DA Confusion for the 1st of September, 2017

Don’t have your first day of spring ruined: have your confusions sorted out here.

55 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 1st of September, 2017

  1. All out. A typical DA. Nothing special IMHO. I was slow at getting 19a/16d, which held me up for a bit.

  2. Well, I had six before six, just got a seventh before seven (a.m.). Good start, lots to do. Have an answer for 26A, but where is the hospital?

  3. Hi Arthur
    I suspect the hospital in 26a is a Sydney reference. Not too sure being a Melbourne boy.

  4. Lots of anagrams and partial anagrams today. Not usually DA’s style. Clever but not very well disguised, and gettable from defs. On the other hand the Australian climber was a gotcha.

    3D deserves the ?’ Claims’ I thought was a bit iffy.
    Still trying to parse the first 10 letters in 9D and the first 9 letters in 14D.
    Liked the snake performer, territory work, and DA’s cheeky use of ‘registered’ in 2 consecutive clues.

  5. 100 minutes to complete, far too long!

    Nasty DA trick in 3D, but laughed when it 26A.

    Unusual for DA to have so many personal names … at least outside of a themed puzzle. Two actors, a sport commentator, and a scientist. Plus a famous though relatively recent Aussie film.

    Think letters 1-3 of 26A abbreviation of a specific type of hospital.

    Favorite clue: 4D
    Also liked different uses of “registered” in 25A & 26A

    Don’t understand the “attracting rent” reference in 9D. Anyone?


  6. Celia , 9D, I took the last 4 letters as an archaic synonym for rent, as in tear. If I’m right, I can’t parse everything before it, a homophone (vocal) of something?

  7. Oh, so exercise is a homophone of letters 5-9. And is ‘behind’ a synonym for a golf term?

  8. I mean a homophone for a synonym of a golf term. : -( It’s a long shot I know. :- )

  9. Gayle, re 9D, agree with 5-10, think 1st 2 clue words the definition, “vocal” a homophone indicator for 4th & 5th clue words, with the 4th in sense of “in support of”, and letters 11-14 definitely archaic!

  10. Oh, thanks Celia. That sense of ‘behind’. That’s good, almost antonyms in one sense, being synonyms in another.

  11. All out, but I’m a bit suds about 11a; are there too many letters or do I have it wrong?

  12. Kenneth, “exposed joker left” gives letters 1-3+4-5, then “forgettable sides” 6-7. That fits what you have?

  13. Kenneth, I had to check too on Wiki, having only ever heard his name, and his laugh, and then, my husband and son joining in. DA didn’t get it wrong.

  14. Just found 1A, great relief, and then understood the first two of 3D! Only a dozoen or so ar present, has been a busy morning. Needing now 4 & 9, to give me a run at the rest. Might haveto go to Wordfinder. CU later.

  15. ArthurC, 4D: anagrind is ‘complex’, the grist is words 5,6 and 8 of the clue. First 4 words are the def.

  16. Helen, Re 11A, apostrophes are generally not included in answers, nor are there clues. But DA has done weird things in the past. Anyone remember the black filled circle crossword he produced one day, where that symbol represented the same recurring string in all answers in which it appeared?

  17. All out but don’t get wordplay for 10A (2,3, 5-7); 13A; 25A (1-3); 3D (I could be wrong with this one); and 14D (1-9).

  18. SB re …

    10A ha, you fell into a trap! It’s a 7-letter word for “mixes” (think socially) with “jukebox, principally” replacing “1000”. Defn “tunes”

  19. SB, re 13 , “announced” is a homophone indicator, answer is a “name of fellow” that is a homophone of a “weightlifter”. Think … on construction sites.

  20. SB re 3D, famous Aussie poet Murray at 3-5, then “1-down” occupies 1-2. note: DA has set a trap here, to distract you from seeing something that’s right in front of you!

  21. SB re 14D,

    Defn “basic”
    “change in America” letters 3-6
    “stopped” inclusion indicator
    “a turn” after “forming” letters 1-2, 7-9
    “lines” 10-11

  22. SB re 25A
    Defn. “stunned”
    Whole answer a homophone (“registered”); first three letters a homophone of a 5-letter word meaning “private”.

  23. Thanks for all the help!

    1A parse? I think defn organ screen. But can’t see how possibly = 1-3, scale 4-8…

  24. Charlie, 1A is what one might use to protect a certain organ…I imagine you might find it more useful than I.
    And a “scale” is possibly a 4-8 of a 1-3??

    Any help with 6D?

  25. Oh, yes, I’d overlooked 25A – I get it now thanks Celia. And I think that’s the lot.

  26. Coffee time to finish the last few I missed earlier. Can’t get 21d unless I have 20 a wrong. Clues?

  27. Did disgustingly poorly on this one, finished eight short. Too late in day to look further, i think, a tiring day. Have read clues above, I’m to dense to understand them. Finished minus 6, 14D, 10, 13, 16,17, 20, 25A So, next week, hopefully.

  28. LJ I’m still at it too!
    20 a def last 2 words.
    Went over ‘broadcast’ homophone indicator, letters 1-3
    Synonym for schedule 4-7
    Alien common 2 letter word, really a name

  29. Arthur C I’m with you on most of these except for my comment above. Amazes me that sometimes I do well and other times….

  30. LJ, ‘went over’ is anagram (broadcast) eg a document or paper letters 1-3. . Schedule is 4-7. And 8-9 is the rest.

  31. Arthur 6D. My reading is that ‘record’ is doing double duty. Def is first two words. But the ‘record’ is also 4-5, and the books you would know are at 6-7, all contained in an anagram (skip) of ‘ a lane’.

  32. That’s 10 A. 13 has also been explained above.
    ‘Night. Heading for bed too.

  33. Gayle, you seem to be confusing anagrams (reordering letters) with homophones (soundalikes).

    For example, 16A/22D is all anagram, whereas 25A is all homophones (two: letters 1-3 & letters 4-6).

  34. @ Celia, as I said, going to bed. Should have done so earlier. I see I made a mistake in my comment to LJ. He was more forgiving.

  35. Fair go Celia. Gayle knows her anagrams from her homophones, but thank you both for being so helpful.

  36. Was just about to come here for help when it all fell into place.
    Enjoyable without being too hard

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