DA Confusion for the 14th of October, 2016

Have your confusions sorted out right here.

45 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 14th of October, 2016

  1. All out, all understood, except I don’t get the homophone in 23D: could I possibly have the wrong foreign character?

  2. Celia, not too sure on 23d but went with the Greek.
    Enjoyed 1a, 1d and 12d.

  3. Agree,1D and 12D are a hoot, and very clever. Also liked 21D, 13A,19D, 4d and 27A.
    Got held up for a while for having the def at the wrong end in 2D .
    15 D is one of those contentious clues. Is it what you say or how you write it?
    20A Initially I had a different possibility, corrected after a crosser went in.
    I still haven’t figured our 23D’s wordplay either , but also went with the Greek.

  4. 23 D have an idea for the ‘behind row ‘ bit now, and maybe ‘reception’ is not a homophone indicator?

  5. Re 23d: look up the relevant alphabet, and in particular the order of characters

  6. Ah yes, thanks Ian. So as not to confuse from my earlier comment, I was wrong about reception. Celia is right. Gotta rush to work now.

  7. A belated Good Morning to all.Made a late start, now only seven to go. Bothered by 6D, as words that would fit across letters don’t seem to fit clue. May be a word or name I am unfamiliar with.

  8. Arthur C, I found 6D a trifle unfair as the word “stole” doesn’t adequately convey the meaning of the answer to this clue. The “anthropomorphic comedy” (two films) occupies 1, 8-9; “about” is container indicator for “rooster” (in sense of one of its functions) occupying 3-8.

  9. Apparently 6D can also mean pickpocketed so ‘stole’ seems OK.
    In spite of comments above I’m still not convinced about the wordplay for 23D.
    It was a nice change to get an answer to every clue, however.

  10. I agree with Celia re the meaning of stole.
    Ann, see Ian’s comments at 7.03 re 23D
    19D was my fave today I think, or maybe 22A

  11. Another PB, under 24 minutes today! Two relatively easy ones in a row …

    Note that the answer in 6D is misspelt in the iPad edition, letter 6 is wrong there.

  12. Ann @ 8:29 EST re 23D

    “row in reception?” clues the foreign character immediately preceding 23D in their particular alphabet. Hence 23D is “behind” “row in reception?”

  13. Ta, Celia. Yes had put that answer in without fully understanding. Similarly, had entered Brit soap in 18A. No idea on 16A, or 23D, 26A. Happy to leave it at that. Cooking lunch, then nap, cricket later.

  14. Completed puzzle, BUT…..
    10A See the anagram but don’t understand connection to definition
    3D Presume definition is first word but cannot unwind the wordplay

  15. alaric re 10A & 3D

    10A “out to lunch” is anagrind for “anagrist “dapperer”, definition is “set” as in “set to go”

    3D is tricky. definition is “saying”; “leading couples quit in bet opportunity” means four letters have been removed, two from the start of a word for “bet” and two from the start of a word for “opportunity”. n.b. the word for “bet” is colloquial

  16. Thanks, Celia.
    Had worked out 3D. Re 10A, is “out to lunch” a DA-ism (ie a recognised crossword code) or an Aussie colloquialism?

  17. alaric “out to lunch” a colloquialism, more universal than Australian I suspect! Red-herringly appropriated by DA here in 10A!

  18. Done within an hour. With the paper now costing $2.80 I feel ripped off!
    Would be happy to subscribe to a DA crossword site for $2 a week instead.

  19. All out, but like many of you I put in 23D without understanding why. Thank you Celia for your explanation at 9:05 – I looked up the appropriate alphabet and now understand, assuming that “reception” means “sounds like”. Very tricky! Also I assume that in 10A “out to lunch” is an anagram indicator which I have never seen before – if not I don’t get that either. I also don’t really understand the word “precinct” or what is heavenly about 5D. I struggled with 6D and 12D but got them in the end – all in all quite satisfying today.

  20. I seem to have misplaced my cryptic crossword brain today, so it was hard going for me. All out now. Would never have parsed 23D without comments from Celia and June. Very clever. It was all very clever.

    Have a good weekend, everyone.

  21. Wordplay for 16a, somebody? I always seem to get stuck with one that nobody else has mentioned. (except Arthur, I now notice.)

  22. Mary@3;37. 16 A
    9 letter word for musical practice with the deletion of a 5 letter word in the middle (tries out). Tries in the legal sense. Definition is ‘concrete’ in the sense of ideas or art.

  23. June @1;54. 5D.
    ‘precinct’ indicates to take a chunk out of the middle of Munich ordered. Heavenly according to Greek mythology.

  24. Thanks, Gayle – I never would have got that myself! DA is sometimes a complication too far for me.

  25. Thank you Gayle – I did what precinct indicated but only because I saw the word there. I knew the definition of that word but not the origin. I have now Googled it and understand – thanks again. All clear now!

  26. Isn’t 10A a rhyming slang for bored? Because of the Don having no ton?

  27. re Ian @ 7.04am re 17D.

    Don’t think that counts as an indirect anagram as all the letters are in plain view. However it does maybe seem unreasonable to have to climb through two cryptic hoops to get the solution. Not sure what others think.

  28. Like Mary above, I often get stuck on one that nobody else mentions.

    I have 18A, but am being dim as to why letters 4-7 are “foot off”; maybe I’ve parsed it incorrectly?

  29. 23D is the cleverest clue. But is it too clever for it’s own good? The difficulty is that row has got three things going on. The sound of “an argument” on face value; which turns out to be a misdirect in pronunciation; which then ends up being a different spelling based “on reception”. Too much?

  30. Ian F – I read 18A as follows – “volunteers” gives 4,5,6,7,8,9,10. “(in) comfort” gives a 4 letter word, with last letter removed (“foot off”) for 1,2,3.
    And “before” is just positioner.

  31. Thanks, Ray – that’s it. Thought 1,2,3 and 8 was ‘comfort’ (which it could be); and 9,10 was ‘volunteers’ (which, on reflection, it probably can’t: vague association with the RSL clubs). In my defence, it’s not the most elegant clue!

  32. It may be a bit late to comment on this now, but does anyone else think there is a spelling error in the answer to 6D, as shown in Saturday’s paper? My answer had an “E” for letter 6, and I am convinced my spelling is correct!

  33. June, we keep the DA for lazy Sundays too. There’s definitely an error in the 6D answer as published in SMH. It’s an “E” not a “U”.

  34. Thank you SGB and SPB – I always have trouble spelling down words but thought I must be going mad! We get the Melbourne Age so the error was obviously the same in both. What a relief!

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