DA Confusion for the 22nd of June, 2018

Don’t be confused while the Tigers take a break this weekend: get your DA solved here.

52 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 22nd of June, 2018

  1. Morning Trippers.
    Some familiarity with the theme helped, but maybe not enough to solve my blank at 29A. Or is it not needed there? Also haven’t parsed 3A, so not sure of that one either. And the parsing of 26A.
    Liked 1A and a chuckle at DA for setting 27A in the same crossword. The dasher got a tick too.

  2. Thanks Ray and Peter. I was on the lookout for that Oscar, but was misdirected by the wordplay! … twice a writer : -(

  3. Gayle – 3A “one Sesame Street character” gives 2,3,4,5,6.
    26A – “Miss Piggy” = 1,2,3

  4. Thanks for the tips Ray. Still bamboozled. Will have to go to work now and come back to it. I’m beginning to think I might have 15 D wrong, firstly because I can’t parse it, and secondly because I can’t account for letters 4,5 of 26A. Pretty sure I have the old comic right though.

  5. Gayle, 15D is an anagram. Very inventive use of Sesame Street character!

    Also, none of the Miss Piggy clues are related to a Sesame Street theme, the character has never appeared in a Sesame Street episode. It’s a DA red herring: here she’s just a pig! Hmmmm, what a weird concept, a red herring pig!

  6. A life-threatening oversight has rendered me totally hors de combat for today. forgot to turn heater down before retiring last night. Deep sleep induced by Repreve (RLS med), gross overheating, heart pain this morning, relieved by a squirt from nitro bottle. Put in four easies in NW corner, know virtually nothing of theme, so will withdraw from the fray. Cheers.

  7. Arthur! Get well soon – sounds like chilling out is the go.

    Is this a record? After filling in my answers all eight that I had to check via Google turned out to be correct :-)

    As often the Spoonerism (13A) was my favourite.

  8. Jack. 8D is an anagram containing a 4 letter Sesame St character.
    20A Bands = 1-4 and 9 and 5-8 is a characteristic of those bands – but nothing to do with their being bands :-)
    11A “Oddly from” is 4-5. Rest is a city.

  9. But in 11a, surely it should be “evenly from”? Or have I missed something?

  10. Mike, thanks for 11A. I still do’t get 8D and you gave me 22A, which I already had. I have 20A, but not the wordplay.

  11. Now we know what DA does when he’s not compiling crosswords — he watches Sesame Street! It’s forty years since I last watched it! Thank heavens for Wikipedia!

  12. Jack, the Sesame Street character in 8d/20a is at letters 5-8. The rest is an anagram. As usual, think outside the box for “dasher” (but don’t let yourself go dotty).

  13. Thanks Geoff M. I had failed to spot him at 5-8. I like the dasher reference; perhaps DA could Endeavour to enhance it.

  14. GeoffM, Mike re 11A, I thought the same, but maybe “from” is doing extra duty on itself, the oddly from “from” would leave the evenly. Heaven know what goes on in DA’s head sometimes!?

  15. Mike, if the Spoonerism is your favourite, perhaps you can give me a hint – I can see the ‘can’ bit, but however I pronounce it I can’t make full sense of the other half, even with NZ vowels!
    I’m stuck with just 16d left, which nobody on here seems to have mentioned..
    I agree there’s something a bit fishy about 11a.
    Has anybody else noticed that this site has started demanding an e-mail address before it will let you post a comment?

  16. Mary – 16D – another misdirection of theme. Defn = “recorded”. “Oscar strikes problem” gives 3,4,5,6,7 (with “Oscar = 3”). “digits” gives 1,2,8,9. Hope helps.

  17. As for 13A, I do not know how to help without just giving it away. The Spoonerism is of “hurt can”.

  18. Thanks, Ray. in 16d, I was thinking perhaps 34567, split 34 567, was something Oscar would say!
    It’s the ‘hurt’ bit of the spoonerism I’m cross about – I can see what it’s meant to be, but the vowels just don’t work whatever accent I try it in.

