DA Confusion for 20th January, 2017

No need to be confused. Deconfusify right here.

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  1. Morning all. A slow start but an enjoyable journey. Have fallen short on 8D and 20A.

  2. 8d def is first 2 words.
    I only have cross letters for 20a.
    I have about 6 to go

  3. Thanks for 20A Andyw. I thought that was the wordplay but had a different take on grant.
    And also for 8D. That sort of green champ! Climbing fish?! I was all over the place, anagramming green etc. But should have got it, seen it before.

  4. Absolutely hopeless is my reaction, about four words in SE corner, disinclined to pursue further this morning. I’m too old to know things liked gay banjoist. BAH!

  5. Arthur, gay is the definition, probably the definition when you were a lad.
    Finished now and I think all understood.
    Good luck all. 13d was the the key for me.

  6. Actually Arthur C, I think you may be familiar with the mini theme today. It’s worth sticking at it.

  7. Re 9 and 10 A: I’m always a bit confused by consecutive clues with ellipses at the beginning and end. Sometimes they seem connected, sometimes not.

  8. All done: I always enjoy the Spoonerisms; 18d is a cracker.
    Nice wordplay in 1a.
    Beware of Polish revolutionary!!

  9. Seemed easy today, liked 28A. 9A last in for some reason…crossword blindness.

  10. Kennett, I was just wondering this morning what on earth crossword setters would do if poor Reverend Spooner had never existed. It’s such a handy way of indicating that particular kind of switch. Perhaps that kind of clue would never have existed?

  11. Without Spooner, I’m sure that some shining wit would have come up with some form of sweater lopping.

  12. Sweater lopping! Heh. I understand that with Spooner it was not wit so much as some kind of aphasia.

  13. Hi there
    It’s cold and rainy in Hobart…. Good day for DA
    I’ve only got 7 so far
    Any hints for 10a and 8d please?
    Thank you. ?

  14. Carol: 9.47am
    9 and 10 closely related.
    For 9, it is an unusual synonym for bellows.
    For 10, benefit is letters 1 with 5-7; everyone is letters 2-4.

    Hope I haven’t blown it by giving too much information :)

  15. Well I got a synonym for chatterbox for 9
    Then in 10 a synonym for benefit envelopes a synonym for everyone, which comes up with a word which is a synonym for the word in 9

  16. Carol. 9A, 10A. You have to get 6A and 13D first in order to be in hunt. 10A is a little misleading as it applies to the movie version and not to the book, if memory serves correctly. 9A, the definition is chatterbox. The answer is a fanciful description of 10A.

  17. All out and understood. Some of the wordplay was particularly fun. 9 and 10 are related. The hint for me was another word for “everyone” .

  18. Thank you to Melanie, Judith and Rob B. I haven’t got it yet (work is calling) but I’m sure a little more mental gnawing will do it.

  19. mary-jane , in 6D “trimmed” refers to “perversely adore” rather than to “boats”. 24A gave me trouble, too; if it is a double meaning, then I am familiar with the periodical but not the cocktail. Perhaps it is something else and I am wrong.

    Otherwise all out except for14A, for which any hints are welcome.

    I loved1A. Very timely.

  20. Jane, think “seeds” not necessarily in the botanical sense. If you have the cross letters for 15D, the last five letters might help because they form a suffix which indicates what 2D and 13D did. Letters 1-5 indicate where they did it.

  21. Dave R, 14A: ‘Complained’ is the def. Take a word meaning overdue, and within it move the 3D leader to be in second place.

  22. re 15D definition is the end of the clue. letters 5-9- homophone for zeros

  23. Jane, turn on your TV now and you should see something that happens every year at 1A.

    I still need 24A

  24. I had 1 down wrong – no wonder I couldn’t get it.
    Thanks for the big hint.
    24 a is an abbreviation for both meanings.

  25. re 1A – nothing to do with grass growing!! think of a different definition for seed.

    I’m stuck on 24A- periodical as in magazine?

  26. @mary-jane Periodical as in magazine. It’s a double definition, but it’s an abbreviation

  27. 24A stymied me for a long time because there is an incorrect answer – PUNCH – that is a lovely fit if you don’t have any cross letters.

  28. Thank you Jane (at 1.39). I guessed 24A but your comment has explained it to me.

  29. One Friday, I would love to see a DA trip-cick crossword, with all the questions being Spooners. But then I usually get spoonerisms out pretty quickly.

  30. AlanSal, that would be my worst nightmare. Not a fan of Spoonerisms, although I got today’s easily.
    Jack, one letter at front and rear, both close in the alphabet (2nd half).

  31. All understood except 15D. Letters 2-4 must be “duck skimmed” – has DA confused another sort of waterbird with a duck?

  32. All done finally at 7:12 pm. I only had to resort to Google for 2D and 24A. In retrospect, I probably should have worked out 24A without it. Last weekend I was showing a friend how to get started on cryptics by going through some clues on a simpler puzzle. I did warn him not to start with DA!

  33. No Mike. Both ducks refer to more of the cricketing kind, although I see what you are thinking. 5-9 is a homophone for another word for ducks.

  34. Finally got 15d after correcting 19A!
    Still missing 14A (despite AndrewT’s help), 5D and 7D. Gentle hints welcome.

  35. SB 14A definition is first word. Find a word meaning “overdue ” and move the first letter of 3D to the second place. Sheep do this more than humans.

    5D is reverse hidden on the clue. Definition is “like a desert”. I don’t like this clue as the definition should be at the start or the end – not in the middle.

    7D criminal conviction – think his previous crimes; then “expose” it

  36. Thanks Adroit. Gee – 14A is so obvious! 5D is a new word for me – don’t you think “inside” points to the middle? 7D still eludes me – will have to wait til the morrow. Thanks again.
    Back to the tennis.

  37. SB if you’re watching the tennis, you must have a prior commitment. I’d rather watch paint drying!

  38. Thanks Andyw. I actually thought of that word, but failed to associate it with a conviction.

  39. Hello – if anyone is still there: all out, but struggling with wordplay on 19A and 21D.

  40. Thanks Andy – got fixated on ‘tail-end’ being either ‘l’ or ‘d’. Think the ‘et’ must remain a mystery.

  41. Julie W. for some reason I am unable to post to DA Trippers from my equipment at home, nor from any of my portable devices! I finished this week’s before 6 am yesterday, and couldn’t post “all out all understood”! Trying here to see if it will accept my post!

  42. AndyW & Ian F
    re 21D it’s a “brief hit of Vitamin D” with diminutive “et” signifying not a 1-4 but a 1-4-et.

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