DA Confusion for the 3rd of August, 2018

Get your confusions resolved for this week’s August DA.

50 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 3rd of August, 2018

  1. Done. Pretty straightforward I think.
    Having said that I still do not get full wordplay for 22A or 8D.
    My pick of best is 25A.

  2. Hi Ray
    Not too certain about 22a as I’m having trouble with 14d, any hints?

  3. Ray 8d, gender lacking info, remove letters 1-3, that’s (4,6,7 ?), 5= lately censored. Not totally sure.

  4. AndyW – re 8D – me either. Can’t get back end.
    14D – defn last word. And as a start “rage” = last 3 letters

  5. Thanks Ray. I had 22a wrong, but good now.
    I liked 10a, 17a, 6d. Overall an okay puzzle. Not too difficult I think.

  6. Well begun is half done! Have about sixteen. Had thought (wrongly) 7D should end in S, which held up my ‘pioneer’ in 10A.

  7. Almost finished. I too am stumped with the wordplay in 8d. In 22a, what’s IC? Indoor camping?

  8. IC is Intensive Care, perhaps more commonly known as ICU. Letters 4-8 are a device that is sometimes used in that facility.

    Still working on wordplay for 8D!

  9. All done. 15a took quite some effort.

    First in today were 11a and 12a — easy ones to start with.

  10. Thanks, Andrew T, rather a weird clue, methinks. (I think my indoor camping, though obviously wrong, made more sense!)

  11. All,
    for 8dn you have letters 1-3 correct. Letters 4-7 come from ‘that’s’ (in long form), then censor the last bit.

  12. Thanks, Neanderthal, very good. All out bar 3D and 29A. Hints welcome. I liked 21A for the misdirect and surface.

  13. In 29A, “recorded” indicates a homophone – soundalikes for “age” (1-4) and “records” (5-9), literal clue is “our cousins”.

  14. 3D: def is first word of clue. “fellow” refers to the letter F (as in Fellow of the Royal Society, etc): remove it from a word for secure, and also from a word for a tree.

    29A: def is first two words of clue. ‘recorded’ means there’s a homophone coming, for ‘age’ in this case (although IMO it ought to be ‘aged’) for letters 1-4. ‘Records’ gives letters 5-9.

  15. AndrewT and Neanderthal – thanks re 8D and 22A. I would have never got the latter.

  16. All out, but not all understood. Found little joy in this particular puzzle!

    After reading above, corrected my answer for 3D, but wordplays for 4D & 18D still baffle.

    Thought “reach” in 14D, for what it clued, a bit rich!

    Is the “fraud” in 23D homophonic?

    Happy solving, all!

  17. Geoff M – 8D – as per Neanderthal – what does “that’s” ie stand for?

  18. Just worked out what the “retired flappers from Persia” were in 18D! Only mildly perturbed by 4D.

  19. Nicholas and AndrewT – thanks, 3D clear now. I can see how 29A should work, but suspect I’ve got something wrong somewhere in the D clues, as something’s not right. Or there’s a local reference I’m missing, as sometimes happens, being English.

    Thanks for your help.

  20. Geoff M, re 18D, the “flappers” are mythological, and the “shorts” are abbreviated. Cheers!

  21. Ray – oh, OK re 4D. I took it to be Up=defn; but then cast formulated cryptically = 1-5 verb plus 6-11 an abbreviated direction. Which works as well, but you’re probably right.

  22. Still 8-9 short, can see no light at all, even given clues above. took a (correct) punt on 15A, not something I use! Missing (among others) 2D, 16D, 18D. I think I’ll leave it, go and play pool.

  23. All out (and understood, albeit with a little help for the last part of 8D – thanks Neanderthal) and in under an hour on day 1 which I think is a personal record.
    Arthur, I think 2D is an &lit (but I may have that wrong as I don’t “speak cryptic very well” and the first word is an anagrind.
    I got 18D as there weren’t too many options with the cross letters, but the wordplay is a bit convoluted (IMHO) and was one of the last for me to understand (I’m wary of giving too much away on day 1, but there are some clues above from Celia that should assist).
    I thought that 16D was clever, despite not usually being keen on (or good at) sporting references.

  24. Good idea Arthur – too long with a grid can be dangerous. When you’re rested, 16D is an ordinary rebus, being two words meaning “dog” and “case” (beware surface meanings), and the definition’s “prepare for the canvas”. 2D is a cute andlit, where “filthy” indicates an anagram of the next two words + the front of “may” – and yes, the filthy rich might indeed front in it.

  25. OK, thank you, finally got 8d. My Latin is a little rusty. And thank you Celia for explaining 18d.

    Arthur, 2d is a clever anagram. “Filthy” is the anagrind.

    For 16d, the first four words are the definition, but if you’re thinking of paintings or tents, you’re on the wrong track.

  26. Got tomorrow’s Spectrum delivered with today’s SMH!!! I successfully resisted the temptation.

  27. As usual, the one no one mentions is the one I have trouble with. I have the first 5 letters of 18A, but now I’m stuck.

  28. Tjb. Re 1d, I didn’t solve it until I had all the cross letters. I didn’t know the answer but the clue is fairly straightforward with ’70s fad’ being the definition.

  29. Re ID, I never had one, but my son had the electronic version in the 90s.

  30. Re ID, I never had one, but my son had the Japanese electronic version in the 90s.

  31. All out.

    I’m old enough to remember the original so 1d wasn’t that hard. the last two out were 4d and 17a,

    thanks for assistance on wordplay for 29a and 8d.

  32. Thx to all for the hints. I have finally got it all out! This was my first post in this very valuable forum. Have been following for months and love all the cryptic hints on sorting da! Still dont fully understand logic for 9a, 10afirst word, 25a, 23d but that is pretty usual when getting da out!
    C u next week

  33. Thank you all for todays help
    Still don’t get 18a …any more hints pls?

    Btw, does anyone know a help page for the Spectator crossword?

  34. 18A: def is first two words of clue. ‘Avoid’ gives letters 1-4 , ‘a’ letter 5, and ‘a vile poster’ shortened, letters 6-9. Is also the name of a British band of the late 70s/early 80s.

  35. Melania,
    The total answer is easier if you are from Victoria.
    It has three “words” being , “a” and a (think online bully).

  36. Duh Dom – You make 9A answer much clearer – appreciate that! I should have got that one!

  37. Tjb, for 25a, the answer is “stifling”, after removing “if” and replacing it with a (star) sign reversed.

  38. Thx so much Geoff – once again – im kicking myself – should have got that – but it is good to know for next time! appreciate the help

  39. Finally worked out why I couldn’t get that last clue yesterday. I’d split it 4,5 instead of 5,4. Anyone else ever do that?

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