DA Confusion for the 8th of September, 2017

Get your confusions sorted out while I’m in Greece.

Deconfusify your DA!

50 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 8th of September, 2017

  1. Really struggled today. Just found some really obtuse. But maybe I don’t fully get some wordplays and am forcing a bit much.
    Happy solving all.

  2. 3D, 12A, 14D all I have so far. But only just started. As Dad used to say ‘Stone the flamin’ Crows”.

  3. Fun like last week’s, only tougher I agree. I have largely completed a diagonal from NW to SE so far.

  4. Half done. But if I have the right ‘drink’ in 26A, I can’t understand clue. Explanation, please.

  5. Arthur C. re 26A, “heard” is a homophone indicator, “uncap” a “proposal” and you have “the drink”, homophonically.

  6. Celia, I think i must have wrong ‘Drink’, domain of the pirates (16D) doesn’t seem to fit your clue. Or i’m too dumb to see it. Only nine left, must leave till later.

  7. Pretty straightforward today, liked 5A, 26A & 24D- one for the GoT fans there.
    Interesting to see the Age letter writers this week who think no one can complete a DA.

  8. All out, but all but 15A understood (“is mum”?).

    Last out 7D (was toying with the wrong “hub”).

    First out 14D, then 25A, 20D, 5A, 8D/28A.

    Favourite clue, 16D.

    Very hard today, more of a challenge, a good thing!

    Happy solving, everyone!

  9. Celia re 15A, if you give your OK, you give your 3,2.
    Then recast the answer to 4,1= “mum”.

  10. Celia (0820), I remember that refrain from 70+ years ago. Pirate movies in Saturday arvo flicks. sixpence to get in. I lack seven or eight: 5, 17, 27A, 7, 12, 18, 22D. 5A most troublin: Noun, or verb for desert?

  11. Arthur C, 5A defn Painter (n.b. not strictly, DA!), decapitalise Munch, and the “desert” is a verb.

  12. Arthur C, hints only:
    17A & 27A are DDs
    7D defn is “Nice plane”
    12D defn “reach”, “briefly digs” 1-5
    18D defn first six words, “drilled” an inclusion indicator
    22D a DD of sorts … “18D worker maybe” one way, “climbed on again” for the other. n.b “climbed” does double duty here it seems.

  13. Thanks for all that Celia (1214), searched those clues till my head hurts, may just leave it for today. Ta anyway.

  14. Jane (& others) … “DD” abbreviation of Double Definition: the clue comprises two (or more) components that each define the answer.
    So 17A can be read as “to direct”/”sort”, and 27A as “fix” [n.b. here a noun, not a verb]/”place offering Wi-Fi”.

    Kapish? Ho capito?

  15. Really struggling today! There are a few that I can guess at like 13A but can’t parse wordplay.

  16. Indigo:
    13A: def is the first three words of clue. ‘made’ is an anagrind, with the grist being words 4,5 of the clue plus ‘initially stocked’.

  17. All done after a late start. Chemotherapy slowing me down. Indigo, 13A is an anagram; the anagrind is ‘made’, but you need to add the letter derived from the last three words of the clue.

  18. Hope your recovery is as good as your solving DaveR. Best wishes for your health.

  19. For 7d I have an answer for ‘Nice Plane’. Letters 12 comes from ‘Travel hub’.
    How does 345 come from ‘Gets 9-across review’?
    That’s the only bit I can’t parse.
    Thanks in advance.

  20. Jason, re 7D,
    “review” is a reversal indicator.
    Cryptically, letters 3-5 reversed are a synonym of the 5 letters of 9A.

  21. Well, I thought this was hard, but a lot of fun. There are a few gems today – fav probably 5A
    All done except 26A, 16D and 20D (despite all of the above). Can guess 20D but don’t get wordplay for last 3 letters.
    Don’t quite get the wordplay for 9A (despite Celia at 4:12) or 3D (still don’t get the connection with 9A) or 6D or 18D. Thanks Black Pen for 15A wordplay.
    All good wishes Dave R

  22. SB. 26A. Defn is “drink”. “Heard” is homophone indicator. Proposal uncapped means a homophone for proposal minus first letter.

  23. All out but i am with SB at 9:51 – i can’t parse last 3 letters of 20d. Help?

  24. pommy al re 24D
    Take a 4-letter word for “eager”
    “promote” its last letter (from fourth to second place).
    Answer is something that bends!
    Cross letters should help!!!

  25. Also can’t parse last three letters of 20D.

    Also can’t understand letters 345 of 7D despite hint… please help!

  26. Samjez & others, re letters 3-5 of 7D …
    “review” is a reversal indicator. Taking capital “i” as “1”, letters 5 4 3 are an abbreviation of a synonym for 9A.
    By the way, just in case you have misunderstood the clue, the 4th letter of 7D is not “A”. If you had this, it would explain incomprehension of any explanation. The answer is a French word, what a “plane” would be called in “Nice”.

  27. Are 10 ? clues (11 if you count 15A) a record for DA? I’m surprised there are only 46 comments as I thought this was a bit of a 5D. I complete the puzzle at a leisurely pace, usually in stolen minutes at bedtime until I nod off, unlike the early birds who race to post first. I come here to read the comments about favourites, first out and last in etc. I rarely post but when I do, it is usually the last 15A 1-3. 15A 4-5…..

  28. Hi there,
    I didn’t get around to even attempting this on Friday, so unfortunately it’s not saved in my iPad SMH app.
    This is asking for a friend’s sister.
    We think the clue was 31 across, and it was “Gives new order to the hinterland mountains (10)”
    Can anybody help out with this please?

  29. Wasn’t from Friday’s DA, Jan Syme, 31A seems too high (Friday’s went to 21), but its answer is trivial: REAR+RANGES.

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