DA Confusion for the 8th of June, 2018

I’m in the USA and I’m confused by pounds and ounces and fahrenheit. I hope your confusions will be eased by the collective mind of the DA Trippers.

57 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 8th of June, 2018

  1. Enjoyed this puzzle this morning, some very DA boyish type puns, appeals to my sense of humour.
    Must get off my backside and get ready for work.
    Good luck.

  2. Agree AndyW. Chuckleworthy.. Have to confess that the only one I didn’t get without a bit of help was the soprano. Last in for me was the south east corner. Hard not to comment without keeping up the puns even accidentally, so self-censoring, but looking forward to the rest of the day as Trippers come to the party. Enjoy!

  3. Agree – like seeing DA’s base humour.
    Thought 15D and 29A were right up there in the DA convolutions.
    13A is the only clue I am not sure of (if I have the correct answer). Appreciate if someone could explain wordplay.

  4. NW corner probably childishly easy for the experts, but its almost all I have managed after two hours of searching. Bit of a bummer, to use a US term. Still looking, but not finding. AHA, just saw 8D. Helps my ‘bottom line’.

  5. SE now complete, but cannot understand how 27A works, but have the only word that fits the downs.

  6. 27A: def is first two words of clue. Look up what twerking is, the answer describes that activity in DA’s usual manner

  7. All out but don’t understand wordplay for 16A or 29A.
    Ray – 13A I read as definition is first word of clue. Rest of clue a cryptic definition – “American” being a person.
    Arthur 27 A also a double definition – first two words/last three words of clue.
    And I wish all drivers would regularly consult 24A – it appears to me that in Sydney at least, not many do!

  8. Well-done Arthur. SE corner had me stumped all morning. Just got it so all out. Yay! That was a fun one.

  9. 16A: ‘vocally’ means it’s a soundalike. A word that can mean ‘Train’ gives letters 1-5 of the answer, and a type of 14A sounds like letters 6-10 of the answer.

    29A: def is 21A. ‘Certain African’ uncovered gives letters 1-3. ‘Lion first’ gives letter 4. ‘At 16A’ gives letters 5-7.

  10. 13a would have worked equally well without “into” since the answer can be split into two types of American base.

  11. Sorry, it was 29a, not 27A I couldn’t fathom, Andrew T. and Julienne. Clive Palmer gave a demo of 27A last year, I think, he is well equipped in that area. I have put a letter in every square., but perhaps my 25D is wrong, although my 29A ‘sounds’ African, I cant relate it to the clue.

  12. All out. A lot of D’oh moments in this one. Liked the mini theme.

  13. Good to see you back on here, Gayle!
    Has anyone else noticed that one of the words you can get out of the Target puzzle fits DA’s theme perfectly?

  14. There are a couple I can’t quite parse fully – 8d and 25d.
    Some of DA’s definitions in the parsing are a bit stretched – I don’t much like ‘store’ in 5a or ‘train’ in 16a. I don’t think I would have got either of those without finding the word first and working backwards.

  15. Mary 25D is a Roman six and a word for ‘matches’ with the last 4 letters removed to make it honest.

  16. The thanks was for 25d. I still don’t get the outer bit of 8d, even when I know what I’m looking for.

  17. Do you mean that 1*26 make a word for centre? But in that case, where does letter 7 come from?

  18. 8D: ‘base’ gives us letters 3-6, surrounded by most of (‘virtually’) a word meaning centre.

  19. 5A: def is first word of clue. Take a word meaning ‘store’ and change hands (ref Mary above) within it, twice, to make the answer.

  20. I remember the late Frank Muir talking of a musical version of Midsummer Night’s Dream called 27A.

  21. I have cross letters for 11a and 22d, and can guess some answers from them, but can relate neither to the clue. Any help?

  22. I have worked out 11a. But still have no idea how 22d works. I also can’t see the virtual Centre surrounding the base (got that bit) in 8d. Like Mary I can see that work for letters 1,2&6, but not 7.

  23. Centre is a four letter word 1,2,7 (e)…around 2-5 = base.
    Virtually indicates the four-letter word is shortened.
    I also am keen on my answer for 22 dn but can’t justify

  24. 22D first 2 words are definition, anagram indication used for the letters

  25. Mary…. “Has anyone else noticed that one of the words you can get out of the Target puzzle fits DA’s theme perfectly?”
    You deserve a prize for noticing that. :)

    I wonder if it was planned? Probably serendipitous.

  26. What a bummer of a crossword. ;) My only ignorance is the wordplay for 4D.

  27. Tim C for duck think cricket and take that out of a word for rivals and replace

  28. Thanks for trying Tim C. But I am still none the wiser on 8d. I see the base as 3-5. I can’t see how 6 fits, unless I change letter 4, and that makes a nonsense word of the whole. I cane see a virtual centre in 1,2&6. But I can’t see where 7 comes from.

  29. Ah the penny just dropped on 22d. I had the wrong first word. Answer is an expression for barely manages. To use with knife edges is jagged. Eureka.
    Now for that word for centre…

  30. Smactuary… yes I understand the duck in cricket substituted by the “red meat”. I think I’m stuck with the “rivals” word.

    SandyM… the base in 8d is 3-6 not 3-5. Google is your friend. :) Glad to see the penny dropped for 22D.

  31. Thanks Tim. I had to use a word search. Thanks had another word meaning less refined that fitted the cross letters and had another version of the same word at 3-5.

  32. Despite Geoff and Julienne above I still can’t parse 13a. Can anyone spell it out, spoilers and all at this hour, please?

  33. AG – when you say someone is into something you put an ist on the end. American word for base.

  34. As I said earlier there were a lot of d’oh clues and this was one of them.

  35. I came back on here to see if anyone else had trouble with 8d, and I now see what the problem was. There are two separate words with the definition ‘less refined’; they both fit all the crossers, they both have (different) bases in the middle. and they both have the same word for ‘centre’ round the outside, though differently truncated! Sandy M and I both picked the one that leaves the last letter unaccounted for, which is the only reason it doesn’t fit the clue. Thanks Mike, Andrew T, Peter H and Tim C for spelling out the right answer for us!

  36. Enjoyed this week’s puzzle. I also spent a while trying to make ‘crasser’ work for 8d. Loved Geoff’s alternative clue for 13a. The only two I couldn’t parse were 16a and 3d. Assume 3d is old Italian for ‘and here’ when split 2,3? And despite hints above I’m still none the wiser on 16a. Any further help would be appreciated.

  37. David S – 16a -the word is lover – vocally means sounds like – train = suite and hart is an archaic word for stag deer.

    You are correct with 3D look for the Latin words for “and” “here”.

  38. I enjoyed this one as well. But even after consulting the experts here I haven’t been able to parse 24A. Pretty sure I’ve got it right. How does the first word of the answer work?

  39. Ah yes, thanks Mary. Obvious now. I got locked into thinking ‘road’ for first word.

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