DA Confusion for the 10th of August, 2018

Get your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

52 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 10th of August, 2018

  1. Some goodies. Loved 4d, I thought it was going to be an &lit at first, but even better. Double gotcha, got me anyway.

  2. I particularly enjoyed the jokey cryptic definitions. One or two clues were a bit overworked and flat but on the whole very entertaining.

  3. 4D, all!

    Is DA displaying his geographical weakness yet again in 13A? Shouldn’t “Hibernian” instead be “Caledonian”?

    Otherwise, five to go, effectively SE. No help yet, please?

  4. Naughty DA here too, the “garnish” in 21D!

    “Gar nichts” almost rhymes with “garnish” and is German for “nothing at all”. Just an observation!

    All out, all understood, have a great Tripper day everyone, byeeeee! ×××

  5. Pls don’t go yet Celia
    I’ve only got 13a
    Can’t seem to switch my brain on this morning….

  6. Just four (or maybe five) So cryptically illiterate I can’t decide whether the vowel in 13A is letter two or three. but two looks more probable. Old,cold, very tired today. But must do a couple of shopping trips (by scooter).

  7. Melanie, if DA had used “Caledonian” 13A wouldn’t have been one of my last outs.

    Easy starters:

    Across: 7, 9, 10, 16, 18, 22, 25 (imperial measure involved), 26

    Down: 2 (clue format: linear charade), 3, 4 (mispronounce the first word), 6, 15, 18, 23.

    Cheers, Melanie, can’t stick around today, bye …

  8. Celia and Gayle, the 4 letter word in 13A can be both Hibernian and Caledonian according to Chambers

  9. All done. Don’t understand 21d. Pleasant experience today. 2d, 15d favourites.

  10. Geoff 21D – “nothing” gives letters 1,2. “wine cocktail” gives letters 3,4,5.

  11. 22a: def is last word of clue (which is an adjective not a noun). Indian gives letter 1.

    Racket gives letters 2, 7, 8 cornering (containing) Fresh which gives letters 3-6, all reversed (revolutionary).

    Don’t get 21d either! I had it in but deleted it a few times.

  12. Thanks everyone
    It’s so windy inHobart today I’ll have to spend the rest of the day inside on DA ?

  13. Thank you, Ray. I hadn’t heard of that cocktail. I guess the first two letters could stand for a couple of possibilities!

  14. 7D my last in: usually I get these pretty quickly, but, sigh, not today……I thought I was a Fart Smeller but, alas, I’m just a Shining Wit.

  15. Geoff M thanks for replying to Melanie this morning re &lit. Had to head out for work and can rarely look back in until hometime. Best for puzzles is a helpful site.

    @Geoff M and Andrew T re 21D, which you may have got by now. ….
    Wordplay is the cocktail at 3,4,5 (I had to look it up to confirm, but have heard it before, in crosswords, most likely.) The garnish is found at Letters 1 and 2 (over the top). Don’t want to offend your sensibilities, seeing it wasn’t immediately obvious. Could be cryptically and more politely clued as (sweet) Fanny Adams. (Wow, just looked up the origin of Fanny Adams, fascinating evolution.)

    @ Celia, loved your gar nichts/garnish pun meaning nothing at all.

  16. Today I have all the LHS (except one) and just one on the RHS. Can’t get a start. No idea about 21D despite all the hints above. Any pointers appreciated.

  17. GeoffD 21D definition first word, 1and 2 are initials for 2 words meaning nothing(not really polite) 4,5,6 a wine cocktail using crème de cassis. Cheers to the Mystic

  18. I seem to remember DA clueing 21d as some sort of chubby netballer!?

  19. @ Cheese dreams. ROTFL I remember the netballer. (Are you DA in disguise? )
    How about 2 netballers in concert GAGA?

  20. Hi Geoff D,

    For 12d first word think a shape that is not foods mentioned. 16a is synonym for 9a, hangers on – ie ends – of last 3 words of clue. 24a def first word, place; look for answer within, regularly

  21. Thanks everyone. Have three more answers so now have something to work with.

  22. All done but can’t get 18D wordplay I’ve got the aquired bit but remain astray on wheels

  23. Star sign, “wheels” is a reversal indicator for your “acquire”. Cheers!

  24. Help please. Last one. 2d. I believe all my acrosses are correct but can’t for the life of me get it. Thanks in advance

  25. Can’t condone DA’s denigration of Barry Humphries in today’s SMH. He’s forgotten he’s just a crossword setter not the arbiter
    our morality. He’s lost me as a solver.

  26. Hi Sally, 2D is a linear charade format clue …
    Myth (think fib) 1-3+church (abbrev) 4-5+figure (a number) 6-8+radical educator (first name Rudolf) 9-15.
    Hope that helps! Cheers!

  27. Celia thanks for parsing 2D it confirmed my intuition that it was a european resident.
    Speaking of residents the original inhabitants of north ireland, Hibernia provide the answer to 13A.
    the tribes occupying Caledonia were Picts the nemesis of the Romans who built a wall across Britain. It’s frightening where Donald T gets his ideas!!

  28. All done, but if anyone is still around … I don’t understand first part of wordplay for 7D.

  29. Thanks Tim. I had Pole Civet.
    As the only two options I could think of were prayer or psalm I’m not sure how I missed the correct answer.
    So, not feeling like much of a Fart Smeller at the moment.

  30. Hi everyone. Can someone please help with 22a from last week’s DA? I have the answer as IMPOTENT (def: useless), with troublemaker giving the first three letters, but I cannot figure out the rest of the wordplay. IC apparatus = otent?? I don’t understand and it’s been bugging me all week. What am I missing? Thanks!

  31. I still haven’t looked at the solutions, but I have it all out except for 26A. No one has mentioned it as a problem, and yet I’m just going round in circles. Any hints? Is insecticide the definition?

  32. Yep, Viv, insecticide is the defn for 26A, anagram (spray) of GREASIER sandwiched by PoisoN on both sides. Something on which I think Gallic rabbits would thrive!

  33. LJ, we all miss out on being a “Fart Smeller” at times. :)

    The insecticide at 26A was new on me.

  34. Brond…. (“Can’t condone DA’s denigration of Barry Humphries in today’s SMH. “). I assume you enjoyed the letters page this week (Tuesday?)

    Word to the wise
    David Astle may like to look up ‘‘bigot’’ before he brandishes it when someone expresses a differing opinion (Wordplay, Spectrum, August 11-12).
    Using his preferred dictionary’s definition: ‘‘A person who is intolerantly convinced of the rightness of a particular creed, opinion, practice, etc.’’ Let’s compare some comments. Barry Humphries: ‘‘But I don’t think I’m right to pontificate. I’m really an actor.’’ Astle: ‘‘My contempt for his remarks was also the reason I’d pulled the puzzle.’’ Which better fits the definition?
    – Mal Marshall, Balmain

  35. Thanks Tim. I had missed that letter which beautifully points out who the real bigot is.

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