DA Confusion for the 10th of June, 2016

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

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  1. Done – first in 4D.
    Still do not get wordplay for 3D (“cosmic language”?)
    And DA tricky with the 2 corners – 7D/8D and 22D/23D.

  2. Ray if you divide up what denotes chubbiest into two words it gives you the answer to 7 and 8 down

  3. Yes – thanks Alice. Already had that (and 22D/23D).
    And now have 3D.
    So all done and understood.

  4. @alice The 22D device is not uncommon. Double definition, one straight, one cryptic.
    4,4 is the first 2 words . And 3,5 the one you have already.

  5. I need a gentle clue for the NE corner, the intersecting 5A and 6D have foxed me. Also don’t have 10A which doesn’t help.

  6. 10A def= stirs. Letters 1,2 = detective, 3-6 = ‘curtailing’ pursuit
    Also having trouble with 5A and 6D

  7. Got 6D by cheating with a word wizard. Biblical reference. Does that help Andyw?
    That gave me the second letter for 5A and have the answer I think from the definition, but don’t as yet get the wordplay.

  8. Gayle, AndyW 5A partial wordplay “shaves flanks off mongrel” letters 1-3; “dog” 4-6
    Answer homophonically clues 5D

  9. Ah, thanks Celia. Missed the homophone indicator in 6D. And the ? for the extra cryptic manipulation and meaning. It helps to work from 6D back to 5A and not the other way round.
    5A is such a weird clue, as it’s ungrammatical in the surface. And still has me stumped! I know my answer is right from 6D, It’s the 1-3 but I don’t get in 5A.

  10. Ah, thanks Celia. Missed the homophone indicator in 6D. And the ? for the extra cryptic manipulation and meaning. It helps to work from 6D back to 5A and not the other way round.
    5A is such a weird clue, as it’s ungrammatical in the surface. And still has me stumped! I know my answer is right from 6D, It’s the 1-3 bit I don’t get in 5A.

  11. oops, sorry It’s been taking so long to load the comment that I thought I had time to correct without double posting.

  12. Gayle 5A letters 1-3
    a 5-letter word for “mongrel” could also be a “designer dog”
    then operate on it thus: “shaves flanks off”
    what are “shaves flanks”? The two letters you take off your “mongrel”

  13. 5A – letters 1,2,3 – a 5 letter word for “mongrel” with last 2 letters removed (“shaves flanks off”).

  14. Off to Sydney Film Festival today, so won’t be back now until this afternoon. If anyone needs a grid click on “Celia” above & explore my DA DropBox (steer clear of the “Spoilers Sanctuary”). Ciao. See you in the State Theatre very front stalls (Row D or less, left near aisle) first two sessions this morning! Cheers, happy solving.

  15. Oh, thanks Celia and Ray, Now I know why 5A is ungrammatical. Maybe it could have been clued as ‘suss’ flanks off. It would have fixed the grammar, but the surface would still be a bit ‘suss’. : )

  16. 1A – “Fool” gives 7 letter word for letters 1,2,3,4,5,6,8. “defended” = container / positioner. “onset of grievous” = letter 7. Defn = “assaults”.
    3D – Defn = “Trump’s ex”. “overhaul of” = reverse indicator. “a” gives letter 5. “cosmic language?” = letters 4,3,2,1.

  17. So you’ve all got and understood 17a then?
    I’ve a possibility but can’t make the slightest sense if it.

  18. “Leather footwear”, Louise.

    That “shaves flanks off” in 5A is a nice misdirect, very different to just “shave flanks off”.

  19. I have not heard of that cosmic language, though I do know the answer to 3D. Is it from a movie?

  20. I hadn’t heard of it either Jack. It’s from the movie Avatar which I haven’t seen. But I found looking up the language interesting. Written specifically for the movie by a linguistics professor.

  21. Left with only 2d and 18a to go. No one else seems to have had trouble with those. What am I missing?

  22. AJ – I can’t explain the first 3 letters of 18a – but the last word is the def , & the middle two words are the anagrist.
    with 2d , J Christie is an example of one.

  23. Julie , I was stuck on explaining first 3 of 18a too. Bummer.
    I had an answer for 2d but didnt know who the Christie was (I guess Agatha might fit as well?)
    As far 6d the second word is a biblical character but I am not abel to give a better hint

  24. Agree, Louise, I cannot see the wordplay for the first 4 letters of 17a, but there is only 1 word which fits (thx to Wikipedia).
    I’m pretty sure of the answers for 9a & 2d, but cannot see the wordplay (apart from guessing who 2d refers to).
    Maybe 4-7 of 9a is French for “so” as in “so much” or “so many”? A bit dodgy if it is.
    Otherwise all makes sense.

