45 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 27th of May, 2016

  1. Morning, fellow Trippers,

    Have just started: first clue out, 10A, revealed the crossword’s theme, leading to immediate solution of themed key 6D.

    Happy solving!

  2. First in was 14A. Even though figured out theme, didn’t actually solve 6D until towards end.

    All done and dusted.

  3. Looks hopeless to me! 24d, possibly 25A all I have. Will keep looking.

  4. Arthur C, 25A is a themed clue, should help you get 6D. Lots of buried treasure here, can you spot where?

  5. My first clue out 19A also gave me the theme. For Celia it was 10A, Andyw 25A, Ray 14A. So more than one way to crack the code. Lots of classics today. But not surprising given the theme.

  6. Not really a theme but a trick. The kind DA’s done before but differently. Amazing the way he does this, although it might be easier to set than to solve. Does my head in. Also 10A is one he’s done before. Beware the first word. It’s not nice! : )

  7. All out. I got the theme from 2D and 10A together. The only new word today was 15A. This is the kind of themed puzzle I enjoy.

  8. Enjoyed this, especially liked 9A & 17A
    Once you get into the groove with the theme the answers come easily.

  9. Back from extremely succexful shopping trip, Coles and Aldi, so we can keep eating. Birthday cards, No 1 daughter 59 today, Found theme before I left, so numerous clues solved (13, actually). Expecting good result. More later.

  10. Only six to go. Finally realised where the Chinese religion was in 23A, though I had entered the answer earlier. Only NE corner to get now.

  11. Mjh there are 21 clues where, following 6D, some fixture common to all has been extricated from the wordplay; there are three examples of such in this post!

  12. All finished, I think, if ‘rush’ is the key clue to 5d. Don’t understand remainder of clue. time to do some vegies for lunch.

  13. Arthur C. 5D “album” [a mini one] 1,3; “revised” a 6-letter word “briefly” to give 5-letter 4-8.

  14. All done. Enjoyable. First in was 13D. This gave me the theme.

    The last, elusive answer was 7D. In one of life’s strange coincidences, I noticed the answer was emblazoned on the back of the long-sleeved running shirt that I used on this morning’s chilly run.

    I had not worn it for years, but the need for long sleeves had overcome my distaste for the shirt’s garishness.

  15. My parting contribution for the day!
    A recap of theme-busting clues as reported above:
    Across: 10, 14, 19, 25
    Down: 2, 13

    Today’s has been a fun Baby Bear’s cruciverbal porridge! Happy solving, everyone! xxx

  16. Got all but 4d, 7d, 14a.
    Have 19 themed clues, so that means that either 4d or 7d must end with the theme letter to make up the 21 themed clues.
    Have zero idea what ny of the 3 answers might be, notwithstanding Brian’s hint above.

    Any helpers here ?

  17. All finished. Got the theme from 2D, but it took me a while to get 6D. Last in was 9A; I’m not sure about this use of ‘up’ in a horizontal word.

  18. Dom @ 12:04. It was an American shirt. The definition is “crude giant”, and their is more than one way of being unrefined.

  19. Dom: 4D is not a themed clue. There is no reason why 7D should ‘end’ with the theme letter.

  20. Not a clue
    I’ll finish organising the garage sale for tomorrow and come back….

  21. All out before lunch today – so proud of ourselves! Took a while to get started though – the theme was very clever, if a little bit of a stretch!

  22. Dave R @ 12.11 . Agree generally but it doesn’t apply this time. The reversal indicator is’wheels’ . The word reversed is a synonym of dry or ‘dried up’.

  23. Thanks Dave and Brian, got them all now.

    Ann, after hitting enter I realised that of course there was no reason for it to be last. Shows how DA can mess with the brain !!

  24. Thanks, Gayle @ 12.37, for pointing this out. I had foolishly ignored the ‘wheels’. You and DA are both correct.

  25. Only the wordplay for 22D eluded me so thanks Gayle. My browser implies it is Rastafarian rather than Scottish.

  26. Very clever the way he does these. Although once you get the hang of it, it makes answers come more easily than a regular cryptic, at least it does for me!
    2d was actually the first I got, followed closely by 10a. But I still didn’t actually get the actual words for 6d until long after I had the theme!

    I started trying to be too clever on 25a. Thought “Prophets – those” might actually be the letters PRP using the – as a minus indicator!

  27. All out. Much later than everyone else as usual. But still puzzled by the wordplay of 6d. Anybody still there to help?

  28. I’m still here having battled all evening and just finished thanks to everyone above.
    The first word of 6d comes from designer dogs, think mix of breeds.

  29. Thanks Steve,
    I eventually realized ‘crashes out’ didn’t fit the rubric anyway and it twigged. Doh!

  30. DA’s novelty puzzles always make me groan and send me to this page for help much earlier than I’d like. Yesterday was a good day. Had the theme early and motored through it…felt like a graduation of sorts! Thanks to all of you for your help over the last months…such wise and gentle tutors. :o)

  31. 6d was my fifth last answer, but had the theme after 2d, 10a.
    A bit of a slog to begin with but then it all fell into place. One of the best for a while.

  32. I only started today – now all done. First I got 22A, which helped to fix my guess for the second word of 6D, and so the general nature of the theme. Then 22D (though I didn’t get all the wordplay). That gave me the theme, and I was away. I didn’t get the rest of 6D until quite late. Many ways of discovering the theme!

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