  19. Mary – in 13 A, the first character is soft, not hard. “can” is a slang term.

  20. Mary, re 16A

    The first word of the Spoonerised version of 16A is a synonym of harm or maim (or hurt of course), its first letter a consonant, and the de-Spoonerised version is a soft drink.

  21. Mary, Got my consonants & vowels mixed … 16D 1st letter a soft consonant, Spoonerised a vowel.

  22. Yes, Peta and Celia, I know all that. But it’s the vowel sounds that don’t work, and you’d also have to change the 4th letter of the answer from soft to hard to make it fit the hurt. Unless there’s another word altogether that I’ve missed completely, in my book it’s still a duff spoonerism.

  23. Yep, 13A, waited up for Today’s Paper, waited hours and it wasn’t posted until after 4 am, have had no sleep so mistakes happen … ??

  24. I hope Miss Piggy has thick skin after doing this David!
    All out with Google (haven’t watched this show for too may decades!)
    Queries: 23D should be a silent letter in front to be a “mover picked up”? (I know in notation it would infer otherwise)
    17D what does “final” parse as?

  25. ChrisY re
    23D “picked up” is a homophone indicator, so you’re meant to think of the “mover” with the silent letter, but without the silent letter for “half the time”. Of course,vifcyou like, you could also believe “picked up” as doing double duty, but I don’t believe it is.
    17D “witH final” for the 1st letter then 1D removes the first letter of you-know-who following, then period.

  26. Great thanks Celia, DA messing with my head as usual. “picked up”! I always miss those hm indicators! And 17D is a removal of a letter, not a swap which is what I assumed from 1D.

  27. And Celia 23D I was thinking that the only mover that doesn’t slide…. picked up.

  28. ChrisY, I must tell you honestly that I did that too, 1D’d the first letter a few steps back in the alphabet, until your post made me think more about it! Cheers!

    … and maybe “picked up” does do double duty then?

  29. Double duty it is then! Now I’m in DA withdrawal, I wonder what’s on the telly tonight. Cheers Celia.

  30. Only 25% of posts today were by Celia – well short of her usual 30% or more. Maybe she’s been paying attention to the criticisms of her; or maybe not.

  31. Out of action yesterday so I’m tackling the puzzle today. Have about seven non-themed answers including the Spooner. Unfortunately I’m too old to have ever seen Sesame Street.
    Any point continuing?

  32. GeoffD- I’d say yes. If you wiki up Sesame St characters, you’ll be OK. Plus Miss Piggy and some Oscars are indeed red herrings.

    Could anyone help me parse 25A and 5D, please, if you’re still out there.

  33. Yes, there’s still life here, Ian. 25a is pretty easy, letters 1-3 are the excrement, 4 & 5 are both sides of couch.

    5d is an anagram of “vented” followed by “at” rising.

  34. How embarrassing — I just realised that I was looking at today’s cryptic!

    Take 2.

    In 25a, “roughly” is letters 1 & 2, the rest is the first three letters of a four-letter word for “press”.

    For 5d, begin with a word for “steep”, and change its third letter from “peak’s crest” to “trek’s leader” to become a word for “great”.

    And if you need any help with tomorrow’s, let me know!

  35. ChrisY and Celia,
    is ‘double-duty’ a good thing ? I don’t expect it is. Any word or phrase in a clue should have only one purpose surely ?

  36. Ha! Sort of mistake I’m liable to make, Geoff M. Couldn’t see past ‘roughly’ being an anagram indicator (one gets these mental blocks, or I do, anyway) – and 5D now makes sense, thanks.

  37. I’d be surprised if anyone’s still out there, being Monday, but I’m still not happy with 23 D. In what sense is ‘mover’ used? It would be extremely vague if it was referring to a chess piece. Could it be a removalist company name perhaps??
    Also, 11A parsing is wrong, no matter how it’s looked at. Something like ‘oddly from tram a city foremost’ would work.

  38. Viv what is wrong with oddly fRoM with ala at the front, I actually thought it was a straight forward clue. and trust me I struggle sometimes lol.

  39. Terry, oddly from would be FO as these are letters 1 and 3, the odd letters.

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