DA Confusion for the 31st of March, 2017

And I’m back in Melbourne for this week’s special on the final day of March.

Don’t head into April the fool: deconfusify yourself here.

61 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 31st of March, 2017

  1. I found it a little more difficult today.
    Done and dusted.
    Happy solving all.

  2. I went to the footy (AFL) last night, so a late start today, but having similar success to my team (Magpies)!

  3. Actually not as hard as first thoughts…LJS completed quickly… now to the RHS.

  4. All out, all understood.

    Favourite clues 25A, 1D, 9D, 18D, but most of all 2D.

    Only clued homophone encountered was in 10A. What appears to be one, in 15A, isn’t.

    Have rarely encountered 7D/28A before. Sneaky use of “Victoria possibly” for 1-5!

  5. AndyW, that’s what I thought, too. But found quite difficult, despite the easy NE across clues.

  6. Good morning all. Haven’t visited for some time. RHS filled this morning, LHS still almost empty.

  7. A good mix of easier clues to scaffold the not so easy ones. Liked 2D, 4A, 15A, 12A, Not sure of the parsing fora couple but will ponder some more. Got held up in the NE corner after falling into the trap of trying to justify sherpa for local climber. and wrongly suspecting a DA trick in La Nina hotshot.

  8. DA being current with 2D. I liked 1D (one of my favourite types of music).

  9. Kenneth, bet you’re a real big fan then of Bo Carter (Chatmon), possibly its finest practitioner, a master of the single entendre!

  10. Crikey, a type of music the answer for 1d?
    As a debutante in the world of DA, I need more help than this! I only have five answers so far.

  11. Jane, this clue and its answer have nothing to do with music, at least here. But another definition of the answer does!

  12. Seven short, can’t see any way forward. A hint for the 17,1A would be most helpful, I literally haven’t a clue.

  13. > A hint for the 17,1A would be most helpful

    It’s a straight anagram of the last 11 letters of the clue.

  14. But can’t find anything anyway. i presume ‘divine doctor’ refers to some fictional person i don’t recognise. so will finish there for today, I think.

  15. Arthur, a straight anagram, don’t you have laying on of hands services at your church!

  16. > i presume ‘divine doctor’ refers to some fictional person i don’t recognise.

    Not at all. The value of their services is fictional, but these people actually exist, unfortunately.

  17. Oh how stupid of me. I was trying to put a different word in as 1A! Hopefull that will help with the rest. Gives me 3D, anyway. So only SW corner left. thanks Celia and andrew T.

  18. Done before lunch. Happy. Thanks Kenneth for giving me a start with 2D. Mention of ‘current’ was enough. ?

  19. I’ve not heard the expression 7,28 before, but I like it and hope I can use it some time soon. I’m sure that someone could come up with a reason why a DA crossword 7,28.

  20. I got the LHS ok, but I am struggling with the right. A hint for 4a might help. And also for 7d/28a

  21. Mr Sandy, re 4A:
    Defn “divine” (a colloquialism)
    “class almost” letters 6-8
    “turning” (reversal of) “point” 1-3
    “that’s” 4-5 [this is a cryptic stalwart, part of the language of every compiler]

  22. Thanks for that Celia. That led to getting most. Still can’t get 28a (i.e. Just last word of that clue. And, while I have a local climber in 13a, I have no idea how the clue works.

  23. Sandy, in 13A there is four-letter word for job with the last letter gone, then a three-letter word for (mathematical) problem.

  24. Mr Sandy, 28A is possibly what you were sitting on at the bar!

    13A job getting downsized letters 1-3 (a 4-letter word truncated)
    “problem” – in arithmetic! 4-6.

  25. Mr Sandy,

    I admit I had to Google it, I’d guessed the 2nd word, so searched for phrases containing that, came up with words 2,3,4, first known recorded use in a 400 year old poem. “Victoria possibly” came later!

  26. Hi Trippers, here in the Northern Rivers, NSW, my SMH couldn’t get through due to Lismore and Kyogle being cut off. Can anyone help me with a link to a digital copy? Many thanks for all your help over the years from this very average solver.

  27. Never did find 17Aa, 21A, 18D. Celia earlier gave me 17, 1A. So, happy to have solved remainder.

  28. Hi Mary-Jane
    (we Janes have to stick together!)
    ‘Picked up’ ie sounds like cat, letters 1 – 5.
    Letters 6 – 9 synonym for ‘stir’. (Think laterally)
    Seagull is the definition.
    Don’t you feel clever getting it out!

  29. Hi. Moved house and lost Internet for 2 weeks.
    Where can I find 17 March solutions?
    3 to go.

  30. Greg, If you have a subscription & your Internet’s back, on the puzzles page of the 18 March issue! But yell back if you want a link!

  31. Hi Celia. Don’t have access to the digital paper. Don’t know why. If a link works, then thanks.

  32. It worked! Must bone up on my skeleton. Brain deteriorating after 40.

  33. Jonathan, no can do, would be breaching terms of my subscription, and fair use provisions of the Copyright Act. A digital-only sub is really inexpensive, and the subscriber benefits (e g free film screenings) more than make up for it.

  34. All done and dusted. 13a and 10a caused me most grief. This week was harder than last. Enjoy people.

  35. Carol, would it make more sense to you if instead of “Victoria” the clue read “Niagara”?

  36. If anyone’s still here, could they please parse 8D for me? I see the definition and possible bits of the rest but it just doesn’t hang together for me.

  37. AG : “In the heavens” is your definition and the answer is a two word anagram of the first three words of the clue.

  38. Of course! Thanks Celia. Should have guessed – my parents had their honeymoon there during WWII.

  39. Actually neither- faulty memory. Was only Fitzroy. But dad went to the Victoria ones with wife no.3!

  40. I don’t necessarily agree with the parsing for 13A, as given here by Jack and Celia. A sum is not really a problem. This read also means the sequence of the word play is out of order and therefore, to my mind, too messy.
    My take is that downsized = reversed. So, “has problem with” = (6-3), “job” = (2-1).

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