DA Confusion for the 4th of August, 2017

Get your confusions sorted out. It’s too cold to be confused!

58 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 4th of August, 2017

  1. Morning all!
    Stuck in NW – 1D 3D 11A 13A – non spoiler hints welcome.

    Hah, presuming my 16A correct, another Foreday Riders CD title! Their 50th anniversary reunion @ The Factory, Marrickville, tomorrow.

  2. Hi Celia,
    Just got to work and saw your post.
    3d def last word
    11a unwanted internet attention
    13a – I just spent 3 weeks in Croatia ?

  3. Like Celia, stuck on four in NW corner, first word of 2D, 3D, 9A, 11A. Otherwise, no probs. Still looking at Andyw hint (0735).

  4. My last 2 in were in the SW. A bit of a mixed bag of general knowledge, in time and place, but DA is often like that. One of his strengths I reckon.
    I had no idea about 5D, sorry to say. Far too wide a definition. Got it from wordplay and crossers, with google to confirm.

  5. Arthur C.
    2D partial
    mid-morning letters 5-7,12
    learner letters 1-4,13-15

    3D British is Neither B nor BR, but two letters at 4-5; laptop-less heretics the rest.

    9A originally?!

    11A definition is “screen temptation”; “a bit, perhaps”, at 6-9

  6. Kenneth, 25A. Last letter of (close to) sea in a 5 letter word for carp (not a fish) with the head of spear.

  7. Kenneth re 25A

    “carp” letters 1,3-6
    “jabbing” inclusion of “close to sea” @ 2
    “spearhead” @ 7

  8. Well, I eventualy saw 9A, Celia’s clue gave me 3D, Still no light on 2d or 11A, but will look again later in the day.

  9. Thanks Celia, I had incorrectly put in the singular and added an S (duh!).

  10. All out, but unsure of word play for the first part of 10A, also for 8D and 14D. Thought this was DA at his best, stretching the brain but not torturing it.

  11. Hello DA trippers,
    Trying to tackle DA’s crossword for the second time (my first adventure was unfruitful). Just don’t know where to start!

  12. 10A: letters 1-3 of the answer are clued by ‘novel twist’

    8D: def is first two words of clue. Words 3-5 give letters 2,3 of the answer. Words 7-8 give the first letter of the answer. Last word of clue gives letters 4,5 of answer.

    14D: def is the last 4 words of clue. The first two words of clue give letters 2,3. 3rd word of clue give letters 4-6. Disguised is both a container indicator and a clue for letters 1, 7,8,9 of the answer.

  13. Dea, welcome aboard!

    The easiest ones today are probably 1A and 20A, both have their answers straightforwardly within the clue!

  14. Thanks, AndrewT. Now that you’ve explained 14D, could it be that the first two words of the clue give letters 2,3 & 4, leaving the third word to give letters 5 & 6? But then I’m not sure about ‘doofus’.

    Also, if the first word in the clue for 10A provides the def, what is the reversal indicator? Could it be that the last word in the clue refers to the whole answer, not just the ‘novel’ bit?

    As for 8D, I just didn’t try hard enough.

  15. > Now that you’ve explained 14D, could it be that the first two words of the clue give letters 2,3 & 4, leaving the third word to give letters 5 & 6? But then I’m not sure about ‘doofus’.

    Uncovered meaning just losing the first letter rather than first and last? Hmmm … I was reading doofus as idiot, but I guess it could be thingummy.

    > if the first word in the clue for 10A provides the def, what is the reversal indicator?

    A word meaning ‘novel’ is twisted; twist could be read as a reversal or an anagrind I guess, works both ways.

  16. 3D: def is the last word of the clue. Take a word meaning heretics and remove the letter clued by ‘laptop’. In what remains insert (absorb) two letters that (can loosely) mean British.

  17. Re 10A I take “twist” to be reverse indicator and it applies to the whole lot ie: 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1

  18. Thanks AndrewT! I’ll have a look into those, the other comments also help with some ideas/hints

  19. Hi Dea,
    I found 12A/18D easy, as were 15D & 17D (the Lawrence being TE not DH, and the Pound isn’t Ezra).

  20. Ray – agree with you that that’s how 10A works.

    I have it complete but with two wordplay queries please: 24A; and in 19A, how does ‘lacking 19D’ give 1 and 5?

  21. 24A: def is last 2 words of clue. ‘New’ is an anagrind, with the grist being ‘tokens had’, overlooking ‘an’.

  22. Ian F In 24A the “an” is overlooked. I’m puzzled about 19A because the only acronym I know as a possibly container is not lacking 19D

  23. Welcome Dea.
    I am also fairly new and I started with 7D, 15D, 18A & 23A. It will take some time before you understand DA’s mind!

    Mike: from the answer I have, if something is lacking 19D then it is not three-dimensional and therefore gives you the number and letter combo required for the extremes of 19A.

  24. Yes 19A stumped me, couldn’t parse it for ages.
    *sent from my 24A*

  25. Bianca, thanks from me too!
    I enjoyed today’s (also, usually don’t get to them until Saturday)
    But, I’m still confused by 13 A – may have the answer, but if I do – I can’t parse it.
    Any assistance gratefully accepted.

  26. 13A LJ:
    Definition is last word of clue. Frisbee = 1 (visual clue). Dalmatian possibly, returning = 2-5. Geographical, not a canine, reference, then reversed.

  27. Thanks Ian F, it now all makes sense.
    In view of Andyw’s clue @ 7:35 am, and that I think DA has done this before, I now feel like an 12A failure (whose brain has 10 A’ed).

  28. Evening trippers – could I please 7d about how the answer to 1a relates to the def??? I’m 6d at all . , Thanks , Julie.

  29. Julie Walker. Perhaps the clue should have read “of the bread basket”.

  30. Have been enjoying the mid week SMH fare. Answers generally easy to understand even if using clues to find the answer. All confidence lost after today’s effort. Glad I found this blog. Still unsure of a lot of answers. For starters

    10A – understand reversal indicator, “better books” though?
    14A – “state opening” how does that refer to answer ? literal – as in what is said at the opening of
    11A – “to get on” ? = (sorry just got it)

  31. Celia – Andrew’s post tells how to solve it . I can’t see how the stomach relates to a bread basket.

  32. Julie Walker, a good dictionary will tell you it’s a colloquial term for the stomach, e.g. “‘ere ya are, shove that in ya bread basket!”

  33. Thanks Celia – looked in the Urban Dictionary – you are absolutely right. Who knew!!

  34. Dave – 10a – in the reversal , ‘better’ is 9,8,7 ; ‘books’ is 6,5 ;
    – 14a- the answer is 4.5 ; the clue is 5,4 ; ‘State ‘ is 5 letters , ‘opening’ is 4 letters.

  35. Dave at 9:24 pm re 10A & 14A

    10A A common cryptic reference is “books” cluing either OT or NT.
    10A is a reversed (“twist”) charade, with definition “declined”.
    “better” (a verb) @ letters 9-7 =3rd word
    “books” @ 6-5=2nd word
    “without finishing” @ 4
    “novel” @ 3-1

    14A A very simple charade: The “state” is of the US and sits at letters 1-5 (hint sandwiched in the NE area bounded by NY State & the Great Lakes.
    “opening” is at 6-9
    defn is “title fight”
    Note there will be lots of warmup matches, but the “title fight” is the 14A.

  36. All finished, had to guess the order for the letters in 12a and 18d. Not too bad this week.

  37. Need help with Sat 5 Aug. One to go: “Indolent sort flouted rule, to take the chair” (5,5).
    Is this some type of Latin or foreign phrase?
    I have L….S and .A.E.

  38. Noel, not a foreign phrase. Defn 1st 2 words. The chair is at letters 5-8, balance an anagram of “rule to” (“flouted” anagrind). Cheers!

  39. According to Whois, davidastle.com’s registration expired on 22/6/2017. Its status is “on hold”. Being a domain name based on someone’s name, it’s unlikely anyone else would claim it, but it is susceptible to being snaffled by someone else.

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