DA Confusion for the 29th of June, 2018

It’s the end of the financial year and taxes are confusing. At least the DA need not be.

Sort out the DA right here, and maybe throw in a tax question for good measure — there’s bound to be an accountant or tax specialist among us somewhere.

43 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 29th of June, 2018

  1. What? No puzzle? Hmmmm! Ahah, buried unindexed in The Shortlist. Happy solving, all! ☺️

  2. Didn’t actually find today’s DA 1A, but not too hard I thought.
    My picks were 11A and 27A. And to a lesser degree 15A.

  3. Quite a gentle offering from DA this week. I never knew that 9A could be a verb, but a check with my Oxford confirmed it.

  4. Only eight or nine to go, so it must be a1A today. SE corner holding me up at present.

  5. All done bar 19A. Clue might help, Have the downs, can’t decide on three missing letters.

  6. All out, but parsing of 21A & 25A eludes. Any hints?

    Fave clues 6A, 6D, 11A.

    Happy solving, all.

    Celia post #2 of 6 by all=33⅓%

  7. Celia – 21A – take “some odds” from a word and replace with “nearby nation”. Defn “in Africa”.

  8. Celia – 25A – I read as defn is “Alpine jabber?”. “Quote” = homophone indicator for a word that means “considers” and another for “film”.

  9. Does DA write any cryptics where the general clue actually bears a resemblance to the answer? Or is the point that he remains deliberately vague to prevent most people from arriving at an answer? New to cryptics so might be a stupid question

  10. Ray (0926), thanks, but it doesn’t register with me. I can but in a word for ‘tie’ but the rest of the clue is meaningless to me, if that is correct. Lost.

  11. Arthur C. – 19A – “Name” gives a 4 letter word with last letter removed (“no closer”). This gives letters 1,2,6. Letters 3,4,5 are “described” in the clue.

  12. Good morning,
    I’m on holidays in Vietnam for a few weeks. I have found today’s DA fairly 1A.
    This how I’m managing to do it:
    1. I have printed 20 blank 15 x 15 grids (about 2/3 of an A4 page)
    2. I have an online subscription to the Digital Replica.
    3. Spent 5 minutes shading in the black squares – used a blue highlighter.
    4. Ready to solve ?

    1 liked 11A, 18A and 6D

  13. John carter,
    not a stupid question.
    A good cryptic clue should have some element of misdirection. Nine times out of ten the surface reading of the clue will not have much to do with the answer.
    And often a word used as a verb or noun in the clue may in fact need the opposite as the answer, or part thereof.
    It’s about being flexible.

  14. John Carter @ 9:56am
    The #1 tip for solving cryptics is that most clues are in the format
    Definition then Wordplay
    Wordplay then Definition.
    Once you can unravel which is which you’re almost home.

    Ray @ 9:28 & 9:32 thank you, 21A is devious, and 25A is the typically atrocious DA homophone I suspected it was.

    AndyW @ 10:38
    I bought a pile of 96 A4 pages grid books – 5 @ 80¢ each – for my no-print-copy days, and early FriDAy workings. Get 6 grids to a page, they’ll last 14 years if that’s all I use them for! Can’t say “no” to a 2B pencil either.

    Celia post #3 of 15 by all=20%

  15. For what it is worth, I just print screen / copy the SMH Replica puzzle page and paste / put into Paint. Then just type the answers in on my PC.

    I guess I have every SMH cryptic for the last 10 to 15 years stored that way.

  16. All done. Left half was hard. Don’t understand the wordplay in 12a, 14d, 24a or 17a.

  17. 12a: not really wordplay, but a reference to an old saying

    14d: “relinquish’ gives the first 5 letters of the answer (look it up!), and half of a word meaning examined gives letters 6-9. Def is last word of clue.

    17a: ‘explosive’ gives letters 1-4, ‘vessel’ letters 5-9. Def is last 2 words of clue.

  18. Geoff M – 12A is a saying – horror vacui.
    14D – “Relinquish” = 1,2,3,4,5. “half-examined” = 6,7,8,9 (10,11,12,13).
    24A – “Stopgap” = 1,2,3. “love” = 4,5,6,7.
    17A – “Explosive” = 1,2,3,4. “vessel” = 5,6,7,8,9. Defn = last 2 words.

    Hope helps

  19. I have been testing an app (Android though there might also be an Apple version) called Crossword Toolkit which lets you create a fillable grid. So far it seems pretty good.

