DA Confusion for the 8th of July, 2016

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  1. Morning all.
    All done and understood except for “McMansion” cluing in 15A.
    If anyone can explain I would appreciate it.

  2. 15D – just the two synonyms. The second is more American usage, hence the American connotation of McMansion, I’m thinking.

  3. I liked 15D. One of the more interesting clues. I have to say I found quite a few clues today rather lacklustre or not as tricky as usual. 10/9 was special, as were a couple we had last week. The homophones brought a smile.
    Only quibble is the grammar in 5D. And is ‘back’ superfluous or not quite right in 14A?

  4. Well, 10/9 maybe not quite as special as last week’s. Bit clunky, but I’m still impressed.

  5. Gayle – think you meant 14D. And if so, yes “back” is necessary as “back, nearly” gives last 3 letters.

    And still don’t get “McMansion?” – unless implying a “derogatory” term???

  6. Yes, I meant 14D. Thanks Ray. I saw letters 4-9 as a synonym for ‘ turning’ , topped and tailed. I was a bit puzzled as I had only seen nearly for last letter deletion, not first and last. Now I get what’s for turning.

  7. McMansion is derogatory, used by people who don’t live in one of course. But if you drop the Mc the synonym isn’t (necessarily). There is the question mark. I suppose it depends on your perspective.

  8. Two hours after getting the grid, only six or seven solved. Anagrams always help greatly. Not clear how last three letters of 14D (if I have it right) are clued?

  9. 14D – last 3 letters = “back, nearly” (as I noted to Gayle above @ 5:50)

  10. Gayle, thanks for the portmanteau hint, answer extremely obscure! I’ve encountered a far more expansive version of this involving a swan, possibly a narrative passage in an Elizabeth David book, or one of the recipes in Günter Grass’s great novel, The Flounder!

    All out, all understood. Ciao Bella!

  11. Does the fact that 10A does not include 9A as it should relate to the clue at all?

  12. Ta to Ray (0756). made a little progress, long way to go. Still baffled by 15D, letters 5-8. Seem to be only two alternatives, but either makes 22A difficult. Time to start lunch, back later.

  13. Arthur C – I am a little confused to what you are referencing are we talking 14D or 15D?


    14D – “Objective” gives letters 1,2,3. “for turning” gives 6,5,4. “back, nearly” gives 7,8,9. Defn = “natural painkiller”.

    15D – Defn = “Save”. “regular” gives letters 1,2,3,4,5. “McMansion?” gives 6,7,8,9 (apparently – though I struggle with that bit).

    As for 22A, I think it is a north American word / type of food. And as Gayle noted, it is a portmanteau.

    Hope helps.

  14. Ray, thanks, I had correct answer for 14D, I know about those. It was 15D, I was tossing up between two, I think probably neither is correct. Will look again after lunch.

  15. Struggled with 22A, so I was pleased that Celia and Gayle gave helpful hints. Had not previously heard of the expression in 24A.

  16. Very slow going for me, have only 15. Baffled by 13A. There is a game, apparently, that could fit the letters I have, but seems to have no connection to clue. I had SEA as second word, but can’t find one in Pacific area, so no good. Would open up SE corner if I could crack that one.

  17. Enjoyed 2D plus and the struggle, but I don’t get the wordplay for 14D despite what Ray wrote at 10.18.
    Seems to me that is valid only if it is acceptable for ‘nearly’ to do double duty, because I reckon letters 7-9 are ‘back nearly nearly’.

  18. Arthur, your 3-letter word is correct and there is one in the Pacific. Letters 1-5 come from an abbreviation for a star (person).

  19. Eureka! Just saw 13A. Wouldn’t have connected it with Pacific, but it fits clue. As the island(s) changed name a long time ago, why hasn’t the water?

