DA Confusion for the 13th of October, 2017

Be careful: it’s Friday the 13th. At least walk around without confusion.

65 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 13th of October, 2017

  1. All done. The NW corner was last in (doesn’t help being a Victorian), liked 1d though.
    4a/10d is clever, so is 24a and 16a.
    Still working on a couple of wordplay.
    Happy solving.

  2. All done and dusted. Agree with Andyw re 1D – was my last in.


    The eel – pointers of what? Anything specific? 5D is an anagram. Does that help?

  3. I live in NSW but even so am stuck on the 1s in the NW. I have an idea for both but can’t justify.
    Also, if I’ve got 19d and 28a right , there’s a spelling mistake in my retired naval member.

    I found I had to backparse quite a few today.
    Agree with AndyW’s choices. Also liked 6d and 7d.

  4. Hi Gayle,
    1d Def is first two words. If you get that then you’ll get 1a.

  5. Wet, miserable morning. One shopping trip completed, one clue solved. One shopping trip still to do, ca 30 clues to solve. FriDAy 13th appropriate!

  6. Is 1A something a Bankstownian would be more likely to know than a Ballaratonian? Or is it not geography specific/ Have only one letter, so not helpful.

  7. Thanks AndyW. I’d pencilled in a wrong first letter which threw both my 1s out. Got them now, Both goodies.

    Still pondering on where I’ve gone wrong with my retired naval member in 28a.

  8. Hi Gayle,
    What you have is correct for 28a. It is a slang term for the more proper term.

  9. ArthurC . Yes, it is geographic, but it didn’t help me to be closer than you. I went down the wrong hole thinking it was going to be something about the Rabbitohs Rugby League team.

  10. Arthur, 1A defn words 1-3, yes as a Ballaratonian you’re mildly disadvantaged here. But you’d have the cocky “winger” in Ballarat, also, and the “wallop” would floor you at 1-2.

    I’m all out, except I have two alternative shellfish for 22A that fit with my other letters, but can’t parse either to the clue. “under discussion” a homophone indicator, presumably?

    Also, really liked 4D/10A, got it after just one cross letter found, but even that shouldn’t have been necessary!

  11. All done, liked 18A & 19D .
    Not seeing the connection between 28A & 21D though.

  12. Black Pen, instead of putting the contents of 21D in the clue, DA has put “21-down” in its stead. It’s a positioning indicator, and the clue doesn’t make total sense without it!

  13. Andyw, re 22A, a third shellfish just reared its ugly head. Now, where’s that pot of boiling water?

  14. Finally got 1D out. Duh. Now just 20a. I can’t parse the only word that seems to fit. Perhaps some tannin will help.

  15. Sandy W, re 20A, I suspect your word has E and A at letters 2 and 4 respectively. It’s not that word. The word you want is Mexican in origin, from an indigenous language. Letters 1,2-4 come from “the squares essentially”. Hope that helps.

  16. Sorry, Sandy W, correction, suspect your word has E and D at letters 2 & 4.

  17. SandyW: I’d never heard of 20a answer so it’s not just you! Def is last word of clue. First three words of clue give letters 1-4. Word 5 gives letters 5-9.

  18. SandyW & AndrewT, there’s a vending machine at my local mall and I’m almost certain 20A is the name on the machine. The product? Up-market thongs (flip-flops).

  19. For those still struggling with 20A, listen to the Beach Boys’ Surfin USA.

  20. Oh no Celia, that’s what I thought too for 20A but we were both wrong! I had to Google it, the word comes from Central America, not South :)

    Have most out now except the SE corner, any pointers there?

  21. Mexico is in Central America, Phoebe, not South America. It’s that big country immediately south of Texas, which is in North America.

  22. Phoebe, have you read through comments above? Many entries relating to SE corner.

    26D & 28A easy, 25A too (after 26D crosser).

  23. Thanks Celia, I did say it was in Central America…

    And I’ve read through the comments to no avail. Any hints for 15/17, 18 or 25??

  24. 18: def is first word of clue. Words 3-5 of clue give letters 1-2 of answer. “Articulate green” means that letters 3-7 sound like a word for a greengrocer item.

    25: Def is last word of clue. First word of clue gives letters 1, 7-9. ‘Collecting’ is a container indicator for ‘one pound’ giving letters 2-6.

  25. Phoebe, I didn’t mention South America, yet you responded with …

    “Oh no Celia, that’s what I thought too for 20A but we were both wrong! I had to Google it, the word comes from Central America, not South”

    I don’t understand where you thought I was wrong.

    All but the 1st letter of 15D is given by the first five words of the clue. The balance of 15D/17D is given by “cutting”. That’s all you get for now, I’m busy.

  26. 15/17 def is last two words of clue. Letters 2-6 are given by words 1-3 of clue. Clue words 4,5 give letters 7-9. ‘Cutting’ gives letter 1 of first word of answer plus whole second word.

  27. Sorry Celia. The thongs to which you were referring are from Brazil, and I meant to say the sandals are Mexican, not Brazilian!

  28. First post
    Must say I get drawn to battling through DA every week, even though I find the Saturday one more stimulating
    DA relies too much on straight definitions
    Not too hard today
    1D easy enough to work out on own, but not a ‘target’ rival I’m afraid….
    Happy weekend all

  29. Despite comments above, I’m stuck on 1D, also 11A. As well, there are lots where I am sure I’m correct based on def & cross letters, but have no idea of word play. These include 6, 8 & 23D and 18A.

