DA Confusion for 22nd of December, 2017

Don’t let your confusions fester until Christmas day. Have your confusions sorted out right here.

67 thoughts on “DA Confusion for 22nd of December, 2017

  1. Merry Christmas everyone. Well 1A (easy) & 1D (tricky) completed, no hassle, let’svseevif the solver’s pencil finds the rest as easy …

  2. Top half in quick, but struggling with bottom half. Last day of work, so may not get a chance to finish.
    Merry Xmas all and Happy Solving.

  3. Agree some tricky ones, and mostly down the bottom. 10 A first one in which brought a smile. 19 Down last one in. Liked the word and the wordplay once I got it. I think we had something similar to 3 D recently so was on the lookout for that. Enjoyed the image of the pas de deux with the fine dancer and the dancing skeleton. Some other amusing surfaces in 14A, 16A.
    Don’t get the proverbial nomad in 23A . And can only see an indirect anagram in 1D.

  4. Just started, five in. Only one possibility for 1D, it appears, but don’t understand it. Loved 3D! Marvellous definition.

  5. Gayle, re 1D, “approximately” letters 2-4; “oven ready” wrapped in 1,5-7.

  6. Halfway through, quite enjoying. Was half-expecting a Christmas theme today. Perhaps there is one that I haven’t found yet!

    My Christmas present to all … a favourite (yes, my original!) clue. After lousy British weather, Scotsman becomes a resident of Odessa. (9)

  7. Oh, ok. 1D is not an indirect anagram. Very clever. Had the components but not the package. Wish I’d pondered that some more. Spoilt the fun in the unravelling.

  8. Thankyou Geoff for your cosmopolitan chrissy present. Maybe we can all do a kris kringle?

  9. All out, am sure I have all correct, but can’t fully fathom wordplay for … 12A last 5 letters, 23A the proverbial nomad?, 8D definition? v obvious answer.

    Faves: 20A, 22A-17A-11A combo, 26A, 1D, 2D, 3D, 6D, 16D chuckle, 21D.

    Merry Christmas all! And happy solving!!

  10. Celia, re 12A . I went down the same path I think you might have, until I saw a different ‘say’ and found the dress and where the missing married ……….. man was.
    Same here with 8D and 23A. Haven’t figured them out yet either.

  11. Here’s my contribution Geoff. A joke for christmas crackers :-)

    Was Santa’s hometown play a trap? (5)

  12. Yes, 3-6. Then I’m not sure where your dress is. I found William wearing it, but he wasn’t married from the start. That leaves just the last 4 letters then, for a simple synonym.

  13. Re 8D: definition = in.
    Re 23A: I don’t get proverb reference yet either.

    A favourite clue of mine is:
    Present day?(4)

  14. Oh Brond, thankyou for 8D! I had the def at the wrong end and just had a fascinating time on Google reading about an American writer Rori Shay who wrote the 8D series.

  15. And I like your clue Brond. Was trying to work out what GIFT might represent :-)

  16. Thank you, Brond. I was struggling to understand 8d.

    Still stuck with a few in the bottom half. Does 20a have to do with spirals?

  17. GeoffM re 20A
    Spirals? Don’t think so, sparkles maybe?
    “matching”=1-4, then fiddle with the bones (one missing)

  18. No, 20a has nothing to do with spirals (I thought it might be “triskelions” until I got 15d). Got it now. I don’t get 12a either. “Say” is 3-6 and “man” is 8-11, I gather, but I don’t get the rest.

  19. Sorry Celia. 12A. The dress is a 4 letter word, minus it’s first letter, at 1,2,6. Does that help?

  20. No! that won’t help. The dress, minus it’s first letter, is at 1,2 7.

  21. Gayle, thank you, all clear now!

    Now, the nomad?

    Abd please check your use of apostrophes; possessive “its” shouldn’t have one!

  22. Geoff M. I didn’t see any reference to spirals in 20A, but I just googled to see what you might have been thinking of and there is something there about children’s animation if that’s it.

    The breakdown in the wordplay is 1-4, 5-11. The answer is a word I’m familiar with from my youth. The solution broken down is 1-7, 8-11. Hope that helps.

  23. Oh, missed your earlier posts Geoff and Celia re 20A. All good.

    And duly chastened over the apostrophe error.

  24. Ah, thank you Gayle, I now get 12a. M for married, indeed. I think DA needs counselling!

    Just completed the beast, although I still don’t get 23a.

    Now I’ll have another look at your clue, Gayle. Thanks for yours Brond. (Apologies that mine didn’t have a Christmas theme!)

  25. Gayle, perhaps you could donate your stray apostrophe to the clue for 17a!

  26. Nice Geoff. I’m mortified I made that mistake … twice! DA doesn’t have to worry. Punctuation not shown in crosswords.

    re 23A. I think I’ve got the wordplay, although it really does deserve the question mark at the end.

    Proverb is chemical symbol for lead, with a nomad in the middle.

  27. Just got that too Brond. But for some reason my comment is awaiting moderation. Am I being modded for my misplaced apostrophes? Where’s the Christmas spirit? See if this gets through.

  28. Thank you Brond. I wouldn’t have got that if I’d thought about it for a week!

    I wasn’t aware our comments are moderated, Gayle. I’d better be careful!

  29. All out. Penny finally dropped for 3D. It’s a Double meaning. Re20A, Defn is first two words and you don’t have to know alot about dancing.

  30. Despite all the palaver above I still cant justify 12A! Only one word fits and that reflects the clue. No further assistance requested – I’ll re-check above, or remain ignorant.
    Like Geoff, I tried to force ‘triskelions’ into 20A for quite some time.
    Have a good Xmas, all


    billyboyOZ re 12A
    Components are
    “say” letters 3-6
    “to wear” container indicator
    “dress ignored by married” 1-2,7
    “man” 8-11

  32. Gayle, I’ve tried really hard to work out your clue, but I need some help …


    23A: def is first word of clue. Look at the last word of clue, and see the word meaning ‘rover’ within it. Remove that and you are left with a chemical symbol for the last word of the answer.

  34. Oops, I out-spoilered myself! I meant to say “… the word meaning ‘nomad’ within it.” of course! Gaah!

    Sorry folks.

  35. Geoff, Oh dear, I can see why. More egg on face. Too quick. It was your Odessa clue that made me wonder if it had a christmassy reference. Then I remembered that the original Saint Nicholas came from somewhere up in that part of the world. Well, it turned out to be 1500 kms away, and has one more ‘a’ than in my clue. Can I swap an apostrophe for an ‘a’? The answer was Patara. Sorry, I should have checked the fodder as I usually do, write ’em out, cross ’em out.

  36. I enjoyed today’s but after a crazy busy morning at work only just got it done.
    20A was a fave.

    My Yuletide contribution: Almost trumped by a drink in the bay (7)

    Have a good *whatever you celebrate, whatever you call it* folks.

  37. That’s okay AndrewT, Brond spoiled us earlier today, and we were indulged again by Neanderthal. My spoiler is still sitting in the moderation queue. I’m in the naughty chair for my transgressions today. Brain fried. Even now I just spelt/spelled queue as cue.

  38. Not to worry, Gayle. I wasn’t aware of St Nicholas’ origin, and googling “Santa’s hometown” was no help. Attention turned to Black Pen’s contribution now!

  39. Love Mary-Jane’s!
    Blackpen’s has me tied up in knots. (Not asking. Santa doesn’t come if you do.)

  40. Celia, I thought that at first too, but that would be an indirect anagram. It’s way better.

  41. Is “lone” the answer then, or “noel”. There’s no indication if it’s the first or third word being acted on by “crazy”, and vice versa the definition.
    Only crazy/coward->NOEL
    Only/crazy coward->LONE

  42. Could someone please help with the wordplay for 19d. I think the answer is right.

  43. HandM, 19D a former popular Labor leader & GG, change his blood group to get a synonym of “tomboy”. n.b. I have never encountered this word before today!

  44. Thank you Celia (groan!). However we loved many of the others, especially 3d, 10a, 20a, 23a and 1d

  45. Well I can’t get Black Pen’s or Mary-Jane’s. Whose silly idea was it to do this anyway?

  46. GeoffM, someone long ago in a Universe far far away (i.e. see first half dozen posts, or so) .

  47. Celia, will we get a Chrissy present from you? One that’s easier to open?!

    Black Pen & Mary-Jane, do please let us know the answer — at the appropriate juncture.

    (No one has asked for the answer to mine, so either everyone got it or nobody cares!)

  48. Got your earlier one, Geoff. I like the lousy British weather, and thanks for kicking this off.

  49. Good evening and Christmas greetings.
    Thanks Gayle for 12A wordplay; thanks Brond for 23A and 8D wordplay; thanks Celia for 1D and 19D wordplay. Still don’t quite get wordplay for 6D or 21D.
    And I’m at a loss, still, for 18D. If I could start with the def that would be great.

  50. SB 18D ‘pushing it’ is the def, colloquially . The question mark is probably warranted.

  51. 18 D ‘Marshall’ is anagram indicator. ‘yelled’ is the fodder. Plus throw in the first letter (bow) of ‘rowboat’

  52. Aha! Of course. Led astray by wrong answer to 24A. I carelessly had S where R should be. Done.
    Thanks again Gayle. And merry Christmas.

  53. 6D I read as a cryptic definition. Have to play around with the word order a bit.

  54. Yep. Fair enough. That’s more-or-less what I was thinking. Thanks Gayle.
    And I now get 21D as well.
    All sorted.

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