  20. Ray, you are a marvel.
    I love your accuracy and clarity.
    Thanks a mil for today and always.
    And with you on 11ac and 15 ac

  21. There’s been no comment about 13D so it’s probably obvious but I can’t see it. Any hints please?

  22. GeoffD, re 13D:
    Defn. is “counter” – a verb – an anagram (“turning”) of “lustier” and “topless bean”. Hope that’s clear.

    Celia post #4 of 24 by all=~16.7%

  23. I believe I have the correct answer (or maybe not) for 20d, but how does the guru fit into the answer? TIA.

  24. Thanks Celia. I had it fixed in my head that “counter” was a noun and overlooked its possible use as a verb. Seems to be a common failing of mine.

  25. All out – except 1/23D. Always the way – no one’s mentioned it. Any help happily received.

  26. Terry, re 20D, it’s the pressure P is scorned by the guru, put it back between letters 2 & 3, and … 6D!: guru (synonym of).
    I’m presuming you’ve solved the exclamatory 6D.

    Celia post #5 of 27 by all=~18.5%

  27. IanF re 1/23D
    Definition “privately”
    a familiar French term
    Interpret “opened” as “uncased” operating on the three words following.
    And to quote another French term, 6D!

    Celia post #6 of 29 by all=~20.7%

  28. Lol ,Thanks Celia, bit of face slap happening right now, sometimes the easiest of clues can be the hardest depending on how you read them, the comma threw me after the pressure word in the clue, but yes after your simple explanation 6d was thought off.

  29. Completely forgot to get the paper yesterday. (Too busy staocktaking) can someone send me a copy?
    aj at ajjack.id.au

  30. Thanks everyone for everything.
    Stuck on 9A, assuming my 2D is correct (and if my 2D is correct, I don’t get the word play for first word)

  31. AJ – I’ll send it.
    SB: as above 9A begins with a 5-letter word for a sort of join. I too have never seen it used as a verb before.
    2D: first 5 letters are an anagram, with the anagrind being “suspect”.

  32. John Carter, keep at the DA every week and you will start to get more and more answers out. Celia is right in saying the definition is either at the start or the end of a clue. Sometimes his definitions are a bit trickier than most, or the answer seems to be a word we wouldn’t normally use for the definition. For example, 22D. The definition is ‘griller’. Topless sunbather is a word for sunbather with the first letter removed, giving the answer. So what has this answer got to do with a griller?? Well, someone grilling another, such as in a police detective show, is posing questions. They are a questioner or an __________. DA can sometimes draw a long bow with synonyms, but you get used to it. Hope this helps.

  33. And may I suggest, John Carter, that if you’re new to cryptics you start with some easier ones, such as other weekdays in the Fairfax press. Starting out with DAs is rather diving in at the deep end!

  34. John Carter, the cryptics are easiest on Monday and get harder day by day – DS on Saturday is supposed to be the hardest, but DA is in a class by himself. (The Age used to run DA on Saturdays for that reason). The great compiler Ximenes (D.S.Macnutt) said, definitively: A clue must consist of three things: (a) a definition, which can be first or last (b) a wordplay or cryptic part and (c) nothing else. One thing DA is very good at is hiding the definition part, even though it must come first or last in the clue. But please, persist with DA, and the wonderful world of his crosswords will open up to you.

  35. John Carter The best thing I ever did was buy DA’s book and while it made for fun reading in itself he teaches you all his tricks ( signposts, fodder, anagrinds etc) Once you understand his unique style you’ll be hooked like the rest of us

  36. Percentage of posts until now 0% (wink to Celia, keep that chin up!)
    Queries after a very hard left hand side solved with dictionary (2 words new to me, not the woodworking coffee shop type):
    3D last three letters?
    21A I just cant get my head around the parsing
    And 27A finally dropped the proverbial penny, “see” (duhh!) I guess that sort of thing was too many decades ago to remember lol.

  37. ChrisY Congrats on getting this far…. I hope it is not too early to give somewhat explicit answers.

    3D a word for lavish, abbreviated.
    21A Definition “in Africa” . The Apple Isle concedes (gives away) odd-numbered letters of “some”, to be replaced by “nearby nation”.

  38. Thanks Mike, I should have seen 3D, and 21A I completely missed that it was odds of “some”.

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