  30. Dave R For 11a Think of shortened name for NY opera house and deduct last letter. Two 3 letter words.

  31. DaveR 1D: def is first two words of clue. Third word of clue gives letters 3-5, last word of clue gives letters 1-2.

    6D: def is last word of clue. Middle word of clue gives letters 1,3,4,5, first word gives letter 2.

    23D: answer is a synonym for word 1-2 of clue, and for word 3-4.

    18A I gave upthread at 10:27

  32. David R
    1d – def is first two words of clue, third word gives letters 3-5, last word letters 1&2.
    8d – wordplay – first 2 words first word of answer, 3rd word second word of answer.
    23d – double definition, words 1-3 and word 4
    18a – def is first word, words 3-5, letters 1&2, words 6&7 letters 3-7.
    I had not heard of the slang for the naval member either. Thanks AndyW at 7.26 am

  33. Dave R For 1D the def is “Target rival” – there are 214 of them in Oz, 6A letters 1-3 are a “defrosted device” and the rest is a European backwards. In 8A “shot” is an anagrind, applied to “patrol” with “one is”. I had to check 23D – and Google does not include this meaning.

    Meanwhile I don’t get why the clue to 13A includes “into reason behind” which seems redundant to me, or the word play for 8D.

    Never mind – a good DA day all.

  34. Mike, re 13A …
    Add an “A” to the end of your answer and you have the reason for the afternoon malaise, then “briefly” truncates that to “most prying into”.

  35. Oops – ssorry for getting numbers wrong in my post. I should have got the magnifying glass out

  36. Thanks, AndrewT, Julienne and Mike. Sorry for the late response, but another medical appointment intervened.

    A couple I had worked out before I saw your hints, but I thought 1D would be in need of a hyphen, and I’ve never heard of the second meaning of 23D. What you have said about 8D means either that I have the wrong answer or I’m unusually thick today.

  37. If anyone still has a problem with 20A, try listening to “Surfin” USA” by the Beach Boys.

  38. I’m with Dave R on parsing 8D. Julienne’s account leaves me none the wiser. There is a vague cigarette-related connection for the first word, but that’s all I can come up with.

  39. AG & others re 8D …

    1st word “some drawing” as in smoking” (“just going outside for a quick …”)
    2nd word “man” … as in a checker or counter of some sort on a game board e.g. pawns, etc in chess.
    def “promotional story” (is “?” necessary?)

  40. Anyone got the blank grid to share? Nowhere near any newsagents today.

  41. re 8d. I’ve only come across the meaning of’ promotional story’ recently in British crosswords which is where I encountered the first word in that context.

    AndyW, belated thanks for putting me out of my ignorance about the alternative for the retired naval person. Should have looked it up, but did when I came home.

    Sorry Jonathan, are you still up north or somewhere? Since the SMH digital/replica changed some months back I’m not even able to print DA, except in a microscopic form, and last time I attempted to forward it, it was equally difficult for the recipient. Maybe someone who’s more tech savvy than me?

  42. Jonathan Nolan … if you have Twitter account, DM your email or mobile no. to @ABCRustedOnToRN

  43. I was a bit surprised at some people having not heard of 1A; it’s famous for Clive James being “the boy from 1A”

  44. I had a good result this week, missing only two answers. Thanks for all the help I received from this site. However I would be grateful for an explanation of the wordplay for 28A as I still don’t get it, despite the hits already given.

  45. GeoffD re 28A

    “naval member” PUSSER (naval slang for PURSER)
    reversed by “retiring”
    “command ending” at letter 1.
    So, D+RESSUP

  46. As befitting Fri 13, 13A is a worry.
    The wordplay isn’t sick, just nodding off.

  47. Thanks Celia. This slang word is a one I’ve never heard. Always learning with DA. The Mexican sandals were new to me too.

  48. Thanks everyone
    I got 28 across but not the word play until last few comments

  49. Could any of you kind folk give a parsing of 19d in this weeks DA ,my friend and I have differing opinions on it

  50. eled, re 19D …
    “Radio sources / seemingly reduced / listeners disoriented?”
    def: “Radio sources”
    “seemingly” QUASi “reduced” – i
    “listeners” eARS “dis-oriented?” – e

  51. CLT, the reason for the “afternoon malaise” was NO SIESTA. The clue had a truncation indicator, to satisfy the definition: NOSIEST. Great clue, I loved it. Before criticising a DA clue, consider that you might be mistaken, not that the clue is somewhat lacking, and see if there is an alternative solution you’ve possibly, in naivety, overlooked.

  52. Thank you Celia ,my friend was right ,I had it the other way ‘listener’ reduced and ‘quas’ (askew) disoriented .

  53. Celia , what an arrogant, condescending comment to make to a new member. We all know that you have hihacked this forum but your latest utterance is a new low even by your standards.

  54. Here we go again, one non-contributor takes issue with a post, criticises the person posting not with a legitimate argument but with an outpouring of barbs. Such is unwelcome in this forum. I don’t mind being taken to task if someone feels one of my posts is for some reason out of order, but please don’t use this forum to cyber-bully me or any other contributor.

    And CLT, I apologise for using the phrase “in naivety” in my response to your post. I felt the rest of my post was totally in order, but if anyone still disagrees, please explain why, without the barbs!

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