  25. 2D refers to the writer. Synonym for contest gives letters 1,8,9 and10. Anagram “abandon” without “one” for letters 2–7

  26. Mischa. Anagram of both hands, L and R and USE, gives flies as in fishing.

  27. OK I see wordplay for 2d: abandoned minus way inside of contest

  28. 2D letters 2-7, is abandoned, as in Robinson Crusoe, without the way (way-out) ie delete ST,
    @ brian , You’re right about letters 4 – 7 in 9A. A bit tough for non Francophones, mais tant pis!

  29. So if anyone is still there, any further gentle hints for 10A, 17A, 24A, 26A, 6D (I have the 2nd word), or 22,23D?

  30. SB this late, less gentle hints:
    10A “detective” 1-2; “pursuit” think Moby Dick or Lord of the Rings, 5 letters, curtailed to 4 letters, definition “stirs” as in “stimulates interest”

  31. SB 17A def is “leather footware; “starting to aggravate” letter 4; “short smart” letters 1-2,4 (4-letter “smart” shortened).

    I admit to using a wordfinder for this, not really a general knowledge word.

  32. SB 26A “soup” is definition; 1-3 a beer glass size (not used in NSW); time is 4-6.

    6D the second word is a homophone: if you 5A you homophonically 6D! Definition is “go wild”.

  33. Celia, I think the answer is the name of a cocktail, so ‘mixed in a bar’. Defn ‘dated’.

  34. Celia, I think I can be explicit this late. It’s a synonym for a well-known cocktail (US usage).

  35. The wordplay for the first 4 letters in 17a goes:
    “starting to aggravate – letter 3, “short smart” is 4 letter word for smart with last letter removed to fill letters 1,2,4. Last 5 letters synonym for pains.

  36. The solution to 18a, with a space in the correct position, makes it’s own cryptic clue. When you see this, the original clue will make sense.

  37. ML: Why are you telling me about 18A?
    Drums: thank you, but I purposely omitted some wordplay from my responses to SB.

    Never heard of the 12A cocktail!

  38. Sorry all , but still can’t see the clueing for the 1st 3 letters of 18a :(
    And why exactly wouldn’t ‘SHAVE” be ok in 5a??? ‘To shave flanks off’ works fine for ‘shear’ , no? Or aren’t we allowed to shear 2 letters??

  39. Also stumped on first 3 letters of 18a. ML I’ve thought about what you’ve said but still clueless :-|

  40. Julie W. : The reason “shave” isn’t OK is that you need to remove SS from the 5-letter word meaning mongrel. Flanks is an indicator for the first and last letters of a word (i.e. its left and right flanks) and so when applied to “shave” gives SE rather than the required SS. Alternatively, should you apply “shave flanks off” to the word clued by mongrel, you will remove that word’s first and last letters, which are not the required SS.

    Wordy I know, and clear I hope!

    Kashbot : 18a is one where you need to solve the definition first. Split that 5-4 answer into 3-6 and you will see that the 3-letter word is an anagrind which, when taken together with its referral to the other 6 letters, is a cryptic clue for “tips on”, i.e. the first 3 words of 18a.

  41. Thanks Celia and Drums. (I lost my internet connection yesterday – hence late reply.)
    6D is nice – I had the 2nd word wrong!
    Still don’t get 24A, or 22/23D

  42. 22/23 D. cryptic definition : 3,5 ‘to put on a brave face’. As in something a Native American would put on his face before going to war. The 4, 4 are synonyms for pervert (as a verb) and an archaic form of isn’t.
    Hope that helps.

  43. Oh, that didn’t work, the spaces I entered didn’t come out in the comment.
    Sing out SB if it’s not clear.

  44. All good. Thanks Gayle. I now (finally!) get 24A, which gave me what I needed for 22/23.
    Til next week…

  45. Last one in correctly was 17a- had Headaches, Friday, which fitted with pains but left footwear unused- so that became Hiawathas, which are a type of moccasin; until the wordplay didn’t match up.
    Had to use Celia’s grid to get the truth- and then only one of us had heard of the word.
    By the way C, 25a is the place the birds live/then their species (almost). Whole is a sounds-like for yuckier.

  46. Can anyone explain the wordplay in this clue from another paper?

    Answer is “dialect”.

    Clue: The fellow in French says language.

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