DA Confusion for the 3rd of March, 2017

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  1. I’m out too, but my hurdle group was SE, still need to work out parsing of 25A, 27A letters 4-7 (do I even have the right answer?), and 16D (what is the “Zen vision”?).

    Fave clue 19D “urn-rage” indeed!
    Also 14A & 23A.

  2. I think for 27a there are 2 possible choices but the key is “say on” = urge?

  3. Thanks, Andyw, never cone acrossbthat use of “pilot” before, outside of “pilot episodes”.

  4. Corrected …
    Thanks, Andyw, never come across that use of “pilot” before, outside of “pilot episodes”.

  5. AndyW
    I got the homophone indicator in 27A, the “on” seemed to need something extra.

  6. I liked 19D urn rage too, but was misdirected with the old. Also liked the senior discounter in 14A and 26A.
    Like Celia, SE was last in for me. And I still haven’t got the wordplay for 27, despite hints from Andyw and Celia.
    28A I can account for all of the letters, but can’t get my head around the grammar. It seems inside out to me.

  7. Gayle re 28A
    Think of “occupy” along lines of “occupation force”, so more like “overwhelm” say.

  8. Just getting under way, Margaret reaches to pick up something from floor and .. Yet again. No obvious damage, just waiting for ambulance to come and lift her up (regular occurence). Shakes us both up, but managing to solve a few while waiting. Will look back later, have only about seven at present.

  9. And quite a few filled in while waiting for ambos, only elen (NE corner) still to go.

  10. Pretty straightforward today. I liked 16D.
    Gayle, not sure you can discount the “old” in 19D
    And 25A doesn’t quite work for me because not all the Thai pilots leave.

  11. Black Pen re 25A
    “Thai pilot” is singular, so one leaves, the other doesn’t.

  12. Re 27ac, ‘say’ is not a homonym indicator but rather represents an abbreviation – letters 7 and 6. ‘On’ is in the sense of ‘on the subject of’ and gives you letters 5 and 4.

  13. Cryptogran re 16D
    Have to take your word for it, it’s ungoogleable!

  14. Finally all complete after an exciting morning. No major problems with DA, Margaret’s fall very unsettling, but ambos don’t ask how the other half is coping.

  15. 12A. Is the only one I cannot parse. Any hints?

    For me today the easy ones were very easy and the hard ones were very hard, with few middling ones. Subjective, I know.

    I liked the word play for 8D.

    Have a good weekend, everyone.

  16. Rob B re 12A
    “by” occupies letter 2.
    At their simplest, they are “bars”!

  17. Thanks, Celia. I pondered your reply for some time before the penny dropped. I can see now why “by” gives letter 2. We learned that stuff in primary school. If I can paraphrase Douglas Adams: I didn’t see it because my mind is too highly trained. ;-) It is by that operation that 6 and 9 gives the answer “42”, and that, of course, explains life, the universe and everything. Have a good one.

  18. I take the Zen vision to be Letters 1, 6-9, but I cannot confirm it on Google.

  19. I take the Zen vision to be letters 1,4,5,6,7,8.
    My fav clue was 20A – so obvious, yet it took me a while!
    Still not sure of 23A – If I’ve got it right, don’t get the word play; and still don’t have 22/18, or 28A, and would welcome gentle hints.
    Arthur, hope all’s well.

  20. SB, if you are correct, how is Letter 9 clued?

    In 23A, it goes to = 1,2; lead = 3,4; a relative = 5-9. Answer is a bigwig.

    In 22,18, the boxer is not in the ring. Read box as crate

  21. Jack. Letter 9 = article, giving the Latin plural. Zen vision is letters 1,4-8.

  22. I think zen vision is 1 5 6 7 8 9. If you google zen and the word you are thinking of it should tell you it’s right.

  23. I agree Jack that letter 9 is a bit of a mysery; but 145678 does neatly fit the zen reference in the clue. Maybe it’s the “article” of the clue.
    Thanks for 23A – I get it now, and so I should, being a relative of the kind in question! duh
    Have to rush off now so will come back to 22,18 this evening. Thanks again.

  24. 16D is clearly about the search being more important than the ending in what Celia called an unGoogleable (universe?).

    We’ve had
    Cryptogran Zen vision is 1,4, 5, 6,7,8
    Jack I take the Zen vision to be Letters 1, 6-9, but I cannot confirm it on Google.
    SB I take the Zen vision to be letters 1,4,5,6,7,8.
    Rob B Zen vision is letters 1,4-8.
    Alice I think zen vision is 1 5 6 7 8 9.
    Alice There are two similar words for this answer. Only one is right.

    What is the sound of one hand clapping?

    PS SB 22d/18a: try an anagram

  25. I am now clear with 16D. The Zen vision is 1,4-8. Letter 9 is the article.

  26. Everyone seems to have found things easy. But I am still baffled by a number of clues. I have a word that fits 28a, but no idea of the wordplay. I’d also like a hint for 1a. Anybody still there?

  27. Thanks again Jack, and Mike, for help with 22/18. I’ve got it now. All done except for 28A.

  28. SB re 28A
    Don’t have puzzle in front of me, but the traveller (?) is at 5-9, balance is anagram with deletion.

  29. Got it. Thanks Celia. I had looked at that word but didn’t pick up the wordplay.
    All sorted.

  30. Re 16D: Zen vision is definitely 1,4,5,6,7,8.
    I know others have said the same & it has been the subject of debate.
    It’s a Japanese word meaning something like the process of seeing into oneself ie. understanding one’s true nature.

  31. All out now, needed a bit of help on here to parse 16d, 27a, 28a and 19d.

    Still kind of unsure on 19d; if I understand correctly, urn gives letters 1,2,3? I don’t see the connection.

  32. Joel rw 19D
    What are urns used for?
    p. s. There’s a running joke in Bristow strip that could be described as “urn-rage”.

    See my post just three before yours re 28A.

    Will check others. Have you tried “search within page” function in your browser?

  33. 16D has 7 posts, nobody can agree it seems, but answer is a possibly archaic word meaning “hospitals”.
    See Mike @ 2:29 pm for a list of our confusions!

  34. Joel re 27A
    Reverse charade …
    “say” letters 7,6
    “on” letters 5,4
    “film” letters 3 2 1

  35. So its referring to the tea inside an urn? Don’t see how that works as a synonym… do people say “fancy an urn?”. Maybe I guess.

    For the other clues I was merely noting that I had *needed* the help of DA trippers for those last 4 and had found it within with the exception of 19D which hadn’t been explained yet. Should have made that clearer. Thanks Celia.

  36. I’m familiar with the concept, but usually it would have to be something that is in even slightly common use.

    But I don’t drink tea, so maybe I’m just unaware of the lingo.

  37. For 16d – spoiler alert
    Zen vision – satori
    an – welcoming (inserted)
    a – article

    Sanatoria – plural of sanatorium – hospitals

  38. Have done better this week than I have for ages.
    Just want to check a couple of answers.
    Celia used to have a link to the solved puzzle, but it seems to not be there now.
    Does anyone know where to find the completed grid now?

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