DA Confusion for the 20th of May, 2016

Have your confusions sorted out right about here for this week’s DA.

47 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 20th of May, 2016

  1. Done and understood, but found some quite tough.

    Thought 1A, 9A and 8D were clever.

  2. 4D – “Dictator’s” = homophone indicator. Defn = “major investment” which sounds like 2 words for “theft hurts”.

  3. Haven’t located volcano yet, but only seven to get in NW corner. Is the ‘grinder’ in 1D a slang term?

  4. Arthur C., I imagine 1A would have been no problem for you!

    Have completed puzzle, but totally baffled by 9A wordplay, could someone drop a hint to what I’m not seeing?

    Liked (no loves today) 4D, 6D, 8D, 10A, 14A, 19A, 23A.

  5. 9A – Defn = “rodent”. “said” = homophone indicator. “No creator” is a 7 letter name with first letter removed (“lost face”) for 6 letter homophone.

  6. Took puzzle to ‘library’ sat down, saw 14A, rest just flowed, so finished by 0830, a record for me. Sad, really, DA used to use most of my Friday. Am I getting more clever, or DA more benign?

  7. I think I’ve finished, but bamboozled by word play for 24D; I assume last word of clue is definition.

  8. Dave R: 24D Yes it is; and “mezzo-soprano” letter 1; “complete” letters 4-5; balance from clue word.

  9. I agree with Arthur that DA was more benign today. I liked 14D and 26A.
    I’m sure I have the correct answer for 10A (unlikely trap) but I can’t see the word play?

  10. Thanks AG. I feel a fool myself for not thinking of that very obvious irrational!

  11. 15A: Doesn’t a microphone just convert sound waves into electrical impulses? The microphone must be plugged into an amplifier to actually amplify a sound. A problem with definition of technology here??

  12. Thanks, Celia. ‘Complete’?? That’s a bit approximate! And I agree with Graham about the technology. Otherwise, yes, a benign DA with some clever touches.

  13. I,m bereft ! my friend who emails me my weekly DA has gone away -so no D A . Can anyone help with a copy ?. Enjoy your site,always helpful, and a very collegiate feel about it.

  14. Arthur C: I am a long way from finishing at 8.30! I mentally gnaw at it all day while doing other things, and usually get the last one in just before I fall asleep.

  15. Before coming to this site I would sometimes gnaw at it for days, weeks even!
    Today I’m now just stuck on 26A and 22/3.

  16. SB: 26A – last two words = def, third word = homophone indicator of first two words. (Gnawed like an old dog on a bone for that one…)

  17. SB, in 26A there is a homophone for a well-known card game, much loved by children. On the 3D, think of 21A as an adjective, 3D is a synonym.
    elwyn edwards (EE) (1334), if you give me an email address, I’ll try and email the grid + clues to you.

  18. Finished in just over an hour without hints. Just about the right level of toughness for me. Liked the wordplay in 8d with the surfing reference. Was only reading about the English pirate the other day. But for bad weather he may have seen the east coast of Oz.

  19. Not to do with today’s crossword (about half way through and not yet needing to resort to help from here!) but just to say those in Sydney might like to know DA’s at the Sydney Writers Festival at the moment. Saw him this morning doing a (free) talk on crosswords which he’s repeating Sat morning. Very good as usual. He’s also involved in a couple of things on Sunday.

  20. The answer to 16D is an anagram of a place near Eden. That should help with the other two. .

  21. Still gnawing away with a lot of the LHS and very little of the RHS done. Any hints for 19A and 28A please?
    By the way: Ray I notice you were finished at 4.49am today. What time do you start?????????

  22. GeoffD: hints only
    19A think online sales
    28A another name for SMS, unmasked, + diabOLical insiders

  23. Celia, thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I have these now despite being fairly (very?) IT illiterate and not having a mobile.

  24. GeoffD: I like to imagine Ray as a fisherman who finishes it before the first catch.

  25. I think 9a and 10a are taking liberties too far. I’m not gonna say the answers. But can you call Ben-Hur just Hur or the Dalai Lama just Dalai? I think both are missing a word in each case that’d make the cluing correct. Unfortunately it would ruin the wordplay(s)

  26. dg: Are you sure you’re not up a blind alley? (Your ‘can you call’ question – are you talking about 9A’s first word?
    And I still can’t get 24D…

  27. Thanks Mike. All out now.

    Having “camp” as the last part of 6d didn’t help my cause.

    Turns out I had parsed 16d correctly and had tried those very letters in an anagram solver but they’re not much use for Australian regional towns :) Also, being from NZ, I’ve never heard of either of those places.

  28. Carol, 24d took me a while too.

    Definition is a type of composition, often seen in classical music as the name of a movement although Dave Brubeck has a fantastic ‘blue’ jazz one in 9/8 on his Time Out album.

    Think of the italian meaning of mezzo to get letter 1. Letters 2,3 are from the clue and letters 4,5 mean to complete something.

  29. A famous Mozart composition: “24D a la Turk” or “Turkish 24D” methinks the original source for Jason L‘s Dave Brubeck recording!

    dg Sherlock Holmes says “elementary, my dear Watson” omitting the title you think 9 across clue should include?

  30. Relieved to find all my guesses were correct. I didn’t understand the wordplay in 9A & 4D until I read Trippers’ comments; I now see that “huge” for the first word of 4D would have been quite wrong.

  31. Hi, wondering if someone could please help me with 20d, 23a, and 27a. Thanks & regards, Grant

  32. Grant:
    20D – “Fellows” gives letters 1,2,3. “TV host” gives a 5 letter name, with 3rd letter removed (“quietly left”) for letters 4,5,6,7. Defn = “a sacred candelabrum”.

    23A – Defn = “Bombay duck maybe”. “cooked” = anagrind. “on simmer” is the fodder. (As Bombay duck is NOT a duck).

    27A – Defn = “Roman king”. “to blacken” gives letters 1,2,3. “one of five” gives letters 4,5,6,7.

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