DA Confusion for the Grand Final Week, 29th of September, 2017

Truly wonderful that we Melbournians get a day off to visualise Trent Cotchin lifting the premiership cup. And to work out how this week’s DA works.

65 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the Grand Final Week, 29th of September, 2017

  1. Woke up even earlier than usual and have finished the crossie already. I imagine the journos want to enjoy the long weekend too and put the paper to bed early.

    Difficult grid with only 8D and 15 D providing the scaffolding. 16A was my last one in. Barking up the wrong tree there from the getgo. Lots to like. Clark’s baby, remote possibility, DA’s tricks and interesting indicators.

  2. All done, quicker than usual. The LHS went in first but RHS was no harder.
    I liked 22a, 11a, 2d and 15a.

  3. Careful search reveals only one answer, 9A. Not looking hopeful at all.

  4. Arthur,try 29A, artforms should be two words, with “forms”being the anagrind

  5. Thanks, Mary-jane, That gave me several more. I have now eight, or maybe nine. The court injunction in 7D? If the common one, how is it connected to toast?

  6. Arthur, 7d is an abbreviation for a spread and the court order is an acronym.

  7. Thanks, Andyw, that doesn’t ring any bells yet. I have most of SE now, thought 22A brilliant. But must away, just saw the time. Back later.

  8. Arthur C: the spread in 7D is one the younger generation are possibly more likely to use than our generation.

  9. Stuck on …

    1D … not sure my 1A correct …

    and 11A/18A.

    All hints welcome!

  10. Ta folks, yes on 7D, diabetic lady here not permitted that one. Still have seven or eight to go. Have to work out which Clark is involved in 15A. Must Google. Also 11A.

  11. Celia 1D , ‘far from’ = cryptic code for the opposite of (1A). Both are adjectives.

  12. My reading of 11/18 (which I only got by back parsing) is a sort of &lit (maybe), with an anagram of 3 of the words. The anagrind I’ve never seen as a verb but Wiktionary gives an example from Aussie rules. Is this DA’s nod to the Grand Final weekend?

  13. Gayle, thank you. My 1A must be wrong then. No idea on the 1’s.

    And “bridge”?

  14. 1D double definition, one being a verb, eg _ _ _ _ _ a river, and the other being an adjective describing an emotional state.
    1A Took me ages to work it out, if I have it right…
    Def is first word, which is a bit overstated or misleading IMO.
    Church is letters 1,2. The saint is ‘excommunicated’ from the colloquial synonym for ‘bust’ , or ‘busted’. The answer is more commonly spoken in the UK, an adjective describing an emotional state (the opposite of 1D).
    Hope this helps and you’re not looking for the 22A : -)

  15. Five missing, no way ahead at present. the 1, 2, 4D, 1, 11-18A. Enough for this morning, i think.

  16. Thanks Andyw, you got me A-1D both 1’s with that slight misdirection, l had the saint where I should have had the church.

    All out, all understood.

    Fave clue: because I laughed & laughed & laughed when I solved it, 12A. “go online” indeed.

    Happy solving everyone!_

  17. 1A: def is first word of clue (somewhat loosely). Word 2 gives letters 1,2. Letters 3-7 are a 7 letters word meaning ‘bust’, with saint ‘excommunicated’ (removed).

    1D: Def is 1st word of clue, but as a verb not noun. In another meaning it is an antonym of 1A.

  18. The Eel, re 11A/18A

    Would you believe “soccer” is an anagrind, and “cry” the definition? just exclude “and” from what’s left and you have the anagrist. Answer is a common expression.

  19. @ The eel, Your comment is very appropriate to the solution.
    If you really want a clue, and my comment at 9:49 doesn’t help, the answer may be found by considering the last word as the definition, and it’s an anagram of 3 of the words in the clue. Probably too early to say any more at this stage, as it might spoil the fun.

  20. Alice, re 25A, defn is last word of clue, it’s a charade clue with insertion (“boring”), and the “cardinal” is a number. See how you go with that!

  21. All out except 22A. Have all the cross letters and presumably def is last 3 words of clue. Second word of answer seems obvious. Despite having letters 2 and 4 of 1st word, cannot think what it is & cannot derive it (? from fab). So frustrating! Or have I misinterpreted everything?

  22. alaric, yes, right about the def. If you have the second word correct you’ve got the Spoonered first letter for the first word, so you’ve got 3 of the 4 letters. The original word meaning fab is also an abbreviation , meaning terrific, great, etc. Common expression in Australia, the full form has a ‘y’ at the end.

