55 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 7th of April, 2017

  1. Flew along, heading for PB – then stalled!
    Finally got there but 24A took me forever as had never heard of it.
    Good solving all.

  2. Similar to Ray, but I have heard of 24a before. With a chemistry background, 12a jumped out at me first. I liked 9d, 25a and 21a.

  3. Stuck on 24 across, despite all cross letters. Do 2nd & third words rhyme? Any hints?

  4. Had heard 24A before, AndyW. If singular venue there’d be no need for the topping.

    Can anyone explain how “sign-writing ♥” gives 2-6 in 25A?

  5. Half done. Liked 23D. Haven’t sorted 24A, busy day coming up. may have to leave till this afternoon.

  6. Finding it quite slow this morn. Only 12 and 22 so far ?
    Just had 3 days at Bay of Fires, maybe brain is dead!
    Any hints please….

  7. Thank goodness for coffee..brain starting to tick…just got 2 more!
    I love this forum!

  8. Melanie, too early for spoilers, but following clues relatively straightforward …
    1A, 2A, 10A, 11A, 18A, 1D, 2D, 6D, 14D (word split needed).

    Happy solving.

  9. Pretty easy today though I was blind to 8A for way too long.
    Liked 20D and the use of “brave” in 16D

  10. Re 16D: DA would appear to have chromatically confused a pirate with a certain fictional notorious criminal of another type altogether.

  11. Re 1D, I would say that the answer is, scientifically, a bit ‘loose’ for ‘dissolving’.

  12. No, you are right. I got them confused too … the hirsuteness’s hue has haphazard haccuracy!

  13. Well, returned for a further look. still six or seven short. 4, 20, 24A, 4, 5, 20D. My 7D is very probably wrong as well. I have 20A starting with O, but it could be a V?

  14. Thanks, Alice, i had decided the O was more likely, but either could have fitted 1D. I have no idea
    on my missing seven, will call it a day. to get that close to a DA is not too bad, i feel. I could fit a well-known bird into 19A, but can see no connection with clue. Enough for today. Try again next week.

  15. In the interests of cluing fairness 14 requires a question mark.
    16 Yes DA would appear to have the wrong colour.

  16. I seem to be the only one confused by 5D. I have an answer meaning standard, but the word play escapes me.
    This puzzle was pretty tough, but I have them all now other than my 5D issues.

  17. Extremely slow going today: only a couple of answers, one of which is 16D.
    I also thought 16D was a pirate and was surprised to discover on Google that he was not!
    Is 14D an anagram? (I’m working on Celia’s ‘word split’ hint)

  18. Jack, @ 4:30 pm re 5D …
    Think of your answer as a 1,2,1 division. If it still makes no sense, your answer is most likely to be wrong!

  19. NW eludes me. Perhaps some pointers for 1d or 8a or 10a. But lots of others unsolved.

    Also parsing please for 26a and letters 8,9,10 of 24a (assuming 7 is top).

    Have a great weekend all.

  20. Geoff D re 14D … major Qld racetrack, split “rejigged” to Decipher clue!

  21. Dan @ 6 pm

    a 6-letter word for “in-group” losing its face for 1-5;
    “to another [in-group]” 6-12

    8A: are you a real man? If so you don’t eat this!
    “came down short”=10-14
    “single bloke after first couple”=4-9
    “nearly finished”=1-3

    10A: “lead”=”first letter” (not “Pb”).

  22. Dan re parsing of …

    26A “diminutive twin retiring” signals a deletion and a reversal. Defn is “inspect”.

    re 24A: 7-10 is a 5-letter synonym of “facility” which has been “topped”.
    This clue would also make sense if it read ” … concert venue – facility for …” and the in-this-version un-topped facility is 6-10.

  23. Thanks Celia. I should have remembered the Agatha Christie story (1,2,1) of the same title.

  24. Thanks Celia. I had started to think of race tracks, but for some reason not in Qld.

  25. Why has no one complained about the changed part of speech in the 10a answer / def ?? Or doI have the wrong answer?

  26. Julie W. re 10A
    I don’t understand your query, but will parse the answer for you …

    Both definition and answer are nouns.
    Definition is “worthy”
    “lead-free fence” gives 1, 6-8 (“lead-free”=”remove first letter”)
    “pit” gives 2-5
    “surrounds” is a container indicator
    Happy now?

