DA Confusion for the 13th of January, 2017

Don’t torture yourself any more than you have to on Friday the 13th. Get your confusions sorted out right here.

55 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 13th of January, 2017

  1. You’ve jinxed us Celia. Where is everyone?
    Pretty straightforward and enjoyable crossie today. Stuck on the intersecting 8D and 16A.

  2. Seems to have been some commenting gremlins. I’ve made some changes so hopefully we’re back to this here website accepting your comments and having ourselves a happy website again.

  3. mary-jane: 8d: definition is last two words. 13d: definition is last word and probably forget your first thought about it, I had to. 29A: definition is first two words, and a memory going back to 1989 helps .

  4. I’m also stuck on 8d and 16a. I have the first word but not sure of the second.
    Mary-Jane for 29a think of oil spill in alaska

  5. DA for Friday breakfast – this one was definitely my cup of tea ! Finished within 3 hours .
    Some misgivings about 26D and the mismatch of fodder and outcome in 14/18D .
    It feels lonely with only 7 comments .

    paxel says :

  6. Erica.
    22a and 28a have their first word as definitions.
    13d second word uses ‘said’ as a homophone indicator.

  7. Have the answers but don’t totally understand the word play for 14/18D,1D and 28a

  8. Thanks Steve, I guess I know the answer to 28a but can’t see why the first four letters

  9. Geri
    I also don’t fully understand the wordplay for 14,18d or 28a.
    However, 1d I read as a couple of words for work without letter b.

  10. Erica, in 28a, “above it all” clues a 5-letter word which when clipped gives letters 1-4. “Swell” clues letters 5-8.

  11. Geoff thanks, finally got why 28a. Went through the alphabet and didn’t have to go far before I figured out the word. Had already got 5-8.

  12. Steve, Geri, Erica: 14/18d is an anagram of the first 5 words of the clue, ‘exchange’ being the anagrind. Despite the leading ellipsis it has nothing to do with 13d AFAICS. The last 5 words of clue are a reasonable def IMO.

  13. If anyone is still about, can you explain the parsing of 1d and 13a please.

  14. Hi B&L,
    1D is a two letter word for “work”, followed by a five letter word for “couples” (as a verb) with the letters “in” removed (or “blacked out”).

    Assuming you meant 13D, the first word of the answer is given by “lo-cal” and the second word is a homophone (as suggested by “said”) for another slang word for “booze”.

    I’m still confused by the fodder in 14/18D… I sure I have the right saying and the right names, but the letters in the clue just don’t quite work. The “riddle” in 24D eludes me too…

  15. I must have the wrong saying for 14,18d because using the first 5 words as fodder I have an extra b and not enough p’s?

  16. Ahh, the dictionary came to the rescue on the riddle. Not so puzzling after all…

    I loved 7D and 28A today, and agree with Steve that 26D are definitely more than just ok!

  17. Steve, even with just the cross-letters there aren’t enough Ps in the apparent fodder. We somehow need a way to turn the leftover ‘B-I-N’ into the required ‘O-P-P’…

  18. AHA! Turns out the ellipsis is important after all! The fodder is only “a royal pub”, with a synonym for “taper” (different in meaning to the way it’s used in 13D) and a word for “better” hidden inside the anagram (letters 4-11). All out, all understood. Have a great Friday all!

  19. 1d two words for work with b out of second one
    13d second word in answer is slang sounding word for booze!

  20. Steve, my take on 14/18D is that you need to put a synonym for ‘taper’ (from 13D) with a 3-letter verb meaning ‘better’ inside anagram of ‘a royal pub’. Not the fairest of clues in my opinion given the way the words fall on the grid .

  21. The only comment I would make about 24D is that DA used it about 6 months ago; same clue and same answer. What a riddle!

  22. All out without any help – a first for me – but missed the wordplay for a few until I came here.
    Yes Luke, well done on 14/18! Should’ve known not to ignore the ellipsis.
    And I still don’t quite get 11A wordplay

  23. SB 11a is a word for bleak that would be a word for considerably if you apply Brexit.
    For me, I need some help with 8d, 13d and 16a.

  24. 3d – Cunning=definition, Australian Actor in audition letters 1-5, made in discord, letters 6-11.

    I would appreciate some assistance with 27a.

  25. Hi SB, look at your answer for 11 across. ‘If Brexit occurs’ is referring to the removal of two letters from your answer which would result in giving a synonym for considerably.
    I have completed everything except 13 D, of which I still can’t get the second word. Gathering from todays comments that it is a homophone of something meaning booze, so I will keep trying. It will come to me as a lightning bolt later I’m sure.

  26. Thanks Son of Bruze, I managed to finish with help of a word finder. 3D is a new word to me. Still not sure what 16a has to do with 6d.
    27a first two words are the def. Clued by a mammal in reverse after ‘stir’ crazy.

  27. Sandy – Thanks for clue to 11A (doh!)
    3D is very convoluted (to me anyway) 1st word is definition; and 1-5 is a homophone of Australian actor- not sure how to give a further hint without giving it away.
    And I still don’t have 8D

  28. 8d: I had it as ‘In retirement’=def, then value =letters 2-6, place in appeal contrarily=letters 8,7,1

  29. Thanks so much Sandy, I dont think I have a good answer for 6d and 16a to explain further.

  30. Thanks Sandy and Viv – I get it now.
    How are you going Sandy with 8D and 16A?
    For 16A, see Erica at 12.17 – essentially a double def – answer has same meaning as 6D. In another usage, it means suggest.
    8D, my analysis is same as SonOfBruze, with appeal in the legal sense (loosely).

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