DA Confusion for the 27th of January, 2017

Have your confusions sorted out. Go on. Right here.

50 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 27th of January, 2017

  1. Done also, but in about a third of the usual time, so I would think this must be on the easy end of the scale. Good luck to all.

  2. A straightforward wordplay workout today I thought. A couple of aha moments when I finally got the defs for 19 and 21 across. Quibble with the def in 15A. Quite liked 20A and 4D.
    Don’t know about the grammar shaft/ed in 25A, even with the question mark.

  3. All out, all understood … except for 2D. I believe the first word is the definition, and that I have the correct answer, but just don’t understand the wordplay!

  4. Celia at 6:32. 2D def is first word. The flat is of the tyre variety and is a container for a synonym for 22A and an abbreviation for judge.

  5. Thanks, Gayle, re 2D … d’oh!

    Just a note to all, in case you’re wondering about the absence of Arthur C.. His computer has died, he told me “this time it’s terminal” (pun possibly unintended), so until he acquires a replacement he won’t be here!

  6. Erica
    No. I’m not!
    1. Times on the posts here are EST not AEDT. So I finished around 7:30 am AEDT after commencing just before 6 am. I completed all in my delivered newspaper, which usually arrives well before 5 am AEDT.
    2. I don’t know about The Age, but the SMH digital replica is usually available by 3 am AEDT (or ditto for AEST), giving early birds a head start! Dedicated DA Trippers, tackling DA in the wee small hours!

  7. I’m done-took less time than usual- nothing too tricky and alot of standard anagrams

  8. alice, 22A. I didn’t know the Dickensian character at letters 4 to 7 until after I ‘solved’ the clue and looked it up. Petition as a verb is the first 3 letters.

  9. Erica at 7:58. Well, I’m a sort of a shift worker. I’m an early bird , wake up early, do the housework and meals, listening to the birds and the radio, then reward myself with a crossword, before going to paid work. That way I get to have the best part of the day (for me) to myself and don’t 22A the rest. TMI ? :-)

  10. Could someone please let me know which words are the definitions in 25a and 8d? Cheers

  11. Hi all. All out and mostly understood, I think, although I’m not entirely sure about 8D, or how the ‘cool 24D’ applies to 15A. So illumination on those would be much appreciated!

  12. Perhaps I’m being picky, but I really don’t think 22a answer is a synonym for the first word.

  13. Re 8D. Don’t particularly like it – think it’s clumsy. Definition is last word, poisoner gives 2-4 and indebted 1,5,6

  14. Took me 2 1/2 hours today. About my usual time, but couldn’t justify 2D which I knew was correct. Gayle had, however, provided the analysis at 6.37 am. Thanks. I’m still very much in the Land of Nod at that time.
    cheers all

  15. Erica 7.58
    I’m an early riser normally, I also work full-time (usually get to work about 7 30am), on Mon to Thurs I give myself 30 mins to do the cryptic , with 6 am start.
    But for DA, I set the alarm for 5am and hope to have it done by 6 30, usually with help from Ray, Gayle and Celia (the other early posters). This morning was unusually quick for me.

  16. I agree with Carol on 22A, especially if we are meant to take the word which is part of 2D as a third synonym. Almost there but stuck on 6A & D. Help appreciated. Also I am sure I have25A, but don’t understand the word play for the second part of the answer.

  17. Dave R, 6A: def is first word of clue. You remove the first letter (uncover) a term for clue words 2 and 3 to get the answer.

    6D: the answer to the above will give you the first letter of this, most likely the answer will be obvious then from all the cross-letters. Def is words 1 and 2 of the clue.

  18. 25A: ‘Crook’ is for letters 8,9,15 of the answer; ‘shafted’ does double duty inserting a word meaning that in letters 10-14.

  19. Dave and Carol – envy
    Think of envy as a verb. The SOED gives the answer to 22A as a direct synonym at example 3. And it uses envy when defining 22A.
    As you can see above I didn’t get it at first anyway!

  20. DaveR re 25A
    “crook” occupies 8,9,15, if that helps; if you have correct 2nd word the “shaft” will be obvious!

  21. Today is the fastest time in which I have ever completed a DA crossword. What’s more, I understand every wordplay and have no quibbles. Is DA relenting with age?

  22. Celia, Gayle and Andyw
    Thank you all for sharing , I was being a bit cheeky I know. 😊Not as dedicated, nor as tuned in to DA as you are. I am retired, get up about 7am. Do ken ken, sudoku, target and both crosswords. Always get through the lot pretty quickly. DA though, if I can do it fine but if I get stuck I just write it off to experience!

  23. All out and understood in very good time for me,with just a little help from the good folk here. Cheers!

  24. I must be going downhill faster than you folks :) I found it hard to get started today, took me over an hour to complete. I think my record is somewhere around 25 minutes.

  25. AndrewT, if I ever get it down to an hour, I’ll consider myself doing very well indeed.

  26. All out with no help from here today. But I still don’t get the wordplay for 17d. I have a word for ‘extra item, With a promo for letters 1&2, and ‘claim last’ for letter 8. But the rest I can’t work out.

  27. @DontAttempt just tweeted (for those not on twitter)…..
    First draft of today’s 2-down clue:
    Now 22-across judge – boring prick (7,8)
    #selfcensor #crossword

  28. Agree with Sandy up until he cracked it. I am obviously being ‘pretty stupid’ but why is that a defn of letters 2-6 ( if it is)?

  29. Could someone please help me solve 21a . I rarely get this close to completing a DA

  30. Morning all. I’m a rank amateur, happy to get a handful of DA clues out most weeks. A little demoralised about how many people said this one was easy. I’m staying positive though! :)

    Could anyone give me some gentle hints for 9A and 7D please?

  31. Tom re 9A & 7D

    9A anagram, defn is last 2 words, anagrind is “laced”; a tense variant of common expression that’s usually seen/heard as 7,2,3,5.

    7D again defn last two words, again an anagram; 2nd word of answer should be fairly obvious from its cross letters – it can be read as two 4-letter words – so concentrate on that for starters then delete its letters from the anagrist. “Doctor” is the anagrind, an archetype that’s near-universal in cryptics!

  32. Thank you Celia! Both out now. Here’s hoping all those cross letters will help some of the others. :)

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