DA Confusion for January 26th, 2018

Don’t be confused: solve the DA. Do it for Australia!

59 thoughts on “DA Confusion for January 26th, 2018

  1. Happy Australia Day all.
    Found it fairly straight forward today.
    Done, dusted. Enjoy.

  2. AndyW. I don’t have copy in front of me. Can u give key words and I will try to help

  3. 23d tasty goose amidst marrow (5)
    27a opening umbrella to elude last of storm (3)

  4. A nice warm Australia Day to all. ‘Dislike heat confusion (4) ‘. Too old for this sort of weather. Only found six so far, couldn’t decipher Ray’s (0546) ‘goose’?

  5. Oh, what a goose. Of course, that was first word I thought of, couldn’t sort clue properly.

  6. Geoff M. 14D defn = first word. Is radiant gives 6 letter word for 4,5,6,7,8,9. pig’s promotion gives 4 letter word for 10,3,2,1

  7. 22A. Defn = takes off. stuff gives gives 4 letter word for 2,3,4,5. Sausage tips gives 1,6.

  8. Thanks, Ray. Re 14d, I was thinking along those lines, and had pencilled in the six-letter word. I’ll have to think a bit harder. At least I know I’m on the right track.

  9. 29A: def is first word of clue. In the answer change the letter which is used as a temperature indicator to another such letter, and the resultant word can mean ‘had a big break’.

  10. Not struggling so much today. I have 6D but I can’t parse it.

    Hands up all those who’ve seen 16A!

  11. Carol, break the second letter of the clue into two words and the parsing becomes obvious.

    I saw 16A a couple of years ago, but did not know its title.

    I cannot see the homophone in 10A.

  12. All out bar 20d. Is this a football (soccer, rl, ru) reference? Hints gratefully accepted as I so very rarely get this far.

  13. Georgie, you mentioned all the codes except the right one. The answer should be easy to “plug” in.

  14. Thanks Jack – obvious, once explained!

    Re 16A, the guide told a good story: when it was first displayed, the artist hid himself among the spectators to hear their comments. They were saying he couldn’t have done it, as he was only 25. Incensed, he came back later and signed it – one of the few times he did so.

  15. Totally lost on four; 6D, 14a, 14D (I have xOxSxIxExx, all appear correct), ans 29A. Have read huints above, not helping. 14D most worrying. Easy clue needed, I’m lost.

  16. Jack, there’s no homophone in 10a. The first two words of the clue are the definition, the beginning of the next word is an anagrind.

  17. Arthur C, for 6d, break “underexperienced” into two words.

    I had trouble with 14d. Put yourself in a Russian frame of mind.

  18. Geoff M (1210), I can fit a Russian to letters 1-7, but I have E at eight. Mystified. Sadly, your clue on 6D doesn’t light any lamps. I assumed the upset to be FALL, but now unsure. Think I’ll give it away and watch cricket, the missing four beyond me.

  19. Lots to like today eg 1,10,16,19 across, and 4,6,8,13,14 and 18 down.
    Agree with Geoff M about the sausage tips. Also can’t see the indicator for letters 6-9 in 1A.

  20. > Also can’t see the indicator for letters 6-9 in 1A.

    15A is essentially a cryptic clue to those letters.

  21. > Geoff M (1210), I can fit a Russian to letters 1-7, but I have E at eight.

    E at 8 is right. Letters 1-7 are not literally Russian, indeed you are breaking up the answer wrongly: ‘radiant’ gives letters 4-9, ‘pigs promotion’ gives the rest.

  22. Ahh! I see 15A in 1A now. Must have seen it earlier this morning and forgotten.

  23. 6D: ‘experienced’ gives letters 1-4, under which goes a word meaning upset for letters 5-7. Def is ‘writer’.

  24. Re 27a: never heard of that word for umbrella! Had to guess then Google…

  25. Hate this or that clues like 29A hinging on a non-cross letter. Presume 1st word is definition.

  26. Carol, that word for umbrella comes from Dickens’s “Martin Chuzzlewit,” in which the slatternly nurse was named “Sarah —-” and she carried such an item.

  27. Wow. I don’t think I’ve read that one yet, or if I have, it’s more decades ago than I care to remember. Must dig it out.

  28. Re 19A. I’m hoping someone can please explain how DA gets “Singleton” as the answer to this.

  29. I got one wrong! For 22a, I had P as the fifth letter.

    Though perhaps a little rude, I prefer my answer – and it fits both the definition and wordplay!

  30. Sorry, they must be obvious as no one else has asked, but how are 11A and 24D parsed?
    (I have the answers and still can’t work it out). Thanks in advance

  31. Sorry, it must be obvious as no one else has asked, but how is 24D parsed?
    (I have the answer and still can’t work it out). Thanks in advance

  32. Haha, sorry! Page was slow to load and I thought I caught it before it posted. I figured out 11A.

  33. Bianca. 24D. Tarpaulin centre gives 1. Acting as gives 3 letter word for 2,3,4

  34. Have worked out 11A and 22A but no idea how to parse. Completely lost on 18D. Any help a week later?

  35. OFM, I’m finally finishing last week’s DA before I try to finish this week’s.

    11a Disagreement = ROW, about= reverse it, thus WOR+THY = obsolete (archaic) form of ”your”
    18d Roughly = circa thence CA; reflects a trick = A RUSE<; thus the answer is CAESURA which is a metrical gap in poetry.
    I have only worked out Rohan's answer to 22a

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