DA Confusion for January 12th, 2018

Don’t be confused. Sort out what DA is up to here.

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  1. Morning all! Favourite clue (so far) 10A.
    Any gentle hints on 1A, 11A, 1D, 3D, 6D welcome.

    Also, can’t make sense of 28A/16A. Have vague idea only.

  2. Well hello, Celia. A bit of help (not much, as it’s early) with 1a …

    First word is definition. Letters 1-5 are the second word, after the fourth word is removed (“ignored”). The final word is a synonym for letters 6-9.

  3. 1d … first word is definition. Third word is a six-letter word and for “unveiled”, think “first letter removed”.

  4. 6d … 1st and 2nd words are definition, 4th word is letters 1-4, words 5-7 are letters 5,6.

  5. 28a/16a, “imbroglio” is the definition. I hadn’t heard of it. To work out the wordplay, do it all backwards (“counter”).

  6. I was also held up in the NW until Geoff M’s hints. Thankyou. And don’t have 28/16 yet either.
    Some disguised indicators today, 12,15, and 25a.

    Geoff M 10A slang for cheap wine.

  7. Thanks for the tip for 28/16 Ray and Geoff. I ended up bunging it in a word wizard. Have heard of it, only in a crossword I think. Not keen on the counter purpose.

  8. Thanks Gayle & Ray. I must have been through a few goons over the years.

    The only clue I still don’t understand the wordplay is 22a. Can anyone enlighten me?

  9. 22A Double def. Both meaning invented character, the first one in a novel. Don’t want to saywho the author is just yet. Does that help?

  10. SMiley is the main character in John Le Carre novels. It’s the icon at the end of the clue too.
    I don’t get 11a.

  11. 11A: the answer has meanings matching both ‘change’ and ‘juice provider’ (juice not being a drink in this case!).

  12. Celia, how are you going with 3d? Haven’t heard from you for a while.

  13. Started around 0300, put a couple in, resumed much later. Have roughly half, but also have a dreadful long-term headache. Took ages to sort letters in 14D! Haven’t read all the above yet, but did get help for NW corner.

  14. Geoff M, got all sorted except 28A/16A. Is the answer horsey? Still don’t understand the “counter” reversal, and my candidate answer isn’t a liftout forward or back. Totally baffled.

  15. Thanks Geoff. I even had the public transport and “counter” meaning backwards, looking for a “purpose” to stick in there. Have never heard this saying and “purpose” is a bit oblique for the middle word IMHO.

  16. @Celia yes, it is horsey. The public transport you might find in Melbourne. The whole thing is backwards and it contains “purpose”.

  17. The only thing I can think of is “a sense of purpose”, but unless there’s something hidden deeper that none of us appears to have unearthed yet, this probably isn’t one of DA”s better clues.

  18. Thanks Steve, we’ve worked it out. Perhaps the term originates from the days of flagons? Just a thought.

    And Ro, I clicked on your tardis, and learnt all about Gravatar. Interesting.

  19. POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT (for last ditch only!)
    So, 28A/16A is “public transport” 9,3-1, with “purpose” [somewhat loosely, I thought] 8-4?

    Makes perfect sense now! Read the clue as is but enter its two components “counter” (reversed), with”contributing to” being a containment indicator

    I have encountered this term in prior cryptics, and literature where something more refined than “dog’s breakfast” was required. To me, it also has supernatural overtones.

    Happy solving, everyone!

  20. Geoff M, the “silver pillow” is also known as a “goon sack”. I suspect “goon” is what you become from drinking it!

  21. Thank you, Celia. To think that for my entire misspent youth I was unaware! Of course, now in my more mature years, it’s only bottles.

  22. Still seven short, urgent need for clues to 6A and 25A. Have given up hope of solving the imbroglio, a real imbroglio. Could gain no insight from clues above.

  23. @Arthur 25A defn “joyous”, I feel that “including” is used twice here: “one including”: 1-2, 11, “including unlimited delirium”: 3-4, 6-10, “over love”: 5

  24. @Arthur 6A defn “freak” (verb). Synonym for “top” sucking “in”, “spinning” indicating reversal.