  23. I do think soccer is a most unfair anagrind. Yes, I know it makes for good surface but really, there are limits…

  24. Phoebe, Re 15A/5A: Def is first two words. Royal (think Shakespeare) gives last 4 letters of 15A and brat the first 3 letters of 5A; its 4th letter is “painful bottom”. Company gives 1st two letters of 15A and the missing 5 letters by song.

  25. Carol, as a verb, I believe “soccer” is fine as anagrind. Unusual, rare, but fine!

  26. Carol, check dictionary sources to confirm if you don’t believe me. According to my Concise Aussie Oxford, one such example is in Aussie Rules, “to soccer a ball” is “to kick it without handling it”.

  27. 22A: Finally figured out synonym for fab. But hasn’t the shortened form (without the y) have 5 letters? And if so, shouldn’t there be a homophone indicator to get it down to 4?

  28. Alaric, a homophone doesn’t need to share the same spelling; the homophone example referred to is in a spoonerism, the answer we want is the de-spoonerised (or pre-spoonerised, if you like) form, any different spelling needed for the spoonerism does not affect the desired result in any way.

  29. Celia @ 3.04
    Well, what do you know… you learn something every day.

    Meanwhile, 12a and 22a are why I love DA, even when he drives me crazy.

  30. In the end, it all fell into place. Lunched at 1100, to coles at 1115, home at 1200, picked it up, and bang, bang, bang, bang, all over. 1A turned out to be the key. Good clue.

  31. Good one, Arthur C, it wasn’t that bad, was it? I’m jealous that you beat me to the spoonerism!

  32. @Alice, 28a. A ‘wide’ in cricket is an ‘extra’, contained (grab) in a shortened ( fairly) another colloquial synonym for ‘cool’, as in hip language.

  33. Spent most of my morning racking up kms down Beach Rd and elsewhere around town, almost forgot today was Friday.
    Liked 6D & 20D, my schoolboy French must be letting me down over 5D, and 22A is empty apart from all the cross letters. 15A came to me just by looking at it for long enough, the way they do sometimes.

  34. Black Pen: 5D is archaic word for “steep” (I.e. soak, marinate etc.) The French component is 4-6, think of Poe’s “¹¹The Murders in the XXX Morgue”
    In 22A, “remote” refers to a device, not something far far away. Hope that helps.

  35. Silver Jo re …

    12A another name for a duelling sword, then have a chuckle at “go online”!

    16A rellie 1-4; this wrap 5-6, defn “gives”

    These two clues are really easy to solve; do you have other unsolved ones up your sleeve for later on?

  36. Pretty sure I have 24D but can’t parse it. It’s the only one I have left. Any hints on parsing?

  37. I’m guessing the answer is an abbreviation & the defn = last 2 words.

  38. Brian Fingerton re 24D … Read your answer from bottom to top for a word to “hurry” and top to bottom for a “jazz school” (i.e. style).

  39. Thanks Celia. I thought so. Originally I thought the defn might be “hurry up”. There’s a word which fits but I couldn’t see any parsing. Then I saw the parsing you saw & it must be that.

  40. Is 4d a straight clue , or am I missing something clever ?? Thanks for today’s hints, all of you .

  41. Julie W, double definition, of sorts, as pattern defines “loafer” as the main definition.

  42. They were my last 2 in, the easy ones. I awoke with the answers ! Ty anyway Celia.

  43. Thank you Celia. I always solve the hard ones first and leave the easy ones for last. It’s how I roll.

  44. Just 17d to go, folks. Tips most welcome.

    Happy Grand Final Day to any AFL fans out there. Best of luck to both teams.


  45. Pete, from north of the border, I’m a Queenslander, so I can’t lose in the other code :-)
    17D Def is first word. Letters 1-3 = eat. Letters 4-6, is a reversal ‘(over’ ie upwards in a down clue) of bug as in annoy, and letters 7-8 is alternative.

  46. @Pete, I read ‘bug’ as a verb, but just looked up IRE as a verb and couldn’t find it in any online dictionary. Maybe someone else has a better explanation.

  47. Celia 9:29 – I’ve got 12 a now but I originally had ‘post’ using an anagram to ‘stop’ as in an alternative to ‘foil’ . I out crypticated myself !!!

  48. Gayle,

    Thanks for the tip. All out at last.

    As a Scot I can lose in neither but safe to say I’ll be in the Cowboys end tomorrow! A love of country and bluegrass music makes it, well, the natural choice.


  49. I’d also normally associate the first 3 letters with drinking rather than eating.

  50. One left to get 21 across. If my other answers are correct I have a a-s-! Any help welcome

  51. Ian, re 21A …

    BEGINNERS! Follow the LEADS! For STARTERS read the clue carefully. And Learn Strategic Options!

    Enough hints, definition is “to boot”

  52. Face palm kid thank you it was sooo obvious I didn’t see it !!! Thank you

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