DA Confusion for the 11th of May, 2018

Get your confusions sorted for this cold, cold Melbourne day of May.

71 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 11th of May, 2018

  1. Have completed top ⅓ on grid paper whilst awaiting print ed delivery (just now! Fave clues so far 5D (great misdirection!), 6D, and 8D. Happy solving!

  2. Like Melanie I’m overseas so have an early start. Raced through top left thinking this was remarkably easy and now stalled. Ah well.

  3. Agree it was pretty easy this week. I’d never heard of a banana 15A..

    I dislike it when one word is split across two answers even though each is a word in itself. As in 27/24.

  4. Galloped across the top (except for 4D) thinking, is this really DA? But stalled now, have to start thinking. Don’t know any Kiwi singers. could be a bird or a bird?

  5. > I’m in Stockholm so got in a bit early, ha!

    I’ll see you there Sunday, Melanie! :D

    Arthur C: You probably have heard of this single-named singer over the last few years, but maybe not realised they were from NZ. Letters 4,5,6,9,10. No birds involved, no.

  6. Arthur C, 18A Defn is last word of clue! NZ singer is at 4-6,9,10.

    4D is fairly straightforward, 1st word is definition!

  7. I got up too early, just corrected something that was already correct. Have a great day everyone, and fun with this crossword, cheers, I’m outta here!

  8. Thanks to Celia and Andrew T, I now have the 18A. I had heard/seen the name, had no idea of a NZ connection.

  9. I raced through the first six acrosses and double-checked to make sure it was Friday. I would say the easiest DA ever – only because I got it out so quickly. 8D my favourite.

  10. One last query, don’t understand fully parsing of 10A, can anyone enlighten me without blatantly spoiling? e.g. I don’t need the definition repeated.

  11. 10A. Letters 1 2 3 10 11 are given by “effective” (2 words phrase) in DA’s tricky way where it includes the container indicator as well.

  12. Thank you, Ray. The only other one I’m struggling to understand is 15a. Maybe I’m looking too hard for something that isn’t there?

  13. Thought the difficulty was about right today…wonder when we are due the next real monster?
    Liked 5D & 29A- though similar to the tilde query above re 21A, should 29A have an apostrophe?

  14. Glad to see a few other solvers over here in Europe! Agree that it was on the easier size: possibly my fastest DA ever, despite attempting it in a bout of insomnia (though perhaps the lack of sleep helped with some of the more abstract clues, like 6D and 10A). I agree wholeheartedly with Black Pen that 29A ought to have an apostrophe.

  15. Everyone seems to be overseas. I will be in a few days for a month, and will be forgoing my cruciverbalising as I don’t subscribe to the Herald and I don’t fancy my chances of finding one in Tbilisi!

  16. Arthur C, the Irish county is at 1,6-9, with ‘a short(ened) sort’ sitting inside. The singer in question might be heard to ‘Roar’ at the occasional ‘Firework’ (and I’m sure has featured in more than one ‘Teenage Dream’).

    On another note, I’m glad to see that DA’s continuing to expand beyond the rugby into AFL terms: the banana was a favourite of many a kid testing out the angles of the forward pocket!

  17. Geoff M, I can help you there, do you have a Twitter account? DM your email to @ABCRustedOnToRN if so.

  18. OK, I sent you an empty email, Celia, as I didn’t know why I was doing it. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Meantime I’m off for a nice walk on the beach while you southerners freeze your @#$% off! (Subtle reference to last week’s DA)

  19. All out but with no understanding of word play for 20D. Was planning to go OS, but health prevents it.

  20. 20D is a simple backward container (captures, revolutionary) with the first word as the definition. And can I just check whether DA’s wearing a Guy Fawkes mask at the moment? This week’s Quick has a very vocally virtuosic vista of a particular letter…

  21. Thanks, Ray and Nicholas. I was looking for something more obscure and missed the obvious. I agree with those above who have considered this relatively easy.

  22. Thanks to Celia I have a possible answer to 21A but still don’t get the word play (last 4 words of clue?).

    Similarly with 6D where I think the word play is the last 3 words. Maybe “mutt” has some meaning that I can’t find with Google?

    PS Thanks Ray for the cleverly restrained explanation of the very clever 10A.

