DA Confusion for the 15th of July, 2016

Have your confusions sorted out. Because the DA is made to be solved.

50 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 15th of July, 2016

  1. Graham, if same as SMH, then “whenever” but SMH generally 3-4 am-ish, sometimes later.

    Anyway, morning, fellow trippers, another themed puzzle today, happy solving!

  2. A few quick write-ins of unthemed clues, then slowed. Got the theme early, but hasn’t helped a lot.

  3. Oh, yeah. On a roll now. Would never have got some of these without getting the theme.

  4. All out. Never heard of 10A.
    4D and 23A favourites, beautifully deceptive.
    Should 16D be topless climber?

  5. 24D/5D I think was my fourth clue out (after 5A (instant answer), 6D, 10A)); pulled a related potential answer out of a hat and looked for its pattern which gave me another. Have solved half the themed clues so far

    Hands up anyone who think DA has made a mistake in cluing 25D? “Square”???

  6. Good morning to all. Slow, as usual, found eight easy ones, then stopped. Will keep looking.

  7. Morning all. My usual supplier is unavailable today, does anyone have a digital copy for me, please?

  8. @ Celia, I was very puzzled by square in 25D and can’t find any way of justifying it, to give DA the benefit of the doubt. Trippers have noted before that the sciences are not DA’s forte. But this is primary school stuff. Please explain, DA. Or maybe say a 8D before a 6D comes down upon you. :)

  9. All done, not bad for someone who doesn’t live with one of those!

    Happy solving, everyone, ciao bella!

  10. Gayle 6:56 am, re 15D “top” as a verb, (e.g. you “top ‘n’ tail” green beans).

    Really going now, adios amigos!

  11. No. No hope beyond original eight, six of in NE corner. Afraid my aged brain (87 last Tuesday) no longer able to cope. Try again next week.

  12. All done, a good one and some (unintended?) misdirection as the first few undefined clues I got were part of a smaller set than the whole.
    Liked 13A a lot.

  13. Alice, 22A/21D is a themed answer. Play with the Spoonerism derived from BED [3 letters] HUSTLE [4 letters].

    Alternatively, the answer might be some photographic equipment you could possibly find in a sporran?

  14. Came back to try again, made lucky guess as to US director in 26A, gradually, with a little help, filled all in. Some (to me) very complex clues.

  15. Absolutely out of my depth today – just five clues out after more than two hours – and still no idea what the theme is. So disappointing after getting last week’s all out (except for turducken!) Even the clues above haven’t helped. I’ll take a break and hope if I come back later the penny will drop.

  16. Took me a long time to get anywhere today, but once 4D was in I had a better idea.
    There is only one word I can find that fits 2D, but I can’t see what it has to do with the clue. Any hints?

  17. 20D is the only one I can’t get, despite all cross letters. Any clues?

    28A wordplay not clear either.

  18. Thanks, Indigo, the penny has dropped. I think 20D is a new type of word with the definition being the last 4 words.

  19. Gradually all fell out once I figured out the theme, but can’t see wordplay for 3D (apart from defn = last word).

  20. Brian Fingerton 16 July 3:02 am & M 16 July 4:54 am:
    re 3D
    I’m confused too by wordplay for 3D, originally in haste entering (and publishing) “DOB IN”. Presumably “do” means “cheat”? But who is Nancy?

  21. Ann & Indigo last few posts 15 July
    re 28A
    Definition: Range
    “largely” deletion indicator
    “spread” a 5 letter synonym of “spread” (a verb)
    “about” reversal indicator
    so the synonym for spread’s 1st four letters give letters 4 3 2 1 of answer!
    re 20D
    colloquial name of a modern British art collective/movement the Young British Artists of which Damien Hurst and Tracey Emin are possibly its most famous representatives!

  22. Celia, you’ll kick yourself about Nancy. Remember the nice but not Nice? Fortunate, given yesterday’s horror, that he used Nancy instead this week.

