DA Confusion for the 20th of October, 2017

Work out your confusions for this week’s DA.

55 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 20th of October, 2017

  1. Today’s looks very easy, more like a DP than a DA. Happy but brief solving, everybody.

  2. I didn’t find it particularly easy, just plodded away and fitted the jigsaw together. It helped to get the long ones early. 12 a FOI. 16d LOI. Liked 15a, 13d.

  3. I agree nothing too difficult today. If you get the long clues then it falls into place easily.
    I liked 5d, 16d, 22a/23d and 25a/2d the best.
    Happy solving.

  4. @Andyw, sorry, shorthand, used to using on other crossword blogs. First One In. Last One In.

  5. If I get the missing sixes (6A, 6d) it will be my earliest finish ever on a DA>

  6. Arthur C, thanks for the 5A tip, it pointed me in the right direction! And congratulations on the early finish!

    Stil flummoxed on 17D, any and all hints welcome!

  7. Thanks, SonofBruze … oh, the number of times I considered that word. Face palm! Thank you again.

  8. 4D Closer to being out=definition
    Hauling up fish=letters 1-4

  9. Barb and Fran & SonOf Bruze, a hint re 20D …

    “bone I tossed” gives letter 1
    “while prepared” gives the balance.

    Unusually, the “while prepared” component appears reversed in an almost adjacent clue!

  10. Alice Re 10D Double definition……….Have you solved 11A, the 1st two letters of that answer gives you a sport and 10D refers to a player in that sport

  11. Re 5A: I think I have it, but I can’t work it out. Last two words refer to last two letters, right? But if that’s the case, then my thinking for 7D must be wrong…

  12. In 7D, I get the Zodiac connection, but not the house.

    DA used the 5A slight rudeness a few weeks ago in relation to going online for a type of foil. Lots of fun!

  13. Carol, you are right the last 2 words of clue refer to last 2 letters. Definition is first word and twisted is an anagrind for 2nd word

  14. Jack & Carol, re 7D …

    The Zodiac has 12 —–s

    One of them is represented by s….s.

    Carol & mary-jane re 5A

    “twisted” is a reversal indicator for a 4-letter synonym of “join”

  15. yeah Celia youre right about “twisted” re 5a -I misunderstood meaning of “anagrind”

  16. mary-jane re 5A … it’s an anagrind of sorts, I suppose, just maintains the letter sequence in reversal.

  17. Hey, first time in months I’ve got a whole DA out! 5-across took me a while.

  18. Only have 15A and 10D to get. Am I correct in assuming that the latter is a surname? None of the positions in the sport seem to fit, nor can I think of a relevant synonym for ‘rebel’.

    I am sure I have 19A, but don’t get the word play.

  19. 15A: def is first 2 words of clue. ‘cut’ is a container indicator for ‘to’ inside ‘up’ giving letters 1-4. ‘Ideal’ backwards is letters 5-6.

    10D: answer is a synonym for each of the two clue words. Not a surname but a position in a sports team.

    19A: def is last 2 words of clue. ‘Minus’ gives letters 1-3, reverse a word meaning ‘olus’ for letters 4-8.

  20. Dave R, 10D is not a surname. Think of what a rebel does: a rebel will (5, 4). Cory Bernardi’s conservative political party would be a recent example. Also a team sport player

  21. Thanks, AndrewT and Celia. I don’t see how the first three letters of 19A can mean ‘minus’, although I can see (just) how the last five reversed could be seen as a ‘plus’. I should have got 15A, and I’ll keep working on 10D, looking more widely than at the sport in 11A.

  22. How come you have found it so easy? Perhaps a hint on 1a might lead to some progress.

  23. SandyM re 1A …
    def: America
    “rules” an 8-letter word
    “out unjust extremists”: 2 letters to remove from above 8-letter word.

  24. Thanks Celia, that led to a number of clues. Now only 26/27a to go. I presume it’s an anagram of over meat pact. But I still haven’t nutted it out.

  25. That is the first DA nutted out without using this site other than to check the parsing etc for a few clues. Nailed it on the train home and then after dinner in about 30 mins flat. Yay. Guess I’ll have to surf the TV for a while now though.

  26. I also am chuffed about knocking it over myself in pretty short time with an after dinner red. It must be a relatively straightforward DA. I see I got 5A right, had a teeny doubt.

  27. Not finding this as easy as some but making steady progress. Don’t have the big answers yet.
    Can I infer that 10D relates to a sport about which I, as a Victorian, might have no knowledge?
    Also, I think I know the answer to 15A but can’t work out how the last two letters are derived.

  28. GeoffD
    Not into sport but it’s one of DA’s favourites, RU not RL.
    The last 2 letters of 15a, an abbreviation = the best, only one’s a letter, well both are. Eh, it’s nearly tomorrow … A1, in letters AI.

  29. Gayle, thanks for clarifying 15A and confirming my suspicions about 10D.

  30. Pete, re 14A, the definition “headaches” is I feel DA drawing a very long bow, if plagues, pestilences, floods, etc could be considered as such!
    “firm” letters 2-3
    “desire” letters 4-7
    “to stop” insertion indicator
    “extremely serious” letters 1,8


  31. From the astrological point of view, 7d clue should be “scales sign” as the astrological house is the seventh. Thought it might have been “court” as in court-house with the sign of justice in front. (Only because of order of solving)

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