7 thoughts on “DA for the 16th of September, 2016

  1. Instructions were omitted in today’s DA.
    As tweeted from @dontattempt:
    Crossword Alert – missing instructions for today’s DA puzzle: Treat 12 clues as 2-down to help you reach the 21-downs.

  2. Thanks Gayle.
    Maybe now I’ll get more than the 5 out that I currently have.
    Couldn’t work out if it was harder than normal or I was thicker than usual, or a bit of both.

  3. Just logged on to see if anyone else found this week’s as hard as I did – now I know why. Only managed about a third so far and had all but given up, but will now go back armed with this information and have another look.

  4. I agree. DAs been very naughty ! Either that, or he’s experienced a senior’s moment !

  5. Missing instructions: No apology in Saturday’s paper or today’s, no mention on the SMH and Age websites, and no update on DA’s site either. I’m not under 25, so just a tweet is not good enough.


  6. Thank goodness for this site… trying to solve one 4 months old found at bottom of tray so no Saturday paper to consult for answers. Seem to recall similar thing happening a year or two back… makes things extra tricky.

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