  23. Re 15D, and Gayle’s and Celia’s earlier call and response: I think it’s actually “(a) top”, as adjective(with article), climbing; i.e., 5,4/3,2 – 5,4 being the article and 3,2 being a favourite letter/number form of “top”. All in 1,6,7,8,9, the word for rubbish.
    I’m with you all on 25D. Where do we go to see DA’s mea culpa (or, heaven forbid, gloat)?
    Today’s theme inspired by DA’s own recent ABC radio 27,15A: ‘1,2,3,4,5,10,11’ stint??

  24. johnno re 15D
    Top is the verb as said earlier and 2,3,4,5 is a plant (climber) that has its head lopped off.

  25. That’s a fair cop, gc (and all you others who might have been poised to call me out!) I realise my theory would probably have needed an ‘A’ at the start of the clue. Still, not particularly bad creativity?

    As to my question (anyone?) where do we go to see DA’s responses (if he is disposed to give them)?

  26. I actually prefer your interpretation johnno.
    Got it all out through fair means or foul, but still unclear about a couple of wordplays.
    Waste filter in 17A? Maidens in 18D?
    For 25D, there is such as a thing as Degen’s eight-square identity, but pretty certain that’s not it.

  27. G’day, Ian! And ta! (possibly too kind, though…)
    I saw Degen’s work on Mr Google (I confess). You don’t actually understand it!? Impressed if so.
    “Waste filter” is what the answer does.
    “Maidens” gives two Ms (crossword ‘standard’ – cricket? genealogy? other? Not sure).
    Props to DA for not being ‘risqué-averse’ with 4,5,6,7, btw!
    (And I also just noticed this site put the acute on risqué all by itself – clever DA Trippers!)

  28. @johnno2 Twitter is the best place to communicate with DA! His handle is @dontattempt

  29. My worst DA puzzle result in seven years! A paltry six answers. I’ve given up and looked at the solution. 23A, 24/5D and 27/15A still baffle. Any enlightenment much appreciated.
    (Never heard of 10A or 20D)

  30. GeoffD
    Your three baffling examples are all themed, so their clues are wordplay components only.

    Most of the month: letters 1-3
    I: letter 4
    stunned naked: letters 5-7 [derived from a 5 letter word for stunned, with its 1st & last letters removed, hint starts & ends in “D”]
    painter: letters 8-11

    Aired: homophone indicator

    Refuse: letters 6-9 (a verb!)
    to punch: inclusion indicator
    presenter: letters 1-5, 10-11

    You said you’d looked at the solution, so I’ve explained with that in mind! Cheers!

  31. Thanks Johnno!
    No knowledge of Mr Degen’s works, just wikipedia’s, like yourself.
    Waste filter – I had the answer as ‘Disney’ for juvenile, hence the difficulty of understanding the wordplay.
    On 18D I had the sort of sex as simply ‘M’ for one of two genders; like you was not expecting the sort of sex it turned out to be….

  32. Re 3D:
    Thanks M, Gayle & Celia.
    I had put DOB IN as well.
    Nancy v obscure, although I remember a clue from some time ago:
    Nice pain (6,5)
    Ans = French bread, so I guess the French city sign is more common than I thought.

  33. Thanks Celia. As often happens, it looks obvious now. In 24D/5D I couldn’t get past seeing “troubles” an anagrind even though there weren’t enough letters!!!

  34. Thanks to Celia I am now getting somewhere. Could someone provide a list of the 8 themed clues?
    I have 23 and 27A and 14 and 24D as guilty parties so far. And maybe 21D is one as well?

  35. Ian F, Kashbot, & anyone else: click on Celia above, and explore my DA Stuff folder in DropBox! In the Completed Grids sub-folder, I’ve posted a grid of this puzzle with the themed answers listed beside the grid, and highlighted within same.

  36. Everyone’s probably moved on now, but I finally followed up on your guidance, Kashbot, and here is DA’s tweeted mea culpa. And look who first called him out; someone who could probably list umpteen Degen eight-square identities in her sleep!
    “For all solvers of today’s DA crossword, obviously I’d meant to say Tienanmen Cube. Sorry @SernaLily”

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