  20. 14D Mike, “for turning” gives letters 6,5,4 it is a reversal of a synonym for “for” as distinct from “against”; “back, nearly” gives 7-9, a 4-letter word for “back” in sense of “rump” or “rear” with the last letter removed (“nearly”)

  21. Many thanks Celia! How did I miss that? My last was merely nigh the right reading.

  22. Mike – (if the same Mike) – I read your comment last week re:

    “That last one is the sort of hint I far prefer to having all the parsing in front of me before I’ve done a bit more work.”

    Don’t know who you were referring to, but I did take it to possibly / probably to be me – so I listened.

    Ergo, this week I toned down my replies / clue construct – being vaguer – so people could still do “a bit more work”.

    But that didn’t seem to work for 14D so I will now rethink as to how to get it just right in the future.

  23. All out except 22A which has us completely baffled. Even the portmanteau clue above hasn’t helped, although I get that you mean a blend of words/sounds. We have letters 1,3,5,7,9 and are fairly certain they are correct, but what on earth is it??? Even my word finder can’t come up with anything.

    Also cannot decide between two possible answers for 25A, depending on the definition, and can’t see the word play for either.

    All help greatly appreciated!

  24. 22A is a meaty treat, as the clue says. Meaty meaty meaty. “Roll” gives letters 1,2,3 & 9, “mainly avoided” give 4 5 6 7 & 8.
    Not sure of the theatricality of 2D.

  25. @ June, I could be really cheeky and come up with another weird word to describe a weird word .. you’re right about all those strange letter combinations…

    Ok, can’t help it .. (only because I looked it up on Wiki and have been dying to use it) the answer to 22A is an example of ‘engastration’.

  26. Black pen , me too for a second there this morning. Different kind of theatre .. yuk, yuk.

  27. Haven’t got the grid with me for 25 A but from memory it was a single letter deletion from a word that could describe this blog, only it’s not set up that way technically.
    (Hope someone will correct me if I’m wrong …. better get back to work, Friday fatigue- scrambled brain.)

  28. Thank you Gayle – even with all the clues it wasn’t until I Googled “engastration” that I finally got it. I think I have heard something like it before but I would never have worked that out.

    Thanks also for the 25A hint – I think I have it right now. Another Friday devoted to DA but hey, there are worse ways to start the weekend!

  29. As far as I can see, there’s nothing in the clue for 2d to distinguish between the two possible penultimate letters, so I’ll be interested to see which appears in the answers when they’re published.

  30. Mary, for 2d I guess it depends whether you are American or British, but either seems acceptable these days.

  31. HandM, even if you’re British, it depends whether you’re Oxford, Cambridge or Scottish! (I was brought up on Chambers dictionary, which often disagrees with the OED in its order of priorities with alternative spellings.) DA is usually pretty scrupulous about putting something in the word play to show which he intends, but since this one depends on a homophone the spelling isn’t indicated.

  32. Making slow and steady progress, but stumped by 19D. Any hints would be very welcome.

  33. Hi GeoffD. The answer is a superfood that’s ‘in’ . I’m wondering if DA was also punning there with the ‘hipster’. Wordplay is an anagram (quirkily) of EQUATIONS minus SET.

  34. Does anyone please have a digital copy? Can’t get our usual this week. Thanks

  35. Thanks Gayle. It would have taken me a very long time to work that out, if ever!!

  36. Slowly working through DA using reference books and web sites (complete novice) but I don’t understand the word play fo 11A. Is Backstroker a bather? Does “perhaps” mean example or is it an indicator for an anagram or is it both? Removing tank-top ? does this mean delete T ? in which case bather without a T will lead to the answer.

  37. MRI Yes, almost all there, only you need to ‘lift and separate’ back and stroker. Back is the reversal indicator. Bather is a kind of stroker (or vice versa really ) minus the deletion of tank-top as you say.

  38. I know it is very late ,but can someone give me the word play for 1 Across Thanks

  39. “describing … to audience” (homophone indicator)
    Tentacle (word play) = suckered which sounds like succoured

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