  25. Ta very much, Ro, hadn’t heard the expression for decades. Must Google what i think is your clue for 6A.

  26. 25A “one” and “including unlimited” are anagram fodder, “delirium” is the anagrind, “over love” = 5th letter

  27. Hi all. Think I’m all out. However, not sure of word play for 22A and 23D, also the link to 5D.
    Despite previous posts, I still don’t understand 25A.
    Any help?

  28. @Ben, 22A explained elsewhere. For 23D Yankee = Y, soldier (GI) “joining” the two parts of foreign (OS)

    For 25A fodder is “one including”, with “unlimited” indicating removal of the ends of the preceding word. Gives you 10 letters to mix, then “over” O

  29. Ben, 22A is a character plated by Alec Guinness in the 70s and by Gary Oldman more recently. It’s also a name for the scrawl at the end of the clue.

    In 23D, letter 1 is the phonetic for Yankee, then a soldier contained in 2,5 meaning foreign. The link to 5D becomes obvious.

  30. Ben, if I gave you any more help with 25a this early I’d be struck off. Other than to say (which has more or less already been said), work with “including” unlimited (so remove first and last letters), add one letter for “love” and encase the mixture in “one” (the three-letter word).

    For 23d…

    First word of clue relates to first letter.
    Second word letters 3,4.
    Fifth word letters 2,5.
    Sixth word is definition.

  31. Just a little one, but I can’t parse 7D. I’ve got the answer, but I don’t understand how the last two words of the clue fit in.

  32. I had a wierd moment this morning wqhen i was working through solving the DA crossword while listening to DA host on the radio!!!

  33. 24D: def is 1st word of clue. Find a 4 letter word for coward, then change the letter in it indicating a standard clothing size to one indicating a different, larger, clothing size .

    26D: def is last word of clue. Find a 5 letter word for hair-raising, and remove the first and last letters of it.

  34. Thanks Andrew T for these two and to everyone else for the above.
    Without this site I would be lost every Friday.

  35. > Find a 4 letter word for coward, then change the letter in it indicating a standard clothing size to one indicating a different, larger, clothing size .

    Erm *smaller* of course …. oops!

  36. 28A/16A. I have the answer but cannot parse it despite all the hints above. Is it too early for someone to give a plain English explanation?

  37. Rob, the word “counter” indicates that all the wordplay happens backwards. “Purpose” is “sense” (which is a bit of a stretch, methinks). Put a four-letter type of oublic transport around it (one that’s common in Melbourne). The turn it all around and you have a term for “imbroglio” — or so I learnt today!

  38. Many thanks, Geoff M. I see it now. I agree about the use of “purpose”. Have a good weekend.

  39. I’m stuck on 15D, 20D and 29A. I think I have all the cross letters but resorting to Missing Letters is not helping me. Also 4D: I have I_O_ but I don’t get the clue. Any tips?

  40. Sue. 15d. Defn is “script once”. First three words give the first letter. For radio is a homophone indicator for the word “even” (as in “the same”).

  41. Sue. 20d. Defn is “slaves” (noun). “Crept up” (up is reversal indicator) gives last 5 letters. “Hilltop” gives first letter. Think Sparta.

  42. Sue. 29a. Answer is an anagram of “pure as the”. Banker means a river, in this case a Mesopotamian river.

  43. Sue. 4d. Defn is record holder. Taking seconds off means select the second letter of each of the subsequent words.

  44. Sue, if you are still stuck …

    15D defn last two words, 1st letter clued by words 1-3, rest sounds like (on radio) a synonym for 4th word

    20D defn is 1st word, 1st letter clued by last word, rest (behind) is a synonym for 2nd word, reversed (up)

    29A defn is last two words, which is anagram (questionably) of rest of clue (words 2-4)

    4D defn is 1st 2 words, next 3 describe what you do to last 4 to reveal answer

    Happy solving

  45. All done thanks Rob B and Sean. Wouldn’t have thought of river banks (plus I had swimmers at 17D) or figured out ‘taking seconds off’.

  46. THanks Trippers – I really liked 10d and the double use of coffee in 12a although I would have used “extracted” ?

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