hold off 12 hours or so, though!

    Geoffl, yep, understood. Think my delivery agent just does deliveries, my papers don’t come from the local newsagency.

  15. Dont think it is anything to do with spectrum deliveries. I discovered Danword was ripping off Fairfax weeks ago (by finding an entire LR online) – it is there for everyday of the week. I dont think it has the Sydney Sunday cryptic though.

  16. SonOfBruze, I don’t care if they publish solutions, that’s why they’re there, but they should cite the source!

  17. There must be copyright issues here though isnt there? Danword wouldnt want to cite the source if he is financially benefiting from someone elses work.

  18. Possibly, SonOfBruze. But it’s a solutions site. Several of those out there! Wish they’d include the wordplay.
    No more from me on this thread

  19. I’m getting confused over DA’s use of questionmarks. 24A I get as an &lit. But what is its function in 13D? Or 18A?

  20. The site monitor cited above at 1:52 by SonOfBruze records for danword.com a recent tripling of traffic from Australia! – accounting for about half of its overall growth over the same period. So getting into the Australian market has been pretty handy for Dan.

    Further to SonOBruze’s note at 1:33, I just checked random clues from yesterday’s NS and yesterday’s and today’s quick crosswords, and they are all on the site. So the site has a Fairfax source for most or all crosswords, presumably on a small retainer. Or maybe the soon-not-to-be proprietors are selling the solutions to aid the bottom line!

  21. AG – maybe – I saw on Google that the Danword page for 7A has been available since at least midnight our time – and that was the time that Google last cached the page – not the time the page was uploaded to the internet (which could be hours to days earlier). So maybe they are paying Fairfax a fee for it.

  22. On further reflection: it would clearly be uneconomic for Dansword to manually upload clues and solutions, so it must have access to an indexed database. Now, the Fairfax puzzles have that little ad for the phone-based Crossword Solutions, which has been around for a while and clearly has (as the expenditure of 82.5 cents will confirm) exactly that structure at its disposal.

    I’m guessing that it’s more likely that Crossword Solutions, or someone associated with them, is onselling access, either with or without the imprimatur of Fairfax.

  23. If anyone’s still around, I could use some help with 4D. I have an idea, but could use a gentle hint…

  24. I do the crossword on my iPad app, so the answers are only a click away – yet I resist, well, until Saturday morning. Can’t quite see what all the concern is about.

  25. Loved 16D once it finally clicked; and 24A; also enjoyed 17A and 9D.
    Night all.

  26. The comments above about the rip-offs of DA and LR, etc, just go to show the science of cryptocruciberbalism…. IT people and engineers beat linguists ( moi aussi) chaque fois.
    Very sad. Crosswords are just a DAsracting, DAlightful game.

  27. I was trying incriminate for 9d because it had two felons, but it just wouldn’t work.
    The ACC suggests letters 4,5,6 are a hat, but aren’t they a floor covering <

  28. I don’t think Danword is ripping anyone off. The site doesn’t claim ownership of the clues, just offers answers. The timing is strange, admittedly. Also the “seen in a British paper” blurb is generic – it appears for every clue, so it should be ignored.


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