DA Confusion for the 9th of March, 2018

Will DA make this week’s cryptic extra difficult because we’ll have an extra day’s break to solve it?

Will I wilt on stage out the front of the NGV when I’m trying to solve next week’s DA?

Will you put some faces to names at the DA Trippers live muster next week?

No idea what I’m talking about? More info here and at the NGV site.

69 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 9th of March, 2018

  1. Hi Ray,
    Took me a long time to get going, but soon as I got the theme\idea it fell out quick quickly. The SW corner is a good place to start. NE was last part done. That’s all for me.

  2. I have but one answer in SW corner, one in the centre, no more. Not looking great as yet.

  3. I started in SW too! 23D & 27D, then 26A and 29A.

    All done, but don’t think I fully understand 11A. Answer I have is themed, and I presume the clue’s first word is the place not the race! Yes?

  4. Hi Celia,
    To clarify 11A, definition = first 2 words. It is a themed answer, with 3 letter word for before “returning”.
    Is it quiet here today or is it just ME?

  5. AS, good luck with DA Live On Stage next week. That’s a brave move. I reckon he’ll put up a stinker for you.
    I’m in Sydney. And a bit jealous of the whole event.
    Are you live-streaming anything ?

  6. Agree – with Neanderthal – jealous as I am in Sydney as well.

  7. Totally lost, as usual. The essayist in 21D? Beheaded geometric shape? Have only seven answers, and unsure of some of those, so not optimistic.

  8. All done. Enjoyable. Got the theme long before solving 24A. 19D was my favourite. Long weekend in Tassie. Enjoy yours.

  9. Where are we? Trying to solve it :-)
    Andy W gave quite a big hint earlier to the theme.

  10. Yes, I think I know what to do to the clues in terms of the theme, I just can’t get the actual answer for 24A yet!
    I’ll keep puzzling

  11. I too started in the SW and guessed the theme from 26A just by puzzling about possible answers. And it immediately solved my puzzling about 1A.

    No hints for 24A but 22D, is not themed and amused me. Ditto for 8D.

  12. 3D: def = first two words. rest of the clue is an (anagram = bewildered) = mirage (gets) a mind

  13. Ooh I wish I could be at the ngv event on Friday – but have to work. Considered taking a sickie but that would mean missing my own farewell morning tea!
    Don’t you love themed puzzles!
    RE 24 A: Defn = synonym of 3D Letters 1-3 are synonym of “attach”

  14. After many hours of pondering, i have five i think are right, and three possibles. total waste of time today. no answer to my 1138 query, sadly. ‘E’ (the end)!

  15. Sorry Arthur – hadnt cracked that one at 11:38 – So no, not a geometric shape

    Its a little hard to break down the clue today without giving away bits of the theme but figure doffing cap=letters 3-7, Essayist is the definition.

  16. Arthur C, 21D has nothing to do with geometric shapes. it is a beheaded human being and then themed.

  17. What time is appropriate for stronger clues or checking solutions? I think I have it out but some answers are giving me that NQR feeling about them due to lack of wordplay confirmation.

  18. 8d looks like word 1 = dfn but not sure how my answer sits with veggie books get omitted?

  19. 19d how does shady lawyer fit? My answer relies upon radical poet as dfn.

  20. Re: 19d I had poet as the definition, but it wasnt the name of particular poet, just a synonym. Shady Lawyer with its first fallen is letters 2-3,6-9.

  21. 26d dfn= word 1 but exposed strumpet was a bit obscure apart from first two letter. Not sure where letter 3-5 come from??

  22. Re: 25d I had a 5 letter word for Strumpet which is exposed + the theme.

  23. Re: 10a Asian Currency is a cents equivalent not dollars.
    Colouring=letters 4-5,8-9

  24. 24a I have an answer which flows with 3d theme but not sure how it wordplays out of the clue apart from word 1 giving letter 1-3.

  25. Re: 24a 5 letter word for ring with ‘one from’
    I couldnt build 13a either.

  26. I can only make it 18 themed clues if I include 24a itself, which doesn’t fit the theme instructions! (David, letters 4-7 are ring minus one.)

  27. OMG!! – I only just looked for the NB after recalling he used one two weeks ago and all the talk of a theme had me wondering what’s going on for I could only see a couple of related clues. Please pardon my ignorance – I’ve only tackled DA’s in the last three weeks and didn’t NB might be a DA thing.

  28. Theme – Yeh, I can only see it used in 17 answers as well so will need to check solution tom.
    1a, 4a, 10a, 13a, 18a, 24a, 26a, 28a, 29a, 1d, 5d, 7d, 14d, 16d, 19d, 21d, 29d.
    It could be mixed in another solution.

  29. Found a couple more in NW, up to ten now. Despite clues above, totally lost on 21D, where I have ExRxxxN. i think the e may be right, probably the n. Could someone please confirm/deny without compromising the puzzle?

  30. Yes the R at 3 in 21D is incorrect. I had the same problem. Re-check 23A.
    Finished apart from the wordplay for 23D.

  31. 23A MEtoo, I had an ending with R which looked correct until I found a 21D that didn’t like the R. I prefer 23A with an R and coming from an accounting background figure 23A without the R is double ?? rather than ?

  32. Ta folks i had almost decided that. Will look further for the essayist. Cricket coming up shortly, so little time left!

  33. 9d I had repent but felt NQR about it as wordplay was suss. Found a solution that fits the theme so happier with that.

  34. David Brown, re 23A, the reduced accounts book gives 2-6, 1 and 7 come from the second word of the clue.

  35. I still don’t understand the wordplay for 21A. What do you have to do to Brenda to get the published solution?

  36. Hi Mike, haven’t seen published answer but I think it is this: first word defn; remove 1,2., and 6 of name to get a supportive clothing item. That leaves first 3 letters of answer. The name however has been topped and tailed.

  37. 23A was a tad misleading as Accounts Book is a ledger not a ledge or ledgee. The word reduced could be argued to provide re or to reduce ledger to ledge or both?

  38. 21A wordplay is an interesting one as it only makes sense once you know the answer. Difficult to suss or work the answer from the wordplay.

  39. David, yes a ledger is an accounts book but it’s ‘reduced account book’ to give ledge. Letters 1 and 7 come from “phase” without (succumbed?) “has”. Unless I’ve missed something, I don’t think the wordplay is good as I don’t see where it suggests to put “ledge” in “pe”, but I think that’s the intention.

  40. For 23ac, ‘has succumbed to’ implies ‘been replaced by’. Therefore, ‘has’ in ‘phase’ has been replaced by ‘ledge(r)’.

    For 21ac, Brenda ‘endlessly’ would leave ‘Br—a’, so that’s how Brenda becomes a supporter.

  41. Held up in NE corner, as had flamencos for 7d, flan(k) for past and cos(t) for expense (both 21ac-ed), plus the cypher. A stretch in hindsight, perhaps, but was convinced fit wordplay. Rest now falls into place

  42. 13A doesn’t seem to work with the theme as it is not “pinched”. Am I missing something?

  43. Thanks, but I I can’t understand the association between letters 2-6 and the word “penalise”.

  44. benadem. “Ping” is a synonym for penalise as in “ I got pinged by the police”

  45. A couple of hints on here helped me finish, so thank you.

    I’ve just started composing my own cryptics and posting them on twitter.
    My handle is Bat-pad man (a weak anagram of my name) @inside_edger (ha!). Would love some feedback – there’s quite a few unsolved

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