  23. Mike re 21A They’re hit to break them open. If you check Wikipedia there are examples there, including a statue of this happening!

    Re 6D, Oz refers to the L Frank Baum creation, not Australia, and the dog therefrom is 3-6 wearing formal dress @ 1,2,7,8. Very clever clue!

  24. Tim C see my immediately previous post for 6D.

    Re 8D start with an eight letter word meaning “chair” (e.g. on a board) swap out “silicon” (2 letters) and replace with “pitted cane” (also 2 letters) to give a near-homophone meaning “earlier case”.

    10A has posts earlier that may explain, I haven’t got my head around it yet though.

  25. All out without coming here. A little easier than usual. But still don’t get the wordplay for 6a, 10a, or 15a. Any ideas?

  26. A bit more clarification of 10a. Think of a two-word expression for “effective”, in the sense of “These laws will be effective from July 1.” The first of these two words becomes an inclusion indicator, as letters 4-9 are included in letters 1-3 & 10-11.

  27. 6a, duds, as in trousers are part of your ___.
    Also, when you ____ you greet the day.
    Nothing more sinister!

  28. Thanks Geoff. Very obscure. No wonder I didn’t get it. What about 6a and 15a. Can you give me any clarity on how they work?

  29. I gather from a previous post that you need to know something about AFL to fully understand 15a. I don’t!

  30. Posted before I saw explanation of 6a. That’s a bit weak IMHO.
    As for 15a, I get the AFL reference (thanks to a quick google) but how does ‘shake’work? It is no synonym as far as I can see.

  31. Just back to datripping a few weeks ago after a long spell away and have struggled until a clean sweep today. Yey! Likewise 10A wordplay still baffles me. Think I have the correct answer but my 1,2,3,10,11 is “something to be recond with” cf Rays explanation ?

  32. Starsign, see my previous post re 10a. Letters 4-9 mean “second” in the sense of a very short period of time. The 7-letter word has been “contracted” — lost its final letter.

    And Sandy, I can’t help you with 15a. It is rather odd.

  33. Thanks Celia. The Oz was very obscure for me. Thanks Geoff M for 10A.

    Does anyone else think that “in Canada” (17D) is not really a definition of the answer?

  34. Thanks Celia re 6D and 21A. Seems that the 21A clue is, unusually for cryptic crosswords, no more than a definition.

  35. Tim C, yes, I do. DA is usually scrupulous in these things, but I have noticed a blind spot with respect to place names in this way before.

  36. Re 17d, I think “in Canada” defines it as well as “weapon” defines 1d. As for 21a, I think it is more of a riddle than and &lit, as there seems to be no wordplay in it. &lit is when the def is in the wordplay.

  37. I was all done by the end of breakfast. so easy I had to check that it was a DA. but then a few of the clues were like dad jokes and thats a DA thing- especially the “blokey side” one

  38. mary-jane, re 6D … as cluing an ancient symbolic representation of the masculine spirit!,

  39. AJ … if you haven’t yet solved 5D, see my previous post above for a strong hint. Wordplay is “negative about” letters 1-3+”going last” letter 4.

  40. No, too tired to pursue further, finished eleven short, the lower third a desert wasteland. Will be interested to see answers tomorrow.

  41. Celia, got it now. I thought Blokey side was Y and so I couldn’t see a definition.

  42. It had me too.
    5d and 15a were the only ones I had trouble with.
    Being a NSWer, I don’t know all AFL terms even though I prefer watching aerial ping pong to League.
    I did know the Sherrin though.

  43. @Mike 2:03pm
    I concur and not so bad this week, but it is a beef that o have with DA’s cryptics that you need strong knowledge of vocabulary , places, people, events etc. Often he is purely ‘definition’ ( which is ironically like the ‘quick’ .., nothing quick about that), but when combined with obscure wordplay that is apparently what makes Jim ‘popular’.
    Clever setters like DS on Saturday is great fun with enough difficulty involved and everything can usually be worked out without ‘local vernacular ‘

  44. This was so EASY me and Papa finished it before he’d even finished his morning whiskey. 10 across was stupid though and I hate it

  45. 21a is a Cryptic Definition clue: it has no word play section but a cryptic definition.
    An & Lit has no separate definition part, because entire wordplay also serves as the definition.

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