DA Confusion for the 23rd of November, 2017

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55 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 23rd of November, 2017

  1. Thought I’d be late to the party this morning, but everyone else must be sleeping in. Fairly straightforward. Last 2 in were the intersecting 9D and 15A. 9D was worth the wait for the chuckle after going down the wrong path with an idea for ‘commonly where you go’. 16D …. very funny.

  2. No work today, so a bit of a sleep in for me. Going well 3/4 done, 5 to go in SE corner.

  3. Done, but not 100% on 9d.
    I liked 24a, 26d and 12a.
    First in 5d and last 30a.
    Good luck in solving today.

  4. Two anagrams and 1A is all i can find at the moment. Nice the champs found it easy, hard work for the ignorami(?),

  5. Some slight progress, nine in. Re 21A, is this a computer thing? If so, how does it fit clue?

  6. Arthur, 21A is an anagram – “structures”. There are no trucks in this loading zone.

  7. Ta to SonOfBruz and Jimbo. Had MAINFRAMES, fitted down answers, only partly fitted clue. Tried for an anagram earlier, didn’t find one. Must relook.

  8. NO, neither I, nor my Wordfinder, can find a word there. may just abandon this puzzle, concentrate on the cricket.

  9. 21A: grist to the anagrind is ‘unload tram’

    It’s a common word, an establishment found in most suburbs

  10. Pretty straightforward today.
    Liked the use of “shooter” in 14D and “top secret” in 23D
    Not sure about 19A.

  11. 19A: def is first word (pre hyphen) of clue. ‘Clubs” gives letter 3 protected (contained) by ‘light’ which gives letters 1,2,4

  12. Yes I understand the wordplay, thanks, just not sure I like it as a clue.

  13. How does letter 3 give clubs AndrewT?
    I think I have the correct answer btw

  14. Surely 9d is two words?

    Melanie: ‘clubs’… think the suit abbreviation in games involving playing cards.

  15. > How does letter 3 give clubs AndrewT?

    In the card game Bridge, each of the suits is known by its initial letter. So a bid of 4 clubs is written 4C.

  16. Late start, but getting there. I can only find two words that match the cross letters of 26D and neither of them seems to have any connection with the clue. Help with 9D and 14D would also be appreciated.

  17. Re: 26d Definition is ‘Thirty at the table’…but you have to figure out which table. :-)

  18. Hi all. We have an answer for 9D that fits the cross-checkers, but can’t parse it. Any help?

  19. The southeast corner has me stumped. Any help for 28a or 14d would be appreciated.

  20. 9D: the rather elliptical definition is words 1-6 of the clue. Word 8 clues letters 1-4, last word clues letters 5-7.

    14D: def is first word of clue. 2nd word of clue gives letters 1-3, last word of clue gives letters 8-10.
    Letters 4-7 are a synonym for streak reversed ‘boosted’.

  21. 28A: def is first word of clue. words 2-4 give letter 3 of answer, contained (consumed) by tragic gives letters 1,2,4,5. Last word of clue gives letters 6-10,

  22. Need explanation of 26D’s ” … bite off last bit of cake?” Have the table entry.

    Most out except NW … too early tho’ for tips …

  23. 26d is a word for bite with the last letter altered to the first letter of cake. Thanks Andrew, I’ll have a fresh look at those two.

  24. Got ’em!

    [Extra words as the website wouldn’t accept such a brief resoonse]

  25. Gentile hint for Carol re 1D … “mud-caked” is partially a container indicator and partially the now-dry material of the container, occupies letters 1-2, 9-10.

  26. Now I’ve hit the wall, totally stumped on 9D and 30A. Any hints?

  27. Just noticed a weird typo or auto-over-correct in my 3:31 pm post: the first word was meant to be “gentle”, but somehow far less kosher!

  28. 30a is a homonym for a synonym of “composed”. The first word is the definition.

    You’ll like 9d when you get it. Exchange “shorts” for “short circuits”. (That’s a pretty big clue, but it’s getting late!)

  29. Geoff M, re 30A, by “homonym” do you mean the more specific “homophone”?

    9A sorted, though.

  30. Silver Jo, glad to see you have that goy goy goy goy down in your heart!

  31. Sadly, never looked like finishing this one. Did eventually solve anagram for 21A. Not in my Wordfinder, maybe not a US name. Will just have to await tomorrow’s paper for the missing answers, nine definitely missing, possibly two other I’m not sure of. Would like to have found 1D, would have helped with 19, 12, 15, 19A. But absolutely no idea. enough for today, at least the cricket was good to watch.l

  32. Thanks all – and Arthur: following the cricket narrows one mind too much. Only by leaving it did I see , for instance, the sort of ‘group’ in 12A or …

  33. Silver Jo, re 15A, think of different definitions of “cutter”. Answer also contains a homophone at 1-6 of “something that detects”

    re 6D Milne is the Christopher Robin dude. His “opening” is the two letters preceding his surname, the “divinely wise” one describes them. “… you will cry” says the film poster, but here with tears of laughter! Think of a really really so well-known female deity that a capital city is named after her!

  34. Cokes, re 6D, split your answer into (1,4,1) pattern. If it still doesn’t make sense, either your answer is wrong or you don’t know what “Milne’s opening” is.

  35. G.o.D., I can never remember which to use out of “homonym” and “homophone”. Aren’t they almost the same thing?

  36. There are homonyms that aren’t homophones. Just remember “phonos” sound, hence homophone “same sound”, less confusing for all.

  37. Celia, re 6d, had the answer, and the Milne opening etc, don’t see where ‘then ‘ comes from
    Sorry should have explained

  38. Cokes, are you still unsure about 6D? The “Mills opening” is A followed by (another) A, or in other words …

  39. Ian, re 27A, “declare” is a homophone indicator, definition is “following”, the “Japanese faith” has 6 letters, remove the first two (“alienated quiet”) then to satisfy the homophone, definition, and answer pattern you need to add a letter to the end. That should get you home, but if not, scream!

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