  27. Maybe . ‘ Worthy’ is a noun only in some dictionaries . It is a weird noun, but ok I guess .( DA is not usually so loose with parts of speech.)

  28. GeoffD, about 35 years ago I had a casual job setting up tote machines at Sydney suburban racetracks, AJC Randwick & Warwick Farm, and STC Canterbury & Rosehill, and providing low level tech support. Amount earned depended on number of meetings, but was around $600 a week, not bad in the early ’80s. Occasionally was drafted as a banker or, shock horror, put on a window to sell tickets! If a systems punter came to a window with 100 bets, I could punch them all off in the five minutes before the race jumped! Too old and slow and half blind to do that now. Those were the days!

  29. Celia at 10.04pm. That’s got to be one of the more unusual ways a student could support herself in ‘those days’.
    I was baffled by the “sign-writing ♥” (Cheated and copied your text there.) But on the fist pass this morning I thought I bet Celia gets this easily, being tech savvy., which led me to look up how to do the ♥ …. thinking it was cluing Alt + three or similar.

  30. Gayke. it’s in the character set of my phone’s keyboard, probably also in Character Map on your computer, if you look.

    But I just type “heart” and the symbol ♥ displays top left of my touch keyboard, for me to select, should I want.

  31. Thx Celia. Still a bit to go. 24 all clear now. Still don’t quite get how 26 works (I know the answer though)

    Spent my uni days at Randwick, rosehill, Canterbury & Warwick Farm working on the bag for a rails bookie.

    I even penciled tickets from time to time – but never the ledger.

    Any help with 4a before bed?

  32. 4a all clear. Of couse as anyone who’s studied law would know – it just required consideration. Thx

  33. HELP! I forgot to grab the DA from work today and I’m stranded in a weekend without a DA to do. Does anyone know where I can get a copy?

  34. Tony, the verb “brave” clues 5-9 in 16D. My concise Oz Oxford has “defy” as one definition for each.

    e g. We’ll brave the waves
    We must XXXXX the lion in his den!

  35. Thanks Celia. I was stuck thinking the first 4 letters of that word also satisfied “brave”.

  36. With 24A, I was convinced the last two words must be ‘shark tank’, which held things up for a while. Hadn’t heard of the actual solution when I finally got to it, but my children couldn’t believe my ignorance. “Everyone always says they wish they hadn’t afterwards” was their verdict.

  37. Solved about three quarters of the puzzle which is above average for me. I’ve checked the answers and two remain a mystery: 20D and (utterly baffling) 24A. Any enlightenment would be appreciated.

  38. GeoffD … a certain flame haired Queensland senator would refuse to eat 24A. Wordplay a bit convoluted but “venues” occupies 1-3,5,6, and “press” 11-14. Defn is fast food, something you could probably find in Lakemba or Surry Hills in Sydney.

    20D: straightforward, the “seconds” reversed, from wOn tHe rAce eDging rIval. Defn is State!

  39. 7D: There’s only 1 word I can think of which fits the cross clues, but that’s more a division of a long poem, which I suppose were often sung.
    Can’t parse it though.
    Am I on the right track?
    I’m pretty sure about 4A, 8A & 11A.

  40. Thanks Celia. 20D was straightforward: I just failed to see ‘overall’ as a reverse indicator.
    24A is certainly convoluted and I still can’t quite see how letters 7-10 are derived from the wordplay. Thanks also for the story of your racing past.
    Brian Fingerton, I think you probably are on the right track. My thesaurus gives letters 1-4 of 7D as a synonym of 1A plus start of ‘obscured’. But it does seem to relate more to poetry than music.

  41. Thanks GeoffD.
    I reckon 24A is overly convoluted. Entirely guesswork & Google to get it from the cross clue letters.

  42. GeoffD – for what it’s worth, 24A, 7-10: “top facility” = a 5 letter word for a personal aptitude with the first letter removed.

  43. Ahah, we top a word starting with k, not the word starting with s knackered by having “venues” as a plural.

  44. Finally got it out. I agree 24 across is a touch convoluted but “gettable”. Had the plural for venues, the “dash